Chapter 7


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Chapter 7

  1. 1. The An Apocalypse Challenge VonNuke Family Chapter 47: The One with Neglect
  2. 2. “Bunny? Wabbity? Wake up please? I need my charisma so I can fight for all that is right and free~” Hello, and welcome back to the ever-cheerful VonNuke Family! This is our Generation 3 newborn, Valentine, and so far we've lifted a surprisingly large amount of restrictions! And no, you're not getting a further recap than that. I know, I'm so mean!
  3. 3. “Aaaah, so THIS is what's been keeping Rum distracted! This is way not cool – Rum should be focused on me!” Well, he's hardly going to be focusing on such minor things like his wife or child is he? I mean, who honestly cares about those things in modern society? “Modern society was destroyed approximately 40 years ago when that bomb hit. Rum honestly has no excuse.” Awwwwwwwwwwww … Get over it!
  4. 4. “Hmmmm, Mummy? I sense that Juney's a titchy bit jealous!” Then cheer her up? “Hmmm … But I dun' have an idea!” Think of one? It's not that hard Rum!
  5. 5. *Facepalm* I didn't mean that! “Bu-but woohoo is fun!” It also leads to children. I could live without them for the moment, thanks.
  6. 6. “I learned to poop! This will be a vital skill when I unleash tranquillity upon these innocent souls~” Aaaaah, about this plan. What is it exactly? “Well, I peeped at your lift order, and it seems I can help by opening new doors for my descendants~” Yeah, if you're heiress. Try opening these 'doors' to your nieces and nephews.
  7. 7. “Mummy, did you know we have a car?! Vrooom!” Yes Rum, I did. Shocking, isn't it? “Well, thanks to Juney's hard work, I can go out and play!” ...We need more family friends don't we? “Well, when my dabby moved out, we lost 30 friends. We now only have 3!” Yeah, I thought as much.
  8. 8. “Oooh, heyyo sister!” “Oh. Aren't you the brat that I lived with a few days ago?” “Yes! The house is much happier without all you botaninini plant people there! YAY!” “...That's a bit uncalled for.”
  9. 9. I don't think Rum enjoyed his little visit though... “I sense a small … disturbanance.”
  10. 10. Aaaaaah, the first sim that I've ever had chased by bees. ...The bees are really low detail, to be honest.
  12. 12. You'd think that all the bees would be dead. I mean, they're already dissappearing because of Global Warming! You'd expect them to be the first to go in a nuclear wasteland! “NOT IMPORTANT MUMMY!” Wow, sorry Rum, how could I be so rude?
  13. 13. And then the Grand Witch shows up with a really bad complexion problem. “Stupid glitches! I should be intimidating!”” Now, altogether, we shall point and laugh at the 'Evil' witch!
  14. 14. SO anyway, returning to the home lot, we witness how neglected Valentine really is – I mean, she relies on strangers to keep her needs up. “I don't like this man.” Oh?
  15. 15. “He has the creepiest thought bubbles!” Yes. Yes he does. Plus, he's always following Rum home! I say we kill him. “No, he's still innocent! However, he will not benefit from my magical plan~” Hmmm … Interesting.
  16. 16. Yes! Rum, send him packing. Please! “If I give you our old fridge, Mummy said you'll leave! Can you leave now?” “Sure! I mean, it's free food, right?” “...Yes. This gives me aspirintamation points too!” Oooh, how efficient!
  17. 17. “Thank you for getting rid of that man! Although, he was kinda … good looking~” No. Just … no. You're my 2 year old GRANDDAUGHTER! You aren't gonna like a guy – or girl – until you're 30 or so. Maybe even 40. “I don't really like being controlled by society, hence my love for peace, humanity and … freed-” And freedom. Yes. We get it. “You forgot the tilde~”
  18. 18. “Sooooo, now that I'm the only PlantSim in the house … Do I get characterisation now?” HAHAHHAHAHAHAno. Don't be silly boy! “But Daaaaaaaad!” You can make yourself useful though...
  19. 19. “Carry on the PlantSim line?” Haha, you know me well! Having a line of PlantSims will be VERY useful. Sure, the spawn can't lift restrictions, but they're easier to take care of than any sim – even servos! They can live as nannies, maids, friend holders … Aaaah, the possibilities are endless! Plus, when Music is lifted, we'll have SPORES OF HAPPINESS!
