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Microdot Memorabilia

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PDF version of the Microdot Memorabila Christmas catalogue.

PDF version of the Microdot Memorabila Christmas catalogue.

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  • 1. Welcome to the official Microdot Memorabilia sales brochure for Autumn / Christmas 2010. This document contains a varied selection of rare and collectable memorabilia relating to Oasis and The Verve. The vast majority of these items are available nowhere else. Prices range to suit all budgets from small Christmas stocking fillers to high end pieces for the serious collector. Most items come complete with a ‘Certificate Of Authenticity’ an example of which can be seen on the next page. We will ship anywhere in the world, please contact us for a shipping quote. We make no money from our postal prices, all items are weighed and priced according to the Royal Mail website. Payment is by PayPal only. All prices are quoted in British Pounds. Any queries please contact brian@microdotcreative.co.uk Benvenuti! Questa è la brochure promozionale Microdot Memorabilia Autunno / Natale 2010. Questo documento contiene una vasta selezione di rare memorabilia da collezione relative a Oasis e The Verve. La maggioranza di questi articoli non sono disponibili in nessun altro luogo. I prezzi variano per adattarsi ad ogni budget: dal regalino da collocare nella calza la notte di Natale a pezzi molto pregiati ricercati dal collezionista più esigente. La maggior parte degli articoli è fornita insieme con un Certificato di Autenticità, una copia del quale è visibile nella pagina seguente. La distribuzione è in tutto il mondo. Vi preghiamo di contattarci per conoscere i costi di spedizione. Non guadagnamo sui costi postali: tutti gli articoli hanno un peso e un prezzo indicato nel sito web di Royal Mail. I pagamenti sono effetuabili solo tramite PayPal. Tutti i prezzi sono in sterline britanniche. Se avete altre domande vi preghiamo di contattare brian@microdotcreative.co.uk Tutte le descrizioni sono in inglese. I clienti italiani possono contattare il traduttore ufficiale di Microdot, Federico, che vi aiuterà per qualsiasi problema di traduzione delle descrizioni - fredoasisfan@yahoo.it Bienvenidos al Folleto Oficial de Memorabilia de Microdot para Otoño y Navidad 2010. Este documento contiene una variada selección de rarezas y de colección relacio- nados con Oasis y The Verve. La gran mayoría de estos artículos no están disponibles en ninguna otra parte. Los precios estarán disponibles para todos los presupuestos, desde las pequeños obsequios navideños hasta los objetos de lujo para coleccionistas especializados. La mayoría de estos artículos vienen con un ‘’Certificado de Autenticidad’’, un ejemplo que se puede ver en la página siguiente. Vamos a hacer envíos a todas partes del mundo, por favor contáctense con nosotros para una cotización del envío. No ganamos dinero por ninguno de nuestros envíos postales. Todos los artículos están pesados y los precios de acuerdo con el sitio web Royal Mail. El pago es por medio de PayPal solamente. Todos los precios están en libras esterlinas. Cualquier pregunta no dudes ponerte en contacto con brian@microdotcreative.co.uk Todas las descripciones de los artículos están en Inglés, los clientes que hablen español pueden comunicarse con nuestro funcionario de Microdot y traductor Arturo Puescas, quien los ayudará con cualquier problema de traducción - burnagesound@gmail.com
  • 2. To place an order simply email brian@microdotcreative.co.uk with the items you would like, we will then reply with a total price including shipping and send a money request via PayPal. PLEASE NOTE – Any distortion of images is due to files being converted to PDF and is not present on the originals – all are of pristine quality. Per effettuare un ordine è sufficiente mandare una email a brian@microdotcreative.co.uk indicando gli articoli desiderati. In risposta sarà comunicato il prezzo totale comprensivo dei costi di spedizione e vi sarà inviata una richiesta di pagamento tramite PayPal. NOTA BENE – Eventuali distorsioni delle immagini sono dovute alla conversione dei file in formato PDF e non sono presenti negli originali, che sono tutti ben conservati e come nuovi. Para realizar un pedido simplemente envía un correo elec- trónico a brian@microdotcreative.co.uk indicando los artículos que les gustaría obtener,nosotros te enviaremos el precio total incluído los pagos por envío y te enviaremos una solicitud de dinero por medio de Pay Pal. IMPORTANTE: Cualquier distorsión de las imagenes se debe a que lo archivos fueron convertidos a PDF y no están presentes los originales- Todos los articulos son de altísima calidad.
