Clinic Safe - Anti Microbial Treatment of Facilities and It's Effects
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Clinic Safe - Anti Microbial Treatment of Facilities and It's Effects






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Clinic Safe - Anti Microbial Treatment of Facilities and It's Effects Clinic Safe - Anti Microbial Treatment of Facilities and It's Effects Presentation Transcript

  • School Safe Protecting your Patient and Facility Improved Hygiene for your Healthcare System Using Physics and Chemistry to Improve Indoor Air and surface hygiene.
  • Affiliations & ResourcesAffiliations & Resources Surface Recontamination Shield (SRS) Certifier A Quiet BattleHealing Hands are Clean Hands S.I.C.K. Team
  • Identify the Problems Create IAQ and infection control solutions Develop a monitoring tools for the staff to ensure system works Develop cost / benefit data Agenda for Clinic Safety (Proactive Program for IC and IAQ) Phase 4Phase 4 Phase 1Phase 1 Phase 2Phase 2 Phase 3Phase 3
  • antimicrobial surface coatings in the epidemiology of HAI*
  • Clinic Safe Prevention Control Make all surfaces antimicrobial Clean all surfaces with a hospital grade disinfectant daily Treat all laundry Submicron filtration of indoor air Clean hands protocol for your facilities Identify illness early, limiting teams exposure Actively monitor surfaces and air quality to ensure the safety of the team
  • Why Clinics are the perfect for flu transmission  Super-emitters Flu infected children can, with their immature immune systems, become “super-emitters” and Wake Forest’s Dr. Walter Bischoff discovered that an 8yr old super-emitter spewed out 20,000 RNA copies = 200 capable of infecting 60+ classmates.  Dry environments Many clinics can have 15-25% relative humidity levels indoors! This is the PERFECT environment for airborne Viral transmission and contagion.  Low MERV Filter Ratings Many clinics have low MERV rated filters like MERV 4-6. You need a MERV 16 or higher to have any real effect on airborne viral capture.  No Ultraviolet Lights Few schools in the US use ultraviolet lights. Clinics with UV lights have enjoyed lower airborne viral transmission rates and higher indoor air quality.  Bathrooms with ceiling exhaust fans Most bathroom designs do not incorporate floor level exhaust vents.
  •  In clinics, the combination of low humidity, super-emitter children and toilet flush aerosolization are a toxic combination.  Low humidity ensures that airborne viruses will stay aloft and travel throughout the school.  Super-emitter children continuously add airborne viruses into the air through breathing, coughing and sneezing, and add even more with every toilet flush. Clinics are the key place for passing bugs in our communities Flu Outbreak
  • Virologists Peter Wright state: “Increases in school absenteeism mark the beginning of a new epidemic, suggesting that school-age children play a critical role in disseminating influenza viruses. Increases in school absenteeism are typically followed by increases in work absenteeism.4” Since flu infected children can, with their immature immune systems, become “super-emitters”, they easily infect their classmates as they all intermingle while traveling from classroom to bathroom to gym to lunchroom all the while super-emitters are spewing out infectious flu viruses. Schools now have many good reasons to take a vested interest in advocating for clean and properly humidified air in the school especially in the dry wintertime. Leading virologists Peter Wright1, Gabrielle Neumann2 and Yoshihiro Kawaoka3 state that flu epidemics start in schools 1. Professor Pediatrics, Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology Chief, Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 2. Associate Professor Department of Pathobiological Sciences School of Veterinary Medicine University of Wisconsin 3. Professor Department of Microbiology and Immunology University of Tokyo 4. Field Virology 2007 Fifth Edition Page 1705
  •  Airborne  Direct contact (Hands)  Fomites (Contaminated Surfaces) Methods of Transmission
  • WSE SRS - Antimicrobial Technology  OxiTitan™ is a single component smart coating which provides a cleaner and healthier environment with a safe, transparent, easily applied and durable light powered antimicrobial coating on new or existing surfaces for 2 years. • Multiple Functions • Antimicrobial • VOC & Odor Reduction • Hydrophilic Self Cleaning • UV & Corrosion Protection  BioProtect 500® protects virtually all solid surfaces and fabrics from a broad array of disease and odor causing micro-organisms, including all forms of MRSA. • BioProtect 500® inhibits biological growth on treated surfaces for as long as 90 days. On surfaces with little or no friction the molecule will bind for years.
