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Brain storm

  1. 1. Brain Storm Ideas
  2. 2. Blood Jumpy Surprise Violence QuestionsPlots Tension Thriller Film Heros Anxiety Twist Super- Natural Mystery Adrenaline
  3. 3. CitiesIsolated Fieldsplaces Woods Abandoned houses Train stationHauntedHouses Rivers Location s Deserted Abandoned locations buildings Surreal Villages Urban worlds locations
  4. 4. Legal Romantic Thriller Thriller Action Comedy thriller thriller Horror thriller Religious thriller What type Crime of Thriller thriller?Supernaturalthriller Psychological Drama thriller Thriller Disaster thriller
  5. 5. Idea oneLocation: Deserted field/woods.Characters: Two girls and killer.Props: Drugs, knife.Genre: HorrorIdea:- Two young girls getting ready to go out and they both take this“drug”.- The next scene is when one of the young girls wakes up in the middleof a field in the early mornings covered in blood and mud and she hasno idea how she got there.- The girl starts to notice her friends clothes/shoes scattered around.- Young girl starts to panic and starts to run but keeps seeing flashes ofmovement out of the corner of her eye.- Young girl gets caught and she screams and the film cuts out.
  6. 6. Problems we may face with Idea One• Will we be able to get all our equipment to a empty field. The good thing about it being in a field is due to the fact fields are easily accessible which would make it easy however its whether we would be able to get all our equipment that we needed over there.• Obviously we wouldn’t give the characters real drugs so we would have to find something that looks similar but would not hurt or effect the characters in anyway.• We will have to explore new ways of filming and practice over our camera angles due to the fact that there may be a running scene which we have never done before and also we will have to practice making our camera angles smooth but also making it look scary.
  7. 7. Idea TwoLocation: Woods, lakeCharacters: Group of teenager, young girl, young boy, killer.Props: The group are out camping; tents and knifeGenre: HorrorIdea:- Young group of teenagers are out camping in the woods, its early morningsand one of the couples has an argument.- The young girl leaves the tent annoyed and frustrated and walks towards thelake, out of view from her friends.- She sits down by the lake and then notices a figure across the lake.- The young girl cannot see any features on this person about from the darkfigure.- Young girl starts to get up and leave, a bit freaked out by this figure and sheturns around and when she looks back the figure isnt there.- She starts to walk back to her friends but can hear noises.- She starts to run but trips over and when she looks up all she can see arereally dark eyes.
  8. 8. Problems we may face with Idea Two• Would we be able to get the permission or find somewhere that is near a lake and will also let us set up a camp site; even though we would not actually be camping we will need permission from whoever owns the field as you cannot camp in certain fields.• Will we be able to make the audience see that a couple are arguing without actually using any dialogue.• We may face some problems getting the right editing and camera angles for the last scene where the girl falls and they eyes appear; we may have to re-film this part a few times just to make sure that it is as good as it can be.
  9. 9. Idea ThreeLocation: A beach, A city and A Train StationCharacters: One Girl, her friends and a crowd (ensemble)Props:Genre: Psychopathic ThrillerIdea:- A girl and her friends go to the beach then sunbathes whilst herfriends go in the sea.- When she wakes up her friends are no where to be seen she startslooking for them and starts to see things.- Then she screams and puts her head into her hands and when shelooks back up she is on a deserted train station at night-time and she islocked in and cant get out.- Then next thing she knows she is in the city by herself in a crowdedstreet but no one acknowledges her.- Lots of rapid editing, her face is solid whilst the action behind her isfast paced similar to the shot from the Hangover 2.
  10. 10. Problems we may face with Idea Three• Will we be able to get to our location? If we wanted to film on a beach we would have to find a beach that wasn’t very busy and also find a way to get there with all our equipment as well.• We will have to use editing skills and compare all different types of camera angles and shots to create the effect that she is seeing things.• Will we be able to find a deserted train station and if we do how much will it cost to use and can we get there?• How will we get all our equipment up into a city?