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Drake presentation

  1. 1. Drake (Aubrey Drake Grahem) By Chloe White
  2. 2. Style of DrakeThe style that drake sings about is about his past experiances, his life, love and thegame. He is part of the record label YMCMB (young money cash money billionaires)which was opened from Dwayne Carter III. All music describes Drakes moods as searching, thoughtful, introspective, brooding, confident, dramatic, earnest, energetic, humorous, intense, laid-back/mellow, literate, melancholy, nostalgic, playful, reflective, smooth, tender, warm and yearning. Drakes sound is labeled as "soft" for his genuine, merciful lyrics and soulful melody to most hip hop listeners.
  3. 3. Products of Drake Drake along with his label has a selection of products for his audience.
  4. 4. Career Paths- DrakeDrake started off being known as a actor before realising he wanted to do his dreamjob- being a proffessional rapper/singer. He was known from acting in Degrassi: TheNext Generation as Jimmy brooks, besides Degrassi, between 2001-2009 Drakeappeared on other various Television shows in smaller roles such as, Blue Murder asJoey Tamarin, Soul Food as Fredrick, The Border as PFC Gordon Harvey, and Beyondthe Break as himself. Then in2006- 09 drake decided to become a rapper and release hisfirst mix tape called ‘Room for improvement’ this mixtape had appearances from TreySongz and also Lupe Fiesco. And he also had a mixtape called so far gone. Then the rest ishistory! He got signed from Ymcmb and he released a album called ‘Thank me later’ in2010 and now he has one out called ‘Take care’.
  5. 5. Target audience for Drake’s musicI would say that personally Drake’s target audience is teenagers- too early teens, soanyone who likes Hip-hop, Rap & RnB. I think this because I couldn’t really see any oldpeople listening to his music because its deep and is more aimed at younger peoplethat could relate to his life.
  6. 6. The record label for DrakeWho owns the company? Cash Money Records – Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams & Ronald‘Slim’ Williams. Young Money Entertainment- Dwayne Micheal Carter, Jr. UniversalRepublic- Universal Music Group.
  7. 7. Cash money & Young MoneyWhat band/artists do they have in their portfolio? Cash money records and Youngmoney entertainment are a partnership so they own the same artists:Lil Wayne Chrisina MillianTyga Kevin GatesMack maine Does it focus on a particular genre of music? Most of theseDrake artists focus on the hip-hop/rapper/r’n’b/rap scene butNicki Minaj some of these artists also foucs on the Ryhtem and bluesGudda Gudda scene. So they all mainly are on the same level of musicT- Streez but mixed with various mixtures.Jae MillzLil chuckee What there mission stament? Unfortunatley they don’tLil Twist have one on the internet but they all aim to be in the samePj Morton style of music together and they all wear the same type ofShanell style of clothes which defines the label.Short DawqCory GunzTorion Sellers
  8. 8. Does the company have a specific response to free downlading/file sharing?They label hasn’t commented on any opinion so maybe that means that they don’thave a stong opinion about it?
  9. 9. Who publishes the text? L.Londell McmillanWho is the editor? Amy Aimstar AndreiuxDescribe the content and style of the text: The content of the magazine isabout hip-hop/Rnb/Music in general. Its basically about any new news that’shappened in that industry.Who is the target audience of the magazine? I think the target audience is amore male audience between the ages of 20-25 because all of the articles includedare male rappers and that shows me men are most likely to read them about theirlife.
  10. 10. The title of the magazine : The Source. The Source I think the way that the way ‘THE’ is The way inside the ‘o’ slanted means that has a microphone the magazine can go shows me that the in any direction of its magazine links into content. music/singing/rap. I think the way that The way that they have used the Drake is colour purple is underlined effective because it tells me that shows the magazine he is is linking all of its important to context together. this magazine front cover. The way that drake is on a Main article: white Drake is the background main image. shows he stands out with a black top on. Bar code to I think the reason why show how much the magazine has a QR the magazine is. code is to show that its for people that are up toThe logo that Drake is wearing on his date with technologytop is his company’s so not only is he and to show that theyeffectively advertising himself he is are looking for a largeralso advertising his company. audience.