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Fruit world

  2. 2. FRUITS World SPLASH Manoharie Srikrishnarajah Nadeesha Sirisena Chintha Kaluarachchi
  3. 3. ABOUT US  “The Fruit world” is an organization bringing farm-fresh produce to the Sri Lankan workplace.  Fruit related businesses are a fast-growing category that provides viable solution to the people who are concerned about the ever- challenging health crisis – especially at workplaces.  The organization was founded on the premise that bringing healthy food to the office can boost productivity, improve wellness and help companies improve their bottom lines. it
  4. 4.  Our mission - To replace the consumption of unhealthy junk food by nutritious fresh fruits.  Our Vision – To be an “health conscious” enterprise which is mutually fruitful to its owners, customers and suppliers.
  5. 5. Why do people eat biscuits and chocolates as snack in their place of work ? Simple, because fruits are not accessible !
  6. 6.  The Fruit world provides fresh seasonal fruit from local farms to Sri Lankan Companies, Schools , Homes. It also delivers to Functions. It also sells specially packed attractive fruit baskets which can be given as Gifts.  Other than the Fruits it provides Fruit Salads , Fruit Juice and other types of fruit Products.  To help small farmers/vendors to sell their fruits.
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis: Sounding The Right Notes…
  8. 8.  Strengths  Resources:  Financial  Location – Convinient Location.  Purchasing flexibility.  New Business, Innovation and creativity.  Powerful web portal.
  9. 9.  Weaknesses  Less amount of capital  Delivery staff turn over.  Lack of Knowledge about operational activities.  Lack of marketing strategies-Cannot afford high marketing / advertising costs.  Size of business – small No Branches initially and business limited to Western province.  Delivery only next day
  10. 10.  Opportunities  No Direct Industry Competitors.  E-Business opportunities.  Web as a strong marketing tool.  Develop products to niche mkt. (Office Staff).  Possibility of acquisition  Direct link to end-users.  Availability of fruits throughout the year.  Public expectations- positive attitude towards Fruit consumption.  Ample suppliers.
  11. 11.  Threats  Fruit price increases: according to the availability of fruits. Eg: Seasonal fruits.  Legislations – Food/recycling.  Hard to break Social Food habits. Most of the office staff are used to snacks/fast food.  Availability of various junk foods for cheap prices.  Environmental conditions.
  12. 12. Strategy Development and Justification  Product Diversification  Fruit World’s Business Strategy is to Diversify it’s Products. Fresh Fruit Baskets, Fruit salad , fruit drinks, and other fruit products to cater to the Customers’ demand.  Targeting Niche markets  Fruit World mainly targets Office staff who consume junk food when they are hungry during the office hours.
  13. 13.  Pricing Strategies  Give special discounts for seasonal fruits during that season.  If customers are buying more than five fruit baskets 50% free for the sixth one.  Product Differentiation  According to the customer demand and availability of fruits hope to differentiate the Products.
  14. 14. Marketing Strategies (Promotions)  To use powerful web portal to take orders. Fruit World uses the web as the main advertising media for its Business.  Put advertisements in Face book , because its very popular among office staff and its cost effective advertising media. Build an on-line community for Fruit World.  Send Flyers to the Office staff through E- Mails.
  15. 15. Methodology  Firstly to create the web portal. It is the main component of the business.  Then register Small vendors / farmers as Supplies. They Can register through the web or by directly contacting Fruit World.  After that carry out promotional campaign to the target market by sending office mails (flyers), putting out face book advertisements and giving handbills in front of the offices.  Other than send sample Fruit Baskets to the leading Companies.
  16. 16.  If customers wants to buy our products first they should register with us.  If customer is already registered they can order fruit products through our web portal.  In the web we have published all the available products and other necessary information.  Then if customer pay using credit card they can pay through our payment gateway or if they want to pay cash can pay directly to our delivery crew.  After the order has placed we deliver
  17. 17. Suppliers  Suppliers can join with us by register with our web or directly contacting us.  We make an agreement with suppliers to buy their fruits.  We estimate the daily fruit requirements according to the orders and buy from our suppliers.  First we have planned to buy fruits from suppliers within close proximity.
  18. 18. Architecture
  19. 19. Web Portal
  20. 20. Inner page
  21. 21. PRODUCTS
  22. 22. Thank You We trust you found our presentation fruitful !