  • WSE Surface Recontamination Shield (SRS)
  • WHY OXITITAN™ OxiTitan™ is a single component smart coating which provides a cleaner and healthier environment with a safe, transparent, easily applied and durable light powered antimicrobial coating on new or existing surfaces. Antimicrobial OxiTitan™ electrostatically traps and then kills all types of bacteria, viruses and fungal spores through the production of reactive oxygen species, especially hydroxyl radicals, one of the most powerful oxidizers of organics. OxiTitan™ is effective as an active antimicrobial by destroying the cell membrane and inducing oxidative DNA and protein damage of microbes. OxiTitan™ also acts as a bacteriostatic that inhibits bacterial growth through immobilization and also degrades all endotoxins resulting from bacteria death. OxiTitan™ deactivates ALL dangerous microbes and restrains proliferation by damaging their components through radical oxidation. .
  • OxiTitan™ does not cause resistant strains of microbes because its killing mechanism is strictly oxidative, not chemical or antibiotic. The spread of pathogens is also reduced due to the electrostatic binding at the surface. Extensive independent lab tests show the photo-oxidative power of OxiTitan™ also kills dangerous spores such as Clostridium difficile and decomposes their toxins. Mold and mildew growth is inhibited by this same continuous photo- mineralization WHY OXITITAN™
  • WSE Ti02 SRS’s Multiple Attributes
  • BioProtect 500  Safe product no toxicity after it is applied (water based molecule)  A Silicone Quaternary Ammonium Salt  EPA label  Works on all surfaces  90 Day efficacy  Effective against mold, fungus, algae and microbes. Additional testing not EPA validated shows efficacy against the flu virus*
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) (cost of doing business) Professor Vivian Loftness University Professor at Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture studied the cost of dirty air: 1.Annual direct cost of building per employee is $745 2.Identifies the cost for Presenteeism.. At work but out of it. 3.Average employee lost work time due to building-related health conditions 8.97 days per employee 4.Super Emitters???
  •  Easy to use. Limited training required. Air filtration configured to meet customers needs.  Scalable Solutions: Capable of working on fans and high end HVAC systems  Protects capital investments, employees and livestock from bio-aerosols  Dramatically changes air quality: captures all particle sizes from submicron size and up  Can be configured to capture gases / VOC’s Sanders Filters
  • Measures each individuals unique core body temperature Fever and sickness are quickly identified HIPPA Compliant Non-touch, non-contact device Portable and accessible anywhere Information safely stored in the Wello Cloud Keep Staff from working when ill Identify children who are ill and send home Use on guest and vendors to ensure wellness Wellness program Keeping disease out of classrooms
  • PureChem manufactures a series of FDA compliant non - alcohol hand sanitizers PureChem has the ability to make hand sanitizers with residual capacity for protection Provides a low cost manufacturing facility that can provide world class commodity products Studies show HAI reductions from 20 to 40 % using BioProtect technology Unique Hand Sanitizer
  •  Asthma 10% of the total population. In families of color the asthma rate is higher  Severe allergies 20% of the total population.  MRSA  Athletes foot / ringworm  Food borne disease Other public related health concerns
  • Containment Filters Saves on cleaning costs (labor) Will also reduce absenteeism for staff faculty and students with asthma and allergies Improves life of the HVAC units Dramatically improves IAQ for the school system OxiTitan™ & BioProtect 500 Reduce possibility for fomite contamination Expect reductions in absenteeism for staff and students (21% reduction in HAIs in 22 month Turkish study) Reduces cleaning time Allows for cost savings in cleaning supplies Cost Benefit Analysis of Clinic Safe Sick leave savings / Facility (Calculated based on clients pre data and post monitoring )
  • Estimated SRS Cost vs. Benefit
  •  Lowers cost  Provides for exceptional marketing campaign  Taking care of patients and staff  Environmentally responsible Clinic Safe infection control / SRS & IAQ program Sanders Filters HandSanitizer/BP OxiTitan & BioProtect Wello Wellness Microfiberw/BP Infection Control Program
  • Questions? More Information? Phone: 615-669-3481