  • 3. Liam Gallagher—Hand X Ray. Brian Cannon tells the story behind this amazing piece... The Morning Glory recording sessions at Rockfield Studio, Monmouth, Wales were suspended mid session because Liam and Noel had a massive bust up, culminating in Liam punching Noel. Liam came back to my house in Wigan to lie low for a while. On reaching my place Liam’s 4 hand had become very swollen. I took him to the local hospital where he was X rayed revealing a broken knuckle. He had his hand plastered and we returned to my house with the X ray and prepared for a night out. He then proceeded to ask me for a pair of scis- sors and cut the cast off right in front of me!!!! Stating it made him look uncool!!!! The purpose of giving an X ray to an out v patient is so that when the person returns to the hospital a Doctor can refer to the X ray to see the progress of the healing process. Liam never went back to the hospital and gave me the X ray. Its is clearly marked ‘Gallagher, Liam’ it is dated and the name of Wigan Infirmary appears. The X ray comes complete with protective cardboard wallet which also carries the same identifying details. £2,000
  • 4. 5 Whatever. Video shoot out take still. Black and white 10 x 8 inches 25 x 20 cm, photograph. £9.99
  • 5. Whatever. Noel on the video shoot set for Whatever. 10 x 8 inches (25 x 20 cm) black and white photograph. £9.99 6
  • 6. Definitely Maybe. One off handwriting. The handwritten logo for Definitely Maybe was in fact Oasis Art Director Brian Cannon’s own handwriting. Many attempts were made before the final version was completed. The writing on the finished product was a composite of four separate pieces. 7 For sale is an original one off in Brian’s own hand. This is NOT a photocopy or scan, evidenced by the marker pen bleed through to the reverse. Comes complete with certificate of authenticity. £29.99
  • 7. 8 Microdot - A collection of finished works 1990 - 1998, 72 pages, 12" x 12”. Microdot promotional porfolio book, published in 1998. Limited to 1,500 copies. Each copy is numbered, a signed dedi- cation is available to the buyer. Features all the classic Oasis and Verve artwork as well as pieces for Suede, Cast, The Super Furry Animals, The Beta Band and more. In ex factory mint condition, this copy has never been opened or read (the photographs are of my personal copy). £85
  • 8. 9 The classic Oasis logo instore display board. Arguably the classic Oasis logo, designed by Brian Cannon in 1993. 21 inches x 9.5 inches, 54cm x 24cm Cigarette lighter pictured to give idea of scale Made from very durable professional sign board NOT cardboard - this board will not crease. £19.99
  • 9. 10 D’You Know What I Mean?. 12” Vinyl flat uncut printers proof. 1997 original. Made from the same material as the finished sleeve. In the nineties Microdot would insist in seeing final printed sleeves before trimming and folding prior to approving the full production run. So rare is this example the silver foil blocked logo has not yet been applied, a blank white patch can be seen. Only around half a dozen copies exist in this state. £100
  • 10. Definitely Maybe era promotional band shot. 10 x 8 inches, 25 x 20 cm black and white photograph This is NOT an inkjet reproduction. £9.99 11
  • 11. Oasis, The Official Magazine. MINT CONDITION ORIGINAL 1996 COPY A4, 52 pages in length Contents (all totally exclusive to this magazine, published no- where else) include: 1. Owen Morris version of recording Morning Glory. 2. A copy of the first ever Oasis photo shoot (Bonehead still 12 has hair! it's worth £1.99 just to see these shots! there are two further pages of this session). 3. Smiths guitar legend Johnny Marr talks about the Oasis phenomenon. 4. Richard Ashcroft wrote a poem for the mag describing the madness of the times 5. Jill Furmanovsky exclusive live photos of the gig in Cork, Ireland. 6. Paolo Hewitt's account of the bands second trip to Glaston- bury (accompanied by unseen shots by Michael Spencer Jones) 7. Brian Cannon's behind the scenes insight into the making of the Roll With It artwork. 8. Noel, with Burt Bacharach at the Royal Festival Hall 9. Letters from the fans. £4.99
  • 12. Oasis, (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? Inner packaging out take. 18 x 12 inches (46 x 30 cm) photographic print. Taken by Brian Cannon during the session for the inner packaging of the album, shot in the Copthorne Tara Hotel, London 1995. Limited to 20 prints only, 13 Each one signed and numbered by Brian From the negatives, photographic print. Unseen and unpublished. £49.99
