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Brief Introduction of Hackers
Brief Introduction of Hackers
Brief Introduction of Hackers
Brief Introduction of Hackers
Brief Introduction of Hackers
Brief Introduction of Hackers
Brief Introduction of Hackers
Brief Introduction of Hackers
Brief Introduction of Hackers
Brief Introduction of Hackers
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Brief Introduction of Hackers


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My First Slide in High School =D

My First Slide in High School =D

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  • An Article about Hacking importance
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  • 1. Wesley Methodist School ICT 2006 Hackers Su Ning En 4M
  • 2. Contents:
    • Opening [slide 1]
    • Contents [slide 2]
    • Introduction on hacking [slide 3]
    • Different type Of Hacking [slide 4]
    • Requirements for Ethical Hackers [slide 5]
    • Criminals [slide 6]
    • Effects [slide7]
    • Prevention [slide 8]
    • Summary: Conclusion [slide 9]
    • Source of Information [slide 10]
  • 3. Hacking:
    • Hacking is unauthorized use of computer and network resources and also mean a very gifted programmer.
    • There are many definitions of hacking, as well as varying ideas of what a hacker is or does. Simply stated a hacker is any programming specialist who has the expertise to enter a computer or network without proper authorization.
  • 4. Different Types of Hacking:
    • The Criminal Hacker
    • Deface hacked web pages to advertise their prowess
    • Doings are evil and illegal
    • Work to get illegal information for themselves or for someone else
    • The Ethical Hacker
    • Hired as a preventive measure
    • Doings are good and justice
    • Ex. Breaking into the clients’ computing network to identify potential security lapses
  • 5. Requirements for Ethical Hackers:
    • One should possess good programming skills and computer networking skills; several experience in installing and maintaining popular operating systems-ex. UNIX/Linux and Windows NT
    • Good communications skills as ‘Social Engineering’ is used to test the client organizing staff security awareness to valuable information that may be obtained
    • Patience, Determination and Trustworthiness are vital between the ethical hacker and the client
  • 6. Different types of Hacking Attacks: A simple attack but the result is impressive. A complicated attack, only the hacker understand. An attack that is against all rules. Hacking Attacks Simplicity Mastery Illicitness
  • 7. Effects of Hacking:
    • Individuals
    • - credit cards numbers may be stolen, the files in your computer is destroyed or missing
    • Organizations and Companies
    • bankruptcy, losing customers due to customer’s lack of confidence, software stolen, breaking the main system of the company causing the company' server to slow down
    • Countries
    • - Hackers are known to steal military intelligence, breaking the main system might cause the fall of all banks
  • 8. Prevention:
    • Website defacement attempts can be stopped by implementing sound computer security practices
    • To prevent hack attacks as much as possible is not using a default accounts, passwords on network devices-using strong passwords and changing them on a regular basis
    • Using an industry-standard security testing methodology is recommended.
  • 9. Conclusion or Summary:
    • In conclusion, Hackers are professionals when they were first known but when technology advance to a new stage from day to day, people became more interested in the cyber world. Thus, earning the hackers a bad name by hacking into other computers to demonstrate their strength. Following this path, hackers were then categories to several cases for criminals and ethical.
  • 10. Source of Information:
    • Star Newspaper - Friday 11 March 2005, pg 20 Nation ‘Hackers deface 45 local websites’
    • Magazine - CoursesNow!ExploreIT! [published by gti] issue 8-2006-brought by
    • Internet Connection -, ,,290042,sid7_gci970601,00.html?bucket=REF