  20. 20. And therefore, I am happy to introduce Blossom VonNuke! “I'm going to be largely ignored except for babysitting duties, aren't I?” Not necessarily! “Ch'yeah. Okay. Call me when Grim's coming.” Please, like I'd let you die on the lot! You're getting moved out once you've spawned a kid of your own. “...Sounds fair.”
  21. 21. Cute picture fail! “Aaaaah, I better get used to these droll human toddlers. I'll be bending to their every whim for the rest of my existence!” “I have decided that PlantSims will not be allowed to live in the freedom I will release~” Sibling love <3 “Not sibling. Cousin.” Oi. Don't talk like that to your grandpappy!
  22. 22. “Freedom~! I have been saved from the beast!” Wow. You're not only an extremist, but you're also … extreme. “Please age me up now. I can't live in a world of these huggles much longer!” So you want to be free~ from Blossom? “Blossom is too pretty for her.” Ooooh, Valentine means SRS BSNS!
  23. 23. “Okay Val, hurry up and blow out these candles for mommy now! Your father's at work and this PlantSim waiting for a great time!” “Mum? Please, that's a little too much information for a toddler! We just want to play~” June – Always the PlantSim lover … literally. :|
  24. 24. “Wow, how long do you want to take Val? Let me just blow these out for you so I can get on with my life!” ...She's your daughter! How could you be so cold?
  25. 25. “Well, here it comes! Just one more step until I liberate the masses~” I'm pretty sure toddlers aren't supposed to know long, complexicated word like 'liberate'. “Well, I'm getting older now! So I can know long words!” Unfortunately, you don't understand proper grammer. Sucks to be you, kid!
  26. 26. “...Oh snap! My daughter grew up unattractive!” ...How nice of you. “How can I get the PlantSim to want me with that trainwreck in his view?” ...How selfish of you. Anyway, let's assess the damage!
  27. 27. “Well, my mother may not love me, but you think I'm beautiful, right?” Umm … well … look at it this way. You're so awesome that it doesn't matter! “So no?” Umm … look! The PlantSim's thinking of you! “Y'know, 'the PlantSim' has a name.” Yes, but you don't have an opinion.
  28. 28. So moving swiftly past Valentine's aesthetic troubles, look who I've spotted on one of my Community Lot crawls. “Yes, I am actually a retired princess. Action and sex changes get kind of boring after a while.” Aaah, Princess Zelda from 'The Legend of Zelda' games. She normally plays the Damsel in Distress, but sometimes she uses magic to become a man where she is suddenly awesome! ...Wow. So many sexist arguments that could be raised. Still, she's awesome! Ask for her career, PlantSim!
  29. 29. “So when I retired from the noble art of Princessing, I decided to become totally badass and become one of the bad guys! Being an antagonist is just so much more fun!” Ahhh … Not what I'm looking for. “But I have skills that easily transfer to the Gamer career track! I mean, how awesome would it be if I lifted that?” ...Next Gen spouse? I think so!
  30. 30. ...ACR! I AM VERY MAD AT YOU NOW! “Relax! By the time she's moved in, I'll be long gone!” Phew! At least that's a relief! “Wow. Thanks.”
  31. 31. As if that wasn't a sign we should leave, the zombie that June bargained with last chapter strolled by. “Hi! By the way, you still haven't paid me for that performance I did a few months ago...” Oi! PlantSim! We're leaving NOW!
  32. 32. Wow. Tyson's back. Woo. “Heeeey *(*&^%&, miss me?” Yes! Totally! I missed you so so much! “Now now, no need for sarcasm...” No need for your FACE!
  33. 33. “Bahaha! How would you like a ()&&( grave in your nursery!” You can't kill PlantSims via scaring. I tried before. “Yeah, but I wasn't really trying!” Yes. Yes you was. I have pictures to prove it. “Oh. &*(%. Well, I guess I'm off then.”
  34. 34. “Wait? Is that my son? Well, wouldn't he like to know his Dad still lives on?” Noo, he hated you. Like everyone. Bye now!
  35. 35. “Well, how about bye-bye heir?” Ooooh, you wouldn't DARE! “Try me.”
  36. 36. “MUHAHAH! Death on the mother*(&*&)(& balcony! Wait … Rum! You're blocking your father's way!” HAHAHHAHAHAH!
