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'Why Emotion Drives Your Bottom Line' Martin Talks, Draftfcb

'Why Emotion Drives Your Bottom Line' Martin Talks, Draftfcb



Why emotion drives your bottom line....

Why emotion drives your bottom line.
Creativity is often seen as a nice to have rather than a must have within companies. A fluffy luxury rather than a profit driver. Creative advertising is therefore often the first thing to be cut when economic times get tough. Martin makes the business case for getting creative and emotionally connecting with our audiences.
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    'Why Emotion Drives Your Bottom Line' Martin Talks, Draftfcb 'Why Emotion Drives Your Bottom Line' Martin Talks, Draftfcb Presentation Transcript

    • Why emotion drives yourIs that bottom linelogical? 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • The proof of emotive value 4
    • Creativity is anadvertiser’s best bet McKinsey & Co 5
    • Creativity is anbusiness’ best bet Martin Talks 6
    • More creative campaigns 11 timesmore efficient in driving market share 7
    • There is a decade of research to connectcreative comms to business change 2006 Greater creativity leads to greater persuasiveness 2010 Greater creativity leads to greater emotional bonding & business effects Across 2000’s Greatest creativity correlates withYang & Smith,,University of Indiana highest stock performance Peter Field Hurman 2011 8
    • Emotional famehas over twice the profit impact “Marketing in the era of 50 accountability” IPA A study of over 200Significant profit gain % 40 effectiveness award 30 winners 20 39% 10 16% 0 FAME Rational FAME = Emotional engagement, salience & Buzz driving
    • Emotional comms deliversproven effect to the analystsCadbury Dairy Milk Sales of diesel engine Sales up 9.3%sales +9%. Honda Accords went from 518 units to 21,766 “Only John Lewis showed positive“The campaign had an absolutely growth” "Sales during the four weeks to units in 1 yearsignificant effect on consumers and it Christmas Eve were outstanding.” Andyhad a wonderful effect on everyone in “Grrr (Hate Something, Change Street Managing Directorthe company. “ Todd Stitzler Something) helped transform theIncumbent CEO Cadbury 2008 perception of the Honda brand,Investor interim results which was previously reliable, safe, nothing remarkable.” Jeff Dodds Marketing Director Honda UK
    • How people make purchase decisionsThe power of the Emotional Brain 95 (Emotional % System 1 brain) 5 % System 2 (Rational brain) Source: Daniel Kahneman, Nobel for Economics, 2002
    • “Emotion leads toaction,while reasonleads to conclusions”Donald Calne, neurologist
    • 1. But this doesn’t mean doing TV Sample A Sample B Sample C Market Share gain % IPA Datamine 3 some online engagement Les Binet Beyond the click - Waddington Use more channels Engage actively
    • 14
    • 2. It does mean thinking in a different order “I’ve never been particularly good at numbers, but I think I’ve Rational done a reasonable job with mind feelings. And I’m convinced that it is feelings—and fallacy feelings alone—that account for the success of the Virgin brand in all of its myriad forms.” Richard Branson Emotional mind realitySource: Tim Ambler, London Business School
    • “When people feel confidentabout their decisions two thingshappen. First they derive moreutility from the product, andsecond their excitement makestheir decision contagious”Professor Baba Shiv: Sanwa Bank, Limited,Professor of Marketing,Stanford Graduate Business School
    • 3. It means rethinking how youtest your communications“Cases that reported favourable pre-testing results actually didsignificantly worse in market than those that did not”- Binet & Field, Marketing in the Era of Accountability, 2008 Effectiveness Success Rate % 80 70 60 50 40 71% 30 20 44% 10 0 Favourable pre testing results Other
    • Pre testing emotional reactions Contempt Disgust Anger Fear Sadness Neutral Happy Surprise
    • Emotional Journey: Cadbury Dairy Milk Gorilla 100% Contempt 90% Disgust 80% 70% Anger 60% Fear 50% Brooding “Dont like a close up of the uncertainty: gorillas nostrils!!” “Unsure” 40% Sadness “Music” “Intrigued about how the gorilla relates to the slogan at “Feel good advert” the end” “What’s it got to do with chocolate?” 30% Neutral “Dont understand what the advert is for” “It’s funny” “It all comes together 20% “Funny to see the gorilla” and is amusing” Happy “Not sure what i expected” 10% “Good music, good “Love it” chocolate!” “An ape playing the drums” “Love Cadburys Chocolate!” 0% Surprise 19 70 72 74 80 90 4 6 8 68 76 78 82 84 86 88 60 62 64 66 2 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 Start seconds
    • 20
    • EmotionThat is drives yourlogical bottom line I CAN HAS CREATIVITY? 21
    • Follow@talksy 22