Why Go Green - 8 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Office


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http://www.ChooseWhat.com/ helps you green your office!
Making your office more eco-friendly does not only help create a more cleaner environment, but can also save your company time, money and resources. ChooseWhat has compiled the top eight ways your office can quickly make a sustainable program for going green.

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  • The company we bought our copier/printer from -- LaserCycle USA ( www.LaserCycleUSA.com ) -- remanufactures laser toner cartridges which reduces landfill and the petrochemicals and CO2 associated with manufacturing new cartridges. They also have the ability to analyze the utilization of a company's printer fleet and get more production out of fewer machines, thus reducing energy consumption.
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  • More ways to green your office here: http://www.choosewhat.com/starticles/easy-ways-go-green-your-office/
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  • http://www.FaxCompare.com teamed up with ChooseWhat.com to make this compelling report on the steps you can make to providing a green office for your employees and customers.
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Why Go Green - 8 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Office

  1. 1. Brought to you by:
  2. 2. It’s easy to set up and labeldifferent trash cans fordifferent products.*Just make sure you or yourcleaning crew doesn’tempty them all in the samedumpster at the end of theday!
  3. 3. When switching to an online fax service from a traditional fax, you not only use less paper, toner, and energy, you also benefit from a big cost savings. MyFax, released a press release saying that If 1% of all paper faxes sent in America each year were sent electronically, 73.5 million trees would be saved*.* Taken from FaxCompare.com, a site that reviewstop online fax companies and makes it easy to pickthe service right for your company.
  4. 4. Almost every company now offerspaperless billing, where statementsand invoices are sent through emailinstead of traditional mail. If everyhouse in the United States used onlypaperless billing, it could reduce solidwaste by more than 80,000 tons ayear. That would reduce the releaseof greenhouse gases by 2.1 milliontons.Paperless billing also has benefitssuch as• improved organization• the ability to immediately review your statements.
  5. 5. With the heavy use of email and document sharing applications, such as Google Docs, there is rarely a need to print out documents. If you absolutely must, make sure to print double sided, thus halving the amount of paper you use. Currently, the U.S. pulp and paper industry is the 2nd largest consumer of energy.Data Source: www.epa.gov
  6. 6. EPA’s GreenhouseGas Equivalencies It’s easy to leave the office for Calculator the day without turning off your electronics and lights. By taking the time to turn off your computer and all other electronics when you leave the building, you would be saving a tremendous amount on your energy bill. Most electricity is generated by power plants that use non-renewable fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas, which release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
  7. 7. Replacing tungsten bulbs withcompact fluorescent lampstypically makes an immediatecost savings of between 50-80%,and CFLs last up to 10 timeslonger.Using less electricity reducesnuclear waste, sulfur oxide, andC02 emissions.
  8. 8. Instead of having toremember to turn downyour AC every time youleave for the day, invest in aprogrammable thermostat.It will automatically reduceyour energy consumptionduring non business hoursand lower your energy bill.
  9. 9. Personal vehicles, such as cars,motorcycles, and light trucksmake up 59% of total energyused for transportation in theUS.Offering your employees anincentive for using publictransportation or riding theirbike to work can significantlyreduce energy used fortransportation.