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  • 1. As Media Pitch Task Chloe Laight
  • 2. ‘New Street’ is a new structured reality programme focused upon the lives and drama of typical teenagers from Birmingham. The show itself will follow a set of 20 young people from the ages of 15-19, 5 of which are boys, 5 are girls, who are all interlinked with each other. The characters presented within the show would be relatable and funny, and as the show is pre watershed, would reach a variety of audiences. My target audience is 15-35 year olds and I intend to reach this by not only having the set of 10 main characters for the younger generation but also introduce family members, like parents for example, which would then entice the older generation including parents to watch it making it a family enjoyable and family friendly show.There is not one setting for New Street, but numerous places, as I think it loses its reality effect if they are all coincidently in the same place at the same time all the time.The estimated duration of my show would be a 30 minute structured reality programme, with or without title sequence, with a three page website to go with it.The technology used in creating my show; HD 1920x1280 H264 DS3100 and edited on Final Cut Pro/ I Movie
  • 3. The genre of New Street is mainly funny, but also incorporate a lot of drama and some sad pinnacle points. Overall I will try to create a light hearted feel that is easy and enjoyable to watch but also relatable, as from my research I have found that that is what most audiences enjoy. To add to this, similar to ‘The only way is Essex’, the characters will not be high class, but ‘normal, working class’ as to make them be the most relatable to the largest audience. Also, I have found that accents can influence how people perceive the show, therefore the Birmingham accent is not posh and hence will not hold any preconceived impressions to make it less relatable.This programme is relevant to my target audience as my research shows that the more humorous the programme, the more younger people like it. As the show is easy to understand and to grasp the concept, it will relate to many different ages, as even though the characters may not be the older target audiences age, it will cause them to reminisce and evoke nostalgia to when they WAS that age and therefore enjoy the comparisons. My idea should be commissioned as there is nothing in the current market that revolves around a cast so young with the drama it holds. As teenagers have, in the most recent years, gained a bad media representation I think it would be beneficial to a community as a whole as it gives teenagers a chance to show what their really like and to destroy the stereotype, which I’m sure the younger generation would be thankful for. I think this is a very appealing concept for younger people especially which relates back to my target audience.My show will be completed by Friday 25 th January 2013.
  • 4. NEW STREET.pdf