  37. 37. “Well, if Rum can't be scared, I'll- I'll-!” Steal the easily-replacable food? Wow. You're so hardcore.
  38. 38. “Oh look, I'm haunting!” Oh look … Wait, what? Noooo, stick to the script! You're supposed to admit defeat and float off to your grave!
  39. 39. “Mummy? Why have I wee'd? I have done that since I was an 'ikkle boy!” Because your Dad doesn't love you. “...Wow. You make me sad, Mummy.” Blame Tyson – and by extension, all Family Sims! “Aaaah. Will do then Mummy!”
  40. 40. However, Rum was actually starving, so I sent Dr. Pepper to heal him. Because Dr. Pepper is the healer of all! “Mummy? This tastes weird. Are you sure it's safe? Or even legal?” It's been sitting in radioactive conditions for years! Your guess is as good as mine!
  41. 41. And the scare/Dr. Pepper combo went on all night. I mean, Rum almost died! One of the scariest moments of Simming for me. Still, he survived! I know, so anti-climatic!
  42. 42. “Meow.” Oooh, Sake? Haven't seen you in a while. Anything you want to say? “I can haz speech? Wowz! So yeah, I kinda gained an un-promotion...” got fired. Right? “...Umm … O LUK! JoonyJoon's preggers!”
  43. 43. “Sakey! I can't believe you told him!” “...Meow.” Aaaah, dont worry June. I'm not gonna smite you – the pregnancy was planned!
  44. 44. Unfortunately, gaining a Bluewater Brat wasn't planned. “Hey, don't look at me! Apparently, living in a place that wasn't restricted was uncool! Well, this means that I'm cool, which will help when I raise against society~” Yeaaah … Just send her out against the zombies. I don't have time for townies really.
  45. 45. Promotion? :D “...No Mummy. I brought home that creepy guy though!” And to think, you used to be awesome. “I AM awesome Mummy! I can proves it!” Then get a promotion!
  46. 46. Oh look. Tyson's back, and he's scaring children! “Teach him to kill me!” ...It wasn't on purpose! Promise! “...” Okay, maybe a little. But you started it by refusing to eat! “True, true … but you're the one who made me run outside.”
  47. 47. “Are all supernatural creatures twisted?!” Yes. “Oh. Well, hopefully their anger will be demolished when the false pretence of society crumbles, leading us into a new golden age~” ...You just get more and more extreme, don't you?
  48. 48. “Hello? Pregnant lady and ghost. Do. Not. Mix. K?” Yes. I need more children from you. Go drink some Dr. Pepper.
  49. 49. And by the way, is there any chance that you will wear something other than underwear during your VonNuke career? “Haha, please! Everyone loves it!” Rum and the PlantSim aren't 'everyone.' “Oooh, they are in my world!” Please, what about your child? Valentine? “...Who?”
  50. 50. “Y'know, I never wished to be ignored.” I know, but you're still awesome! “Really, you mean that?” Yeah! I mean, you've already half-way maxed Logic and Charisma, and you're hardly 1 day into childhood. “Yeah, I am pretty awesome, kinda like the new world will be~”
  51. 51. Aaaah, so now you're in your underwear outside? In a nuclear winter, no less! “You have to suffer to be beautiful!” Y'know, some people think that being warm is beautiful too... “Nonsense!”
  52. 52. An easier way to increase a PlantSim toddler's Water need. No need for broken sinks! “...splash.” Well, at least somebody's sticking to the script! “Reluctantly, I might add.”
  53. 53. “YO HUSBAND! I've got a super-spectacular idea!” “I actually stop being lazy and get a promotionism? Wow Juney, you give me inpire-ism!” “...Actually, I was going to ask you to name the baby.”
  54. 54. “Oooh, that's betterer than my idea! Hmmm … how about Kitty VonNuke?” “...What if it's a boy?” “...Puppy VonNuke?” “Should of gathered. So it's official?” “You betcha!”
  55. 55. “oOooh, that boy thinks I'm sexy! Should I talk to him?” Rum! How dare you use words like sexy! I'm very dissapointed in you. “Oh. Sorry Mummy. I promise not to use naughty words like that ever again! But about this man...?”
  56. 56. Obviously no-. Wait, he's pretty nummy. We could use those genes! “Get his number?” Yes please Rummy!
