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BCH Catalog

  1. 1. Vision To offer products and solutions to enable hazard-free use of electrical energy for everyone and everywhere Core Values World-class Standards Innovation and Creativity Honesty and Integrity Institution Building Caring for People Contribution to Society Upholding 'Dharma' Quality Policy We are committed to provide products and services meeting or exceeding customers' needs and expectations. Continual improvement and learning aimed at customer satisfaction through involvement of people shall be our guiding principle. Bhartia is one of the largest manufacturers of low voltage electrical and electronic controls in India. The Company commenced its manufacturing operations in 1965, as a joint venture between Cutler-Hammer, USA and Indian partners. Since 1977, the Company has been owned wholly by the Indian Promoters. BCH plant is located on a 2,50,000 Sq. ft. area at Faridabad near Delhi, employing over 700 employees. It has state-of-the-art modern manufacturing facilities, Quality Assurance System and a well-equipped R&D facility. BCH has a wide range of products in category Motor Control & Protection, Power Distribution, Automation and Heavy Industrial Controls. Over the years, BCH has gained recognition and brand equity as a reputed manufacturer of high quality electrical products. In the recent months, it has launched new products like Electronic Sensors, Solid State Relays, Contactors & Overload Relays, Techno Modular Boxes & Enclosures and a range of Agriculture Starters. The excellence in manufacturing, product designs and the performance of over three decades has enabled BCH to offer a unique and unprecedented "3 Years Warranty" on its products. Most of the products are "CE" marked and conform to latest National and International Standards. BCH, with its corporate office at New Delhi, has an extensive countrywide Sales & Distribution network of 14 Sales Offices, 32 Resident Engineer locations and over 300 Dealers. Through strategic alliance and technical collaborations with world-renowned manufacturers, BCH - an Indian Company with Indian ethos, is poised to expand its product range further to offer a comprehensive package to discerning customers. Supported by SAP- ERP system and networking of information systems across all offices, BCH is achieving new heights of customer service satisfaction. This is further enhanced by implementing an advanced CRM application. BCH is committed to achieve leadership position in the electrical switchgear, controlgear and automation industry by creating technical and marketing advantage to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.
  2. 2. I N D E X Motor Control & Protection 1-8 Power Distribution 8-10 Automation 11-16 Heavy Industrial Controls 17-20
  3. 3. Motor Control & Protection FREEDOM SERIES Freedom Series Contactors Freedom Series Contactors provide a lot more freedom in flexibility, maintenance and cost effectiveness. Specifications & Features Conforms to IEC 60947-4-1 / IS-13947-4-1 CE marking Wide Range - CR, 6A to 1200A AC & DC Control Voltages 3/4 Pole Common Snap on Accessories up to 73 A DIN rail up to 73A Minimum downtime & ease of maintenance Low energy consumption coil with 3 Terminals Non-hygroscopic body material Suitable for adverse environmental conditions Low contact bounce Special contactors for Capacitor Switching upto 25 kVAR Freedom Series - Over Load Relays Specifications & Features Conforms to IS : 13947-4-1 24 Setting ranges from 0.1 upto 80 Amp Single phasing protection Reset selection-auto / manual 0 0 Ambient temperature -25 C to +55 C Potential free contacts (1NO+1NC) 1 Contactor mounting & independent mounting facility IP20 protection against direct touch with live parts Tripping class : 10 A
  4. 4. CITATION SERIES Citation Contactors Citation 3 Pole Contactors are designed for high performance and easy maintenance. These are suitable for mill duty, crane control, motor control centres, switching of solenoids, capacitor banks and for lighting & heating circuits. Specifications & Features Conforms to IEC-158 Range - 32A, 40A, 70A. 3 Pole Rugged Design Total front maintainability 0 0 Wide ambient temp. range -5 C to +55 C Mechanical Interlock / Auxiliary Contacts facility Citation M Overload Relays Citation M, bimetal, overload relays provide complete protection to three phase motors against overloads, single phasing and severe unbalanced voltages. Specifications & Features Conforms to IS 13947-4-1 Wide range - 0.195 A to 600 A in 21 settings Sensitive single phasing protection 2 0 Temperature compensated up to 55 C ambient On site manual / auto reset selection
  5. 5. NHD SERIES NHD - 2 Pole Contactors The single phase power control, 2 Pole Power Contactor type "CPG" is based on the proven design of NHD Contactors that has enjoyed the confidence of customers across various segments. Specifications & Features Conforms to IEC60947-4-1 / IS 13947-4-1. Weld resistant silver alloy contacts. 2 Pole power contactor 16A, 25A, 40A Encapsulated coil for high withstand capacity. Compact and Robust Construction using high grade mouldings NHD 4 Pole Contactors NHD, 4 Pole Contactors have definite use with many distinctive features. They offer choice of add-on auxiliary contact block with configuration 1NO+1NC or 2NO + 2NC. Specifications & Features Current ratings : 16A, 25A, 40A. No. of Poles : 4 Encapsulated coil for high withstand capacity 3 Compact and robust construction using high grade mouldings
