Quest2Matter Teacher Handbook

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A handbook for teachers whose students wish to participate in the Quest2Matter.

A handbook for teachers whose students wish to participate in the Quest2Matter.

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  • 1. Teacher Handbook
  • 2. • Choose2Matter challenges people to accept thatthey matter, share the message that everyonematters, and act to solve the world’s problems.• The Quest2Matter invites students to share theirideas for solving problems that break their hearts.
  • 3. • Teachers share the genius of their students everyday – with their school, parents and the localcommunity.• The Quest2Matter provides students a platformto share their genius with the world.• This handbook tells you how to get started!
  • 4. How to join the Quest2MatterWhat matters to you? What about it breaksyour heart?How can we changethat?• Ask your students these three questions:
  • 5. • Next, your students develop an idea for solvingthe problem.• They then develop a feasible action plan to solvethe problem, and/or take steps to solve it.• Next, they document their idea or actions. Thiscould be a writing, a video, a photo, or any othermedia that captures their idea or actions.
  • 6. Next, submit have your students submit theirdocument so we may share it with the world.We’ll store it in a searchable database toinspire future students.
  • 7. There are four easy ways for students tosubmit their document the Quest2Matter.
  • 8. Go to & Click on Quest
  • 9. Click an Age Button and Submit Your QuestThrough One of Our Partners
  • 10. Or, Enter By Posting Your Projects on Kidblog,Using Quest2Matter in Your TitleSee
  • 11. Or, simply email your quest
  • 12. Why should your students join theQuest2Matter?Many top quests willbe highlighted on ourwebsite and on ourpartner websites.It’s a contest wherethe world wins! Let’schange our world!Some students willbe honored at theBAMMY Awards andat a top businesssummit .
  • 13. Click here to learn more!