  • 13. The Masterplan, original 1999 contact sheet ONE OFF Contact sheet used at the time of compiling the sleeve imagery in 1999. Original from the negatives example. Sheet number C 175395 One frame can be seen to be clearly marked for viewing by Noel. 14 Comes complete with certificate of authenticity £60.00
  • 14. UNPUBLISHED LIMITED EDITION 10 X 8 INCHES PHOTOGRAPH. 50 only, worldwide. Liam and Robbie Williams!! Shot while re- cording ‘Fade Away’ for the Warchild album in West London, September 1995. Photo taken by Brian Cannon, signed and numbered by Brian, comes complete with certificate of authenticity. 15 £29.99
  • 15. Oasis Don't Look Back In Anger detail shot UNSEEN From the negatives original 10 inches by 8 inches photograph, NOT an inkjet print. Taken by art director Brian Cannon on the day of the shoot in 1995 and signed discretely to the bottom right. Comes complete with certificate of authenticity. Detail shot of Noels amps with his Gibson Les 16 Paul and Gibson Firebird guitars. £14.99
  • 16. 17 Don’t Look Back In Anger. Unpublished 10 x 8 inches photograph. The scene after the shoot, all the carnations have been swept up using the huge broom in the shot. This im- age still remains unpublished. £14.99
  • 17. 18 Oasis, Don’t Look Back In Anger. The scene shot from a different angle to that on the sleeve. Documen- tary shot by Brian Cannon as flowers were being applied. 10 x 8 Inches photograph. £14.99
  • 18. 19 Oasis, Don’t Look Back In Anger. Documentary shot, taken through scaffolding gantry before the flowers were applied. Some shots were taken atop the gantry but went unused. 10 x 8 inches photograph £14.99
  • 19. Morning Glory Sessions, Rockfield Studios, South Wales. Unpublished shot from 1995. Brian Cannon reveals the history of this photo..... “I took this shot at about 03.00 am, present were Noel, Owen Morris and myself. 20 Noel was in fact playing us songs from Be Here Now, an album that would not be recorded for another two years!!” 10 x 8 inches colour photograph. Signed to bottom right. £14.99
  • 20. Morning Glory. Un glued album label. A handful of these labels were obtained from the pressing plant during a visit by Noel Gallagher and Brian Cannon in 1995. Incredibly rare in this mint condition state. 21 £10
  • 21. Oasis, Be Here Now, rejected artwork mock up limited edition print. This version of the proposed artwork for the Be Here Now album has never seen the light of day since it's creation in 1997. Only one copy of this remarkable composition was made and is not for sale. Noel had the idea that each band member would chose a location, any where in the world and would be flown there and 22 photographed. The four images would then be merged together with Liam to be superimposed across the centre of all four. The sleeve was rejected purely on a logistical basis, there simply was not enough time in the band's schedule to organise four foreign location shoots and the idea was shelved. This image has never been published and this limited edition of 100 prints represents the only opportunity to own this visually stunning piece of unseen Oasis memorabilia. Print dimensions = 30 cm x 21 cm, 12 inches x 8 inches Comes complete with numbered certificate of authenticity £19.99
  • 22. Oasis, D’You Know What I Mean, documentary shot, limited edition print. 100 only world wide. UNSEEN Liam would always get into the spirit of things on the sleeve shoots. On this occasion he even brought his own camera to document proceedings, photographed by Brian Cannon this unseen shot gives a unique insight into the making of an Oasis sleeve 23 Print dimensions = 21 cm x 30 cm Printed on 270 gsm silk art stock. Comes complete with numbered certificate of authenticity. £19.99
  • 23. Oasis, Definitely Maybe—logo artwork Limited edition print. 100 only worldwide. In Brian's own handwriting several attempts at the logo can be seen and in fact the finished article is a composite of 4 different sections, the'D', 'efinitely' the 'M' and 'aybe'. Scanned professionaly from the original 1994 artwork, masking tape can be seen adjoining the two sheets that make up this piece, the finished 24 article clearly visible across the top. This piece was then turned into film for exposure of printing plates by the reprographics house. Never before seen, a unique insight into the creation of one of the most recognisable symbols of late 20th Century music. Lettering across bottom, featuring both the Oasis and Microdot logo's reads; 'Oasis, Definitely Maybe, Creation Records CRE LP 169. Design and Art Direction by Brian Cannon for Microdot' Printed onto 270 gsm silk stock. Print dimensions, 30 cm x 21 cm £19.99