  57. 57. “Gah! Darn these showers! Darn them to all that is non-naked and non-emo!” Wow. You're actually wearing clothes. “And these snazzy jeans don't have a pregnancy morph! Now my baby will be all cut in half and such!”
  58. 58. What baby? There is an huge empty space, but no baby. “Stupid non-pregnancy morphs!”
  59. 59. “Aaaah, finally, back to underwear. Good job that this bed is here!” Y'know, there is a pyjama option. “Haha, but that's hardly 'scantily clad'!” That's the point.
  60. 60. We interrupt this thrilling underwear session to bring a PlantSim elderfication. He apparently becomes insane, but I like to think that he's regained sanity. I mean, he is now strong enough to ignore my humiliating commands. “So can you tell them my name now?” No. “Bu-But … HEY! EVERYBODY! MY NAME IS E-” Hush child!
  61. 61. However, the cycle of life must continue, and it's soon time for Blossom to grow up. “Hey, this is kinda like my first child!” No, it's your niece. Besides, you already have a child. “Mother, I would know if I had a baby or not.” Oh, you SO did not just 'mother' me!
  62. 62. “I sense another Adult PlantSim. Woohoo time?” No. By the way, awesome face! “I know, I call it 'Dr. Pepper Face'. You like?” Oooh, how original.
  63. 63. “Only a few more hours, then I'll have my first born baby. Aaaah, it will be a beautiful sight.” Not really. Besides, I've already saw you give birth. “To who?”
  64. 64. Your daughter?
  65. 65. “I have never seen that kid in my life.” ...But you blew out her candles! You carried her for 9 months! You taught her how to use a potty! “...Nope. I think I would remember.”
  67. 67. “Yay! KittyKat!” And so Kobe quickly joins the family. No, really, I don't think I've seen a Sim/Pet relationship increase so quickly.
  68. 68. “Oooh, it's time!” ...Wow. Birth really does take place in the smallest room in the house. “Ooh, I think it's coming!” That's what she said.
  69. 69. “NOT THE TIME!” Awww, the big Military leader can't take an 'ikkle bit of pain? “Wow, you're sarcasm is so … sarcastic.” Me? Sarcastic? Never!
  70. 70. Somehow, Rum could sense the birth of his new baby from 2 floors down. “No, it's just that Juney shouted REALLY REALLY LOUD! It scared me.” Wow, really?
  71. 71. “Yes really! It was rather shocking!”
  72. 72. And one birth later, Rum and June meet halfway and June gives Rum his newborn on the balcony. How sweet. “Rum? Sweetie? Can you hold Kitty for just one second?” “Sure wifey! I'm gonna luffles my newborn so so much!”
  73. 73. “...Oh. Wifey, was you supposed to do that?” “I don't think so ...” “And it's a girl too. No Puppy VonNuke?” “Naaah, I think I'll call her … Juliet! After the title character from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet!” How tragic.
  74. 74. They both have the exact same colouring and gender of Valentine. Let's hope they look different though. eh?
  75. 75. … And so the neglect repeats itself. Really – a baby on the balcony? How cold can you get? “I see what you did there.”
  76. 76. “Hai Sake! So I herd u liek mudkips?!” “Sakey is not amused. But did u no thers a nu kitteh on the blok?” “OMFG NO WAI!”
  77. 77. “But I wil alwys b da best kitteh.”
  78. 78. “Well, I knew I'd be stuck with baby-sitting. Better get used to it.” Unfortunately, we have one crib, and no more space for another. Sucks, right? “Woo. I'm going to have to work overtime.”
  79. 79. “Miss? I know that I'm supposedly 'insane' and 'uncharacterised', but even I agree that you should take care of your squealing brats. “...But they smell! But enough about them; look at me! I went through motherhood and I still kept my stunning figure! Look! Look!” “Been there, done that.” Oooh, burn!
  80. 80. “I got a promotion! Wooooo!” YES! Now you only have 5 more levels to go! “Wooo! I feel so superior!” But you're not. Anyway, go inside. Your baby's growing up.
  81. 81. Aaaaw, what an adorabubble picture! Anyway, this is where I'll leave you! Next time on 'The VonNuke Family': ●Quicker updating? ●Valentine's plan? ●Cute toddlers? ●Promotions? All very unlikely, but we can hope, right? Well, I love you all! Have fun! X x
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