Target audience research objective iv done


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Target audience research objective iv done

  1. 1. Target Audience Research Objective IV By Chloe-Ann Dorward
  2. 2. My Main Focus • My main focus is to receive feedback on whether my script is effective when looking at my synopsis as well. • I asked my audience to see if they could pick out any key themes or issues and whether my synopsis and script went well together to give myself a better awareness of what i needed to improve on.
  3. 3. Key Elements • • • • • • I explored a range of elements which included; Themes Issues Characters Atmosphere Setting
  4. 4. Qualitative Research • Qualitative research consists of open question that aims to gather longer answers which attempts to obtain the respondents first-hand knowledge of the questions that are being asked.
  5. 5. Primary Research is Undertaken • I have chosen to undertake primary research which is first-hand. I did this by creating questionnaires. • I found that this was a more effective way as it was more specified to my subject matter. • However the only down side that found to this method was that it was time consuming, therefore, the answers might not of been up to their potential as they could of been rushed.
  6. 6. Audience Evaluation Questions • • • • The two question related to audience are; Who would be the audience for your product? How did you attract/address you audience? My research will help to answer these questions as I will have more awareness about an audience’s knowledge. This also allows the audience to express their own opinions and views.
  7. 7. The Questions • I have chosen to ask 5 questions as I realised that if I was to ask more then this would of been very time consuming. • The questions that I asked relate to key elements, such as themes and issues.
  8. 8. Questions Asked • What is your overall opinion of the Synopsis? • Are you interested in the themes and issues that are in the synopsis and the script? • What are your feelings towards the script? • Are there any details missing from the script? • Did you see any similarities between the synopsis and the script? If so what were they?
  9. 9. Feedback 1 and 2
  10. 10. Evaluation •As my questions were much more open this gave the respondents the ability to give more feedback and express their ideas more rather then just ticking a box and not being able to add on a second opinion. •My questions were structured in a way that the respondent was able to look at key parts of the script and synopsis and identify and specific points that needed improvement. •The quality of feedback that I received was extremely helpful as I know have more awareness of what changes i could apply to my script and synopsis to make them fit the genre of social realism more.