  • 24. Oasis, Roll With It, out take, Limited edition print. 100 only world wide. Shot on Weston Super Mare beach in front of the recently destroyed pier. This location was chosen due to it’s prox- imity to Glastonbury, where Oasis played the following night. 25 Alan White’s first sleeve appearance. Shot on entirely different film to the finished article by art director Brian Cannon. The images on the television sets depicted on the back sleeve of this release were su- perimposed later—the band were in fact staring at blank TV screens. Text across bottom reads, Roll With It. Sleeve out take, Weston Super Mare beach, Somerset, June 1995. Print dimensions = 21 cm x 30 cm Printed on 270 gsm silk art stock. £19.99
  • 25. Oasis, Roll With It. 10 x 8 Inches photograph UNSEEN Out Take. Producer Owen Morris can be seen in the background in front of the pier, seated wearing white sun hat. £14.99 26
  • 26. Be Here Now. Inner collage, 18 x 12 inches photograph The collage seen in it’s entirety as shot by Barry Johnson in 1997. Never before seen in this state. £34.99 27
  • 27. 28 Noel Gallagher’s AAA pass from Irvine Beach 1995. Identical replica of the access all areas pass issued to Noel for the two Irvine Beach, Scotland shows of 1995. I have been offered £400 for the origi- nal which is not for sale. Manufactured to the exact same specifications and complete with lanyard neck cord, extremely durable laminate The reverse shows security hologram and the individual number of the pass (Noel ALWAYS had 001! A great novelty item. £4.99
  • 28. Oasis Loch Lomond window sticker. In mint unused condition, protective backing still in place. Blue print on transparent plastic decal. Approx 20 x 10 cm 29 Very rare in this unused condition. £10
  • 29. 30 The Masterplan, Unused CD back inlay artwork. Limited edition print, 100 only worldwide. 30 x 21 cm. Each signed and num- bered by Brian cannon. Continuing the schoolboy theme from the front sleeve, each member of the band provided school photo’s of themselves. In particular we love the 9 year old Liam and the 12 year old Bonehead!! £19.99
  • 30. Be Here Now Boxset Printers Proof. Very large rare printers proof. This item was obtained from the pressing plant in Kent. Oasis sleeve designer Brian Cannon and Noel Galla- gher would visit the pressing plant to view printing proofs and approve them prior to the full produc- tion run. A handful of uncut proofs were obtained 31 during one of these visits. This proof was a test run for the fanclub edition box set of the album, and was literally glued around a pre formed box (see image of finished box set, please note, this auction is for the flat proof - not the box set). The box set was rare enough, so by definition this is extremely scarce. This is a VERY large proof, CD pictured to bottom right to show scale (CD not included) From the personal collection of Oasis sleeve de- signer Brian Cannon Comes complete with certificate of authenticity £39.99
  • 31. 32 Be Here Now. Cassette printers proof. Proof displays 4 x cassette inlays on one uncut sheet. Only 6 of these are in exis- tence in this state, they are numbered and signed by Brian Cannon. This is the last one for sale and is numbered 5/6. Ciga- rette lighter added to give idea of scale. £49.99
  • 32. OASIS, Be Here Now, original 1997 collage images Oasis art director Brian Cannon obtained original photographic prints from Jill Furmanovsky in 1997 to use compiling the inner sleeve collage for the Be Here Now album. The photographs were cut, torn and glued together and so on to compile several compositions before the finished article was completed. 33 The four images pictured were used in this process, they are all 1997 originals, and they can be seen to have been torn or cut by Brian. Unique originals which helped in creating the final collage image in 1997. All the images are from the negatives, original photographs by Jill Furmanovsky. Largest photo = 21 x 10cm Smallest photo = 10 x 6 cm £39.99 for all four images.
