Swot Analysis 2


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Swot Analysis 2

  1. 1. S W • All selections of music, including the wide variety of music taken from Spotify. • Less expensive than an iPod. (MP3’s are usually around £30-£60, whereas iPods cost from about £100. • Cheaper to pay monthly than buy albums and songs. Albums on iTunes cost around £10, and songs cost £1, so paying monthly would save you a decent amount of money. • More durable. (Speaking from experience; my MP3 has lasted me 4 years and still works perfectly, surviving being dropped and scraped many times. I dropped my iPod touch once and the whole screen is now cracked.) MP3’s are typically known to survive years of being shut in a drawer, dropped, and re-used. • Last longer as Apple seem to always break and have problems with their products. As stated above, MP3’s are less complex and easier to use, and they have straight forward buttons and directions on how to make it work, meaning that they don’t have any complicated functions other than to just play music. • Longer battery life. My MP3 can last for around 20 hours if charged fully, but my iPod is lucky to last about 12 hours. This means that the MP3 would generally be more reliable because you would have a clearer idea of how much battery life it has left, and you wouldn’t have to spend so much time charging it. • Lots of adverts (unless you pay more). Advertising for this product would probably take a lot of the profits because advertising in general is expensive. You could always start smaller by having large posters produced to be put in shop windows that would sell the product. • Needs internet access, so if you don’t have access to the internet then the product is pretty much useless. However the majority of the population does have a computer in the household, meaning that they must have some form of internet access. As for those who don’t, they just wouldn’t buy the product. • Simple design. Although a simple design usually gives off the impression that the product is easy to use, this trait might not appeal to the younger generation because they might just think the product looks boring or not ad advanced or “good” as the other technical products on sale. The creators might want to look into how they could make the product look appealing to this audience, or how they could make the product seem better than other things on the market. • Some people of the younger/teenage generation may need extra persuading, as to them converting from an iPod to an MP3 is a massive downgrade and would probably seem “uncool”. O T • Could make MP3s more popular than iPods. The public might like this new type of modernised MP3 and ditch iPods and more expensive music players. • Apple customers buy MP3. If this happened I would imagine Apple would want to try and buy the MP3 off of the company producing it. Converting people to MP3’s could start a whole new craze, as well as getting the company and the MP3 publicity through popularity. • Get public views, and word would spread through social media, gaining customers for the company. • Take ideas from similar products on market and adapt them. • Apple may lower price of iPod. If the MP3 became popular and Apple’s products became less in demand, Apple may fight back by lowering the price of their own products or even making a product that is similar or better than the MP3. • Mobile phones already have apps for Spotify. Most of the mobile phones nowadays already allow you to download countless apps and services, most of them for free. For some people, buying another device that does something their mobile already does would be seen as a waste of money. This factor might not gain the company many customers because people are always upgrading to more intelligent and advanced mobile phones, so they wouldn’t want another device when they can get everything on one.