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Factual layout analysis
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Factual layout analysis


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Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual

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  • 1. Factual Layout Analysis
  • 2. This leaflet is clear on what it is advertising and is also easy to understand as it provides brief but informative explanations. Giving that this association is professional it seems right to assume that they are fully trained to be Yoga instructors, and that they have extended knowledge so they will know the full benefits and procedures of Yoga. This leaflet avoids ambiguity by clearly stating the benefits you will gain from getting involved with Kundalini Yoga and they also give clear information about the association and how you can contact them and find out more. This leaflet uses a formal register because it is a professional association and this particular advertisement is probably aimed at people of more mature ages rather than teenagers. This leaflet uses calming, blue tones which fits in with the subject of the information, because Yoga is something that is relaxing and peaceful. There is also a pattern in the background which resembles a lotus flower, which is something that is commonly seen in Yoga as it symbolises enlightenment, divinity, fertility, wealth, and knowledge. The font used for the title is different to the body font, which helps to break up the text. With the title font being serif it looks professional and formal, while the body font gives a more friendly and welcoming feel. The text is given in small doses so that it doesn’t overwhelm you with information and it is paragraphed neatly. This would fit in with the theme of Yoga because during sessions you would do very little talking and there would be minimum explanation as the moves would be simple. The images used look professionally taken and the one on the front of the leaflet is very good in advertising Yoga as the woman is holding a typical pose and looks very content. There are also people behind her who are striking the same pose which gives the reader an impression of the atmosphere of sessions. The blurred background of the image makes it look peaceful and dreamy which is what people will be wanting. The other two images show a woman and a man demonstrating yoga poses during sessions. This image is beneficial because it shows that anyone can get involved with Yoga, no matter your age or gender. It also shows diversity and promotes coming together and being at peace.
  • 3. This leaflet uses a variety of colours which are all taken from the societies logo. It is an appropriate logo because it is shaped like three leaves, each one being a different colour – the colours which are present on the leaflet. The colours are not overly bright or over the top, which may be better because this would be a considered a serious topic. The colours used are quite earth-like, with the green representing grass and shrubbery, the red colour representing the earth/dirt, and the blue representing lakes/sea/rivers or the sky. The fonts used are sans serif, apart from the one which is used for the quote on the front of the leaflet. The other fonts are easy to read and look appropriate for the topic, whereas the serif font used for the quote is slightly harder to read but it makes the quote seem more legit and wise. The background of the leaflet is plain and simple which works well and also gives the impression that it is a serious and informative leaflet. The information is given in detail and includes facts and figures to support their reasoning. There are paragraphs which break up the text which makes it look neat and sophisticated. This leaflet uses bold text to make the sub-headings stand out, as well as using it effectively on the left hand side where a question is asked in bold and is then answered for you in smaller, normal text. It is almost like a rhetorical question but it puts words in your mouth. The images used in this leaflet show animals living happily which is meant to pull at the heart strings because the cow in the top right looks really happy running through the grass and the leaflet is trying to make us feel bad for ending these animals lives. The things stated in this leaflet could be seen as bias because they are using facts in their favour and are claiming that the vegan life is easy, but that might just be their personal opinion. This leaflet avoids ambiguity because it gives you the numbers to support the facts that it states.
  • 4. The background for the article is very simple, but it is a web article so this would be expected. The colour scheme is also plain with grey titling and black body text, with the important pieces highlighted in blue. This article uses bold text to make the title stand out. It also uses this technique in other places, like to outline the authors of the article and the sub-headings. The images are all relevant to the subject of the article and show images of cod being gathered which supports the story. The article may be more simple as in the colour and the design because they authors may want the reader to focus more on the story and the facts rather than pretty pictures and designs. The authors of this article have clearly done their research as you can see that they have included statistics and figures to support the claims, as well as referencing the sources they have taken them from. They have also made sure that the quotes included are attributed correctly. In the article they admitted they were wrong and also admitted that they were right. They have included the legal constraint of libel because they lied about the correct number of cod in the sea. This article is clear but may not be easy to understand in some parts because of the libel.
  • 5. This instruction manual uses an interesting design and layout which matches with the subject of the manual. The design looks quite electronic and computerized which is good because it links in with the product. The fonts used for the sub-headings are also computerized and the boxes that the instructions are in look like the tabs you open when you are on the internet. The body font is easy to read and very square, and there is minimal text throughout the manual, which is better for such a product because you can use easy to follow instructions, rather than large blocks of text. The images used are possibly more explanatory than the text as they show detailed drawings of the gun and show which way to assemble certain parts. This instruction manual is clear and easy to understand with its simple instructions and picture references. As well as that, it means that the manual is simple and not overly complicated like some manuals can be. This may be to do with the audience because it would typically be teens who would be using this product so you would want it to be more simple and easy to assemble. This instruction manual would be accurate because this method and assembly of the product will have been tested before, so the instructions will be correct. The manual presents very straight forward and direct instructions so there is no room for interpretation and the customer will not be uncertain about the information given.
  • 6. This site appears to be aimed at women, by looking at the content and the overall look of this page. The title of the page is “all about you”, which is more significant to women because they are known to be more aware and conscious of their appearance and wellbeing. The banner at the top of the page is organised and clear, making it easy to navigate around the website. The colours used are of more variety than something that is usually aimed at the female audience, but there are more warm and neutral tones that aren’t extremely bright and overwhelming which makes the site seem more friendly and welcoming. The website clearly states the title of the page in a font that is used throughout the screenshot. This font is a simple sans serif font which is easily readable and goes well with the look of the web page. The overall design of this website is easy to follow and all of the desired and important information is clearly shown. The content of the page is given in small paragraphs which helps to break up the page and doesn’t make the information look as blocky or intimidating. The text is split up into digestible steps that are easy to understand, and a reference image that is relevant to the content is also shown. The other images that are included on the page are effective and helpful in showing the audience how to knit, as well as having the text as additional information to go with the images. The web page also has links to social media and also promotions for magazines which the owner of the website thought would appeal to the viewers of the site.