  6. 6. DC CONTACTORS DC Contactors DC Mill Duty Contactors have been designed keeping in view the arduous environment and duty conditions in the crane application and steel industry as well as industrial control applications. Specifications & Features Range - 15A, 25A, 50A, 150A, 300A, 600A Capable of switching AC & DC circuits, operating coil DC energized Inductive time limit control eliminates the need for timers, series relays or dashpots Compatible DC magnetic overload relays Suitable for crane & mill duty applications In-built surge suppressors to limit voltage transients SOLID STATE RELAYS Solid State Relays are launched in Collaboration with Celduc, France - one of the leading manufacturer of SSRs. Applications Capacitor switching [SC 8] Heating control [SC 9] Motor control [SC 7] Specifications & Features CE Marked High switching frequency and longer life Single phase and three phase SSRs 4 Compact size Range from 12A to 125A Reliable and quite operation Input voltage 4V to 30Vdc. Other voltages on request Low level output control possible without interfacing
  7. 7. MOTOR PROTECTION CIRCUIT BREAKERS MPCBs are suitable for motors upto 15HP with built in overload, single phasing and short circuit protection. They give fuseless control systems for motors that reduces down time and increases productivity of system. Specifications & Features Range : 0.1A to 25A Conforms to IEC 60947-4, IEC 60947-2 Mechanical & Electrical Endurance : 1 lakh operations Wide range of accessories MOTOR STARTERS Mini Manual Starters The Mini Manual Starter is specially compact and has all the characteristics of a top quality starter embodying a complete measure of protection for both motor and operator. Specifications & Features 1 - Phase versions 3 - Phase versions : upto 3HP : upto 10HP Compact size Trip free mechanism Mini Manual Starters (with Under-Voltage Coil) NEW 3 Phase-upto 10HP, 1 Phase-upto 3 HP Under-Voltage Coil to provide complete control of motors upto 10 HP, 415V, 3 phase or 3 HP 220V, 1 5 The Starter switches off the motor in case of power failure and needs to be restarted manually
  8. 8. Citation M DOL Starters Citation M, Direct-on-Line Starter meets the need of high reliability in a wide range of applications. They are for Switching AC motors upto 30 HP at 415V three phase and offer complete motor protection against overloads, single phasing and severe unbalanced voltages, all in accordance with IEC & IS specifications. Specifications & Features Range upto 30HP Excellent temperature compensation between 0 0 0 -10 C and +80 C (+55 C max. ambient). Selection of manual or automatic resetting for overload relay. Citation M Start Delta Starters Citation M, Star Delta Starters are for controlling AC motors up to 250 HP (185 KW) 415V three phase and offer complete motor protection against overloads, single phasing and severe unbalanced voltages, in accordance with IEC & IS specifications. Specifications & Features Range upto 250HP Selection of manual or automatic resetting CE Marking. for overload relays. Fully automatic & semi automatic versions 0 Excellent temperature compensation between -10 C 0 6 0 and + 80 C (+55 C max. ambient).
  9. 9. AGRICULTURE MOTOR STARTERS Shakti WP DOL Starters Specifications & Features Range upto 24 A Heavy Duty 4 pole contactor 20A Wide band operating coil 190-400 volts Easy Maintenance Special 'WP' overload relay for agricultural applications Auto Start DOL Starters Specifications & Features Range upto 10 HP Wide band coil Phase Reversal Prevention Phase Imbalance Prevention Single Phase Protection Auto / Manual Mode Manual Star Delta Starters Specifications & Features Range upto 15 HP Wide band coil 7 Change over from star to delta through switch
  10. 10. Submersible Pump Starters Specifications & Features Range DOL upto 17.4-24 A Range Star Delta upto 22-30A Conforms to IEC 60947-4-1 Phase reversal prevention Phase imbalance prevention Single phasing prevention Heavy duty 4 pole contactor Economy, Standard & Premium version Auto / Manual mode Voltmeter with phase voltage measurement Motor On & Trip indication Power Distribution MOULDED CASE CIRCUIT BREAKERS The world class range of Tembreak MCCBs are manufactured to latest International Standards & suited for a wide range of applications. Specifications & Features 8 Conforms to IEC - 60947 - 2 Widest range : 10 A to 4000 A Breaking capacity : 10 kA to 180 kA 4 Pole MCCBs : First make last break Neutral Adjustable thermal & magnetic settings Thermo - magnetic & microprocessor based protection Exceptionally current limiting design Compact Size Line-Load interchangeability Type-2 Co-ordination tested Higher degree of protection co-ordination Special purpose breakers available on request
  11. 11. PLUGS & SOCKETS PS - Plugs & Sockets Specifications & Features Conforms to EN / IEC-60309 PS16 IP44 Plugs : 20A 3 / 4Pin Sockets : 20A 3 / 4Pin Boxes : 20A , with Provision for SP/ DP MCB PS32 IP54 Plugs : 32A 3 / 4 / 5 Pin Sockets : 32A 3 / 4 / 5 Pin Boxes : 32A, with Provision for FP MCB / RCD Unique Spark-less contact technology for long life CE Marking Universal and flush mounting boxes Self locking design ensuring complete safety Applications : Single Phase. Three Phase Loads SS - Plugs & Sockets Industrial Plugs and Sockets combine simplicity, convenience and reliability through their unique design which makes use of the concept of spring-loaded butt-type contacts instead of the conventional concept of pin-and-sleeve type. Specifications & Features Rated voltage Thermal current (