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William Shakespeare William Shakespeare Presentation Transcript

  • William Shakespeare
    Done by: Choy Yu Yong (2P306)
  • Life of William Shakespeare
    Shakespeare was
    English poet
    Regarded as the greatest writer
    World’s pre-eminent dramatist
    Born in 1564
    Married 26 year-old Anne Hathaway at the age of 18
    Had 3 children
    Died in 1616
  • Life of William Shakespeare
    Childhood – Adulthood
    Son of John Shakespeare, successful glover and alderman and Mary Arden
    Had one brother and several sisters
    Dropped out of school at the age of 16
    Became an actor
    Switched to a playwright around 1592
    Wrote many renowned plays
  • Life of William Shakespeare
    Works of Shakespeare
    Romeo and Juliet
    The Tempest
    Merchant of Venice
  • Life of William Shakespeare
    Shakespeare got many of his sources and inspirations from previous plays that had been written
    Shakespeare also explored history and nature as a source for his plays
    The reason why plays from Shakespeare were so well received was because Shakespeares’ plays were profound and had much in-depth thinking put into it, thus being so well-received
  • England in Shakespeare’s time
    Elizabethan Age
    England was ruled by Queen Elizabeth
    Very different from modern England, streets were narrow and dirty, rats were everywhere and everyone fell sick easily due to the plague
    The time when Englsihpoetery, music and literature were at their peak
  • England in Shakespeare’s time
    The rich were extremely rich, and could employ hundreds of people to work for them. They also paid poets and musicians huge sums if they appreciated their talents
    England was also fairly well-off compared to other nations of Europe
    People were able to lead a stable life, fulfilling their daily needs
  • England in Shakespeare’s time
    The theatres
    Were open-aired, not enclosed
    Made use of sunlight to light up the stage
    Had trapdoors to facilitate plays
    Mainly wooden stages, no props used
    Had a highest storey to operate machinery to lift up actors
  • England in Shakespeare’s time
    Significant events
    The Spanish Armada
    The Spanish War
    The Black Death
  • The Renaissance
    Means “Rebirth”
    Used to refer to the golden age of Europe
    Started in Italy during the 14th century, and began to spread to all parts of Europe
    The age where people found new forms of art and learnt to appreciate them
    There was also new interest in the Greek and Roman classics
  • The Renaissance
    People started to question, and ask, no longer just believing
    The time of exploration, where people experimented and researched to find out new things by themselves
  • The Renaissance
    Shakespeare began to add more Greek and Roman classics, as well as the arts to make his play more appealing to his audience
    He also removed all hierarchy as The Renaissance was a period where everyone was equal
  • The End
    Thank you !