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Black history
Black history
Black history
Black history
Black history
Black history
Black history
Black history
Black history
Black history
Black history
Black history
Black history
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Black history


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  • 1. Black History
    Done by Choy Yu Yong 2P306
  • 2. Slavery
    Begin as early as ancient times
    Slave market started in Portugal, importing African slaves from North America to South America
    Whites bought and owned these slaves
    The slaves were to obey every command, and work extremely hard
    Were not allowed to gather in great numbers
    Were not allowed to own weapons
  • 3. Slavery
    Blacks were discriminated, and people had prejudice against them
    Wrongly framed for something they did not do
    Real Life
    Black slaves were treated extremely cruelly, worst than animals
    Led a very pitiful life
  • 4. The Civil War
    North America against South America
    Southern states
    Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Delawar and Maryland
    The North wanted to abolish slavery, but the South wanted to continue using their slaves for manual labour.
    Disagreement resulted in war
  • 5. The Civil War
    North America
    Abraham Lincoln then proceeded to wage war against the south to fight for freedom of slaves
    South America
    Refused and engaged in war
    Lasted approximately 4 years
    Slaves were freed
  • 6. Jim Crow Laws
    Originated from a song
    Was the states law during 1876 and 1965
    Favoured the whites, showed discriminations against the blacks
    Whites were given advantages in society and education
    Blacks were unhappy that they were unfairly treated
  • 7. Jim Crow Laws
    Tom Robinson, a black, was unfairly treated, and punished for something he did not commit
    He was accused and sentenced of rape when he did not in fact commit it.
  • 8. Civil Rights Movement
    Begin in the 1950
    Wanted to improves the legal rights, equality for all
    Supported by U.S President John F. Kennedy
    American-Indian Movement
    Heavy and violent protests
    Chicano Movement
    Wanted Mexicans to be included in the society, and not be separated from society
  • 9. Civil Rights Movement
    Blacks were finally equal with whites
    Even though Tom Robinson is black, Atticius still fights for his rights, like he would for anyone else.
  • 10. Montgomery Bus Boycott and Scottsboro Trials
    Montgomery Bus Boycott
    Blacks refused to board buses as long as the segregation existed
    Scottsboro Trial
    9 black boys were wrongly accused for rape
    Both Tom Robinson and these black boys were wrongly accused for something they did not do
    They are similar in the way that they are both fighting for rights for the blacks
  • 11. Southern Belle and Southern Gentleman
    Humility, respect, gentlemanly
    Proper etiquette, penmanship, dancing, needlework
  • 12. Southern Belle and Southern Gentleman
    Atticius : Gentlemanly, polite, respected, impartial, does not exercise discrimination
    Bob Ewell : Hypocrite, rude, exercises discrimination
  • 13. Harper Lee
    Born in Alabama, 1926
    Studies law
    Received the “Pulitzer Award 1961”
    TKAMB was very significant to her as it was her only book published, and it was her reflection on racism and discrimination