Marketing Materials


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Marketing Materials

  1. 1. Marketing Materials
  2. 2. Tesco This company uses price as a way to sell their products. Offers and lower prices would draw more people in because nowadays they don’t have as much money to spend as they used to, so they would be looking for something that is of a reasonable price. The background for this advert is white, which is simple and ‘cheap’. The image they have used shows a basket full of shopping, which implies that you can get a lot for your money if you shop there. The main focus of this advert is clearly to do with the price, there are no mentions of quality. As well as the price, this advert focuses your attention on the value of the food. The majority of people would do their big weekly shops at Tesco’s, so they would be wanting to get the most out of their money, as well as buying the essentials. If a person had less money, this would be a good supermarket because the value of the food would be higher to them. The market that this advert could be targeting might be people who are middle class, or young families, or single parents. Tesco’s competition includes Morrison's, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, ASDA, an d M&S.
  3. 3. Waitrose This advert uses quality to sell its products. There is no mention of the price of the food but the advert is very simple because there is not much text, and the image of the Yorkshire puddings is quite simple as well. The black background gives the impression of sophistication and the professional photography also helps with the idea that the products they are selling are of high quality. The image of this product is very professional and is all about the quality. They wouldn’t want you to think about the price and merely focus on he high quality of the food. The text they have used is simple, but it is to the point and is a short and snappy sentence which would be easy to remember. The value of the food may be lower because it will be priced higher than other supermarkets, but this fits in with the high quality of the food. The market that this advert could be targeting might be the older generation because they will have more money to spend because of their children leaving home, or if they were retired, etc. Waitrose’s competition includes ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s.
  4. 4. Poundland This advert focuses on the prices of the products. This advert shows that the products on sale are of a good value because they are selling everyday items for just £1. More people are likely to buy from this shop because of the lower prices, as well as them selling products that are sold in supermarkets. They have shown images of the products on the advert. This is good because the consumers can the the range of products available.