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Let's Get Social - Social Media for Beginners

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  • Avoid previous disasters and be successful by following the process
  • Let's Get Social

    1. 1. Let’s Get Social!Tactics for Your Social Networking Success Lakesha Brown
    2. 2. Social Media Defined• What is it? – Social Media is the future of communication, a countless array of tools/platforms that increase and enhance the sharing of information. It includes text, photos, audio, video. There is no other low-cost promotional method out there that will easily give you large numbers of visitors.10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    3. 3. Social Media Defined• How it helps? • Social media marketing is an excellent way to get people to your main presence and look at what you have to offer. Personal Business Find jobs Increase Website Traffic Personal networking/dating Business networking Connect with friends Branding/Reputation Mgmt Online communities Customer service Marketing/Promotion “Participation in social media shows the human side of your company…” -toprankblog.com10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    4. 4. New Culture10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    5. 5. Social Media Defined• Why Use Social Media? – Broken traditional model • 34% of US homes have a DVR to skip commercials • $44 of junk mail is discarded without being opened • 72% of Americans are on the DNC Registry • Radio advertising in North America fell 17.6% in ’09 – Rewards to transform your marketing • 93% of Americans want you to be on social media • Facebook is the 3rd largest country in the world • 2/3 of the Globe visit social platforms10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    6. 6. Social Media Defined• Why Use Social Media? – Social site interaction is the 4th most popular online activity – in front of email (personal) • Social media is like Word of Mouth – ON STEROIDS!10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    7. 7. How Is It Different?10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    8. 8. Credit photo - All rights reserved by RadarDDBuk 10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    9. 9. 10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    10. 10. Myths of Social Media1. My customers don’t use social media – 81% of U.S. adults with an Internet connection use social media in some form or function. Further, last year’s Forrester study of B2B technology buyers found that they use social media nearly twice as much as U.S. adults overall. - Forrester Social Technographics® report10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    11. 11. Myths of Social Media2. A Facebook page is all I need – Social House on Rented land – Expanded Social Media Strategy – Facebook realities10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    12. 12. Myths of Social Media3. Social Media isn’t measurable – Selecting Metrics (fans, followers, connections) – Social Media-Only Promos (coupons, codes) – Social Engagement Applications (Google Alerts, Radian 6) • Quantitative - the number of people in the network, the growth rate of your network • Qualitative - who is in the network, what ideas are discussed in the networks10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    13. 13. Social Media Cases• Disasters – http://www.penn-olson.com/2010/07/22/30- social-media-business-case-studies/• Case Studies – http://www.penn-olson.com/2010/07/22/30- social-media-business-case-studies/10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    14. 14. Making Money withSocial Media You don’t…directly!• It’s all about: • Branding/Reputation • Trust/Integrity • Relationships/Creating connections • Credibility/Education • Market Research • Inbound Marketing • Recruitment10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    15. 15. Making Money withSocial Media• Maximize Value – Tell your story, not your product – Listen more than you talk – Favorite Quote “You can buy attention (advertising) You can beg for attention from the media (PR) You can bug people one at a time to get attention (sales) OR you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and publishing it online for free: a YouTube video, a blog, reports/whitepapers, photos, eBooks, etc.” by David Scott at Freshspot Marketing10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    16. 16. Get Started• The Process Involve • Goals • Listen • Setup • Connect • Repeat • Content Plan Measure10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    17. 17. Critical Success Factors• Small Business owners who successfully use Social Media: • COMMIT weekly resources (time, budget) • GENERATE engaging content • DON’T use EVERY platform • CONNECT and build relationships • BALANCE with other forms of marketing • MEASURE!10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    18. 18. Summary • Get a Plan! • Get Social! • Get Involved! • Get Measured! • Rinse and Repeat! Social Media Will Change Your Business Social Media is a Journey Not a Destination10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    19. 19. See You Online!• Web: xdwebsolutions.com• Twitter: @xdwebsolutions10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
    20. 20. Credits • Jay Baer, Destroying the 7 Myths of B2B Social Media • Slide 8 Photo credit, RadarDDBuk • Scott Marvin Marketing, Importance of Social Media Marketing • Social Profit Landscape Quadrant, Don Crowther with Social Profit Formula • Lee Odden, toprankblog.com • Case Studies, Penn Olson • Social Media Statistics, Cone • Inbound Marketing Summit10/22/2011 XD Web Solutions :: http://xdwebsolutions.com
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