  • 33. ONE OFF Liam Gallagher Polaroid Given to Brian Cannon by photographer Jill Furmanovsky in 1997, one of a selection of photographic images that were intended for use on the Be Here Now inner album collage. Polaroids by definition are one off's, there is no negative or digital file. Pictured is the unique Polaroid serial number to 34 the reverse Comes complete with certificate of authenticity. 10.5 cm x 8.5 cm £80
  • 34. OASIS, Be Here Now 'Collage' TestTranspar- ency - ONE OFF The inner collage for the Be Here Now al- bum was photographed onto transparency film before being sent to the printers. This is a VERY rare test shot, a glass of Jack Daniels can be seen placed on the collage to the upper left . This was removed before the final image was taken. 35 Transparencies are by definition one off's - there is no negative and no digital file. £60.00
  • 35. Oasis, Be Here Now. NIGHT TIME SHOOT Medium format contact sheet. A VERY rare item, only a few rolls of film were exposed for the night time shoot.(Bonehead was so drunk by this point he couldn’t stand up, in each frame on this 36 contact sheet he is sat by the pool- side!). There will be no more contact sheets from this session offered for sale by us. £100
  • 36. Oasis The Masterplan Documentary out take shot. Shot while all the extras were having lunch. The famed ‘Lennon’ desk is clearly visible. 1998 original 6 x 4 inches original from the negatives 37 photograph. Comes complete with certificate of authen- ticity. £19.99
  • 37. The Verve. Time Out Magazine photoshoot contact sheet Frames clearly marked for approval by the band. ONE OFF £30 38
  • 38. 39 Taken in Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, South Wales, this never before seen or Taken in Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, South Wales, this never before seen or published shot is an original photograph, it is NOT an inkjet or computer published shot is an original photograph, it is NOT an inkjet or computer gener- The photograph was taken at 03.29 am on the 25th April 1996, a fact evidenced ated output. The photograph was taken at 03.31 am on the 25th April 1996, a fact by the notes taken in Brian's own notebook on the night in question. A copy of evidenced by the notes taken in Brian's own notebook on the night in question. A these notes is affixed to the rear of the photograph. copy of these notes is affixed to the rear of the photograph. Taken during the initial demo sessions for Urban Hymns. At this time Nick McCabe to the best of my knowledge, it is the only occasion where a photographer was was still absent from the band, the sessions were overseen by Owen Morris be- allowed into the live room whilst The Verve were actually recording. On listening fore being replaced by Chris Potter. back to the broken down track recordings of this session it is possible, at times, to hear the camera shutter in operation! This photograph is taken by the only photographer present during these sessions and has never before seen the light of day. £14.99 £14.99
  • 39. The Verve, Richard Ashcroft UNPUBLISHED Limited edition photograph Limited to 20 copies only, worldwide. Taken in Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, South Wales, this never before seen or published shot is an original photograph, it is NOT an inkjet or computer gener- ated output. It is signed and numbered by the pho- tographer, Brian Cannon (should the winning bidder require, a personal dedication is available). 40 The photograph was taken at 03.32 am on the 25th April 1996, a fact evidenced by the notes taken in Brian's own notebook on the night in question. A copy of these notes is affixed to the rear of the photograph. Taken during the initial demo sessions for Urban Hymns. At this time Nick McCabe was still absent from the band, the sessions were overseen by Owen Morris before being replaced by Chris Potter. This photograph is taken by the only photographer present during these sessions and has never before seen the light of day. Comes complete with correspondingly numbered certificate of authenticity £19.99
  • 40. Pace Echo Limited Edition Print—50 only. The Verve 'Space Echo' image was originally applied to a T shirt when the band reformed for the first time in 1997. Simon Jones would often be seen wearing the gar- ment and indeed sported it at the first gig on the comeback tour at the Sheffield Leadmill on the 9th August 1997. This limited edition print represents the first time the image has ever been made available other than 41 printed on cloth. The Space Echo itself was a piece of equipment used by Nick McCabe, the device records incoming audio to a loop of magnetic tape, then replays the audio over a series of several playback heads before it is erased again by new incoming audio. The sticker on the front of the machine which reads 'The creative answer - The Verve' originally read 'The creative answer - Roland'. The Verve logo was ap- plied at the design agency Microdot who were re- sponsible for the design of the image. Roland were the manufacturers of this piece of kit, it's product code was Roland RE - 201. The print is signed and numbered by Verve art direc- tor Brian Cannon and comes complete with corre- spondingly numbered certificate of authenticity. Printed onto 270 gsm satin art stock 30 cm x 21 cm £19.99
  • 41. The Verve, Lucky Man, Full frame out take 10 x 8 inches photographic print. Shot in New York City £14.99 42
  • 42. 43 Lucky Man Out take shot in New York City. 10 x 8 inches photograph £14.99
  • 43. 44 Lucky Man Out take shot in New York City. 10 x 8 inches photograph. Signed by art director Brian Cannon £14.99
  • 44. 45 The Verve—Lucky Man Out Take. Limited Edition Print - signed and individually numbered by hand by Verve designer Brian Cannon. Shot by Brian in New York City, Richard’s favourite city. Edition of 100 prints worldwide. Each print comes complete with correspondingly numbered certificate of authenticity.Printed onto 270 gsm Silk Art Stock. 21 x 30 cm £19.99
  • 45. The Verve. Rough Trade Records Rejection Letter. When ex Verve manager Dave Halliwell first showed me this in- credible piece of memorabilia I nearly fell off my chair. It was decided then that the original was too priceless and personal to us to sell, however, we have now made available a professionally scanned and reproduced version. The letter reads Dear Verve, Thank you for sending in the record, tape (circled), CD, which I 46 have now had a chance to listen to. Unfortunately it was not suitable for the present Rough Trade repertoire. Once again thanks for submitting your product and if in future you have any further material please do not hesitate to send it to us. Thanks and regards Sarah Bolton (signed) Sarah then goes on to add her words of wisdom in her own hand saying ‘Potentially good material, but needs a bit more individual- ism’!!!! £4.99
  • 46. Verve. Manchester Boardwalk reproduction A4 flyer. Dated 22nd February 1991 (then unsigned) Boardwalk Manchester gig. Illustration by friend of the band Alan Bellis. ‘Tickets in college’ refers to the fact the band were all 47 still studying at Winstanley College , Wigan at the time. £4.99
  • 47. Verve. A Storm In Heaven American promo poster. 20 x 30 inches in mint unhung condition. Vernon Yard Recordings logo to bottom right. Printed in the USA 1993. VERY rare. 48 £50.
  • 48. The Verve Pictured while rehearsing songs for Ur- ban Hymns. Nick McCabe had recently rejoined the band (a generation thanks it’s lucky stars!) 10 x 8 black and white photograph NOT an inkjet reproduction. £14.99 49
  • 49. 50 The Verve / Richard Ashcroft. Original 35 mm transparencies. Shot in Las Vegas in 1994 while the band were on the Lollapalooza tour. £35 each 0r £60 the pair