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An introduction !

  1. 1. SHRESTH PHARMA NEXUS We lay the foundation for future growth
  2. 2. Shresth Pharma Nexus.. Experience Certainty • In existence since 2009, with Industry knowledge of more than 3 decades. • Hands on experience in various fields such as Marketing, Production, Sourcing, Product Scouting, regulatory at senior levels. • SPN is your trusted Pharmaceutical Consulting Firm with versatile experience of offshore business expansion in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry. • SPN provides its clientele with rich market insights of the Indian Pharma Industry for custom pharmaceutical projects across the entire product lifecycle. • SPN assists overseas companies in introduction of new technologies and Pharma related software & technology to the Indian Pharma Industry.
  3. 3. Our Services & USP
  4. 4. S T R A T E G I C A P P R O A C H Partner’s SWOT Choosing the right Partner
  5. 5. Building a trustworthy global network SPN helps you to transform your company in to ‘FIPNET’ A Fully Integrated Pharmaceutical Network. SPN concentrates its efforts in establishing long-term and trust worthy partnership based on principals of transparency and excellence.
  6. 6. Catering Technology to Indian Pharma Industry • Chirayush Shah, our CEO was senior advisor to PharmaSecure Inc. USA for India (Sep’2010 – Oct’2013) • SPN was marketing consultant to PharmaSecure PAS India Pvt. Ltd, an wholly owned subsidiary of PharmaSecure Inc. for Indian Pharmaceutical Industry (Sep’2010 – Oct’2013) • SPN is consultant to Seclore Technology, an IT company for Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.
  7. 7. CAAS – Consultancy As A Service • Our unique CAAS model allows us to eliminate the limitations of time bound associations and helps us provide bundled services for all your business units. • We provide consultancy as an one stop solution on the whole gamut of Pharma business from; market assessment, market intelligence, SWOT Analysis, sourcing of API, in and out licensing of generic products including CRAMs, Strategic partnership and Joint Venture opportunities to be chosen from vast list of vendors across the Indian Pharma Industry. • We Work with our clients and not ‘on our clients’ for improved business relationships.
  8. 8. Why Choose US • Shorter Learning Curve: We shorten the learning curve for marketing and accelerates the business process. • Profits amplified: Provision of precise alternatives, reduction in time to reach market & trade- offs, which results in immediate business success and amplified profits. • Quick Returns: We define strategy as a set of choices (for decision making) thereby re-ensuring their implementation and quicker Return On Investment.
  9. 9. Thank You For Further Details please visit: OR Please Contact: Chirayush Shah Aarti Jain +91 9892500454. +91 9167292544 Office Contact: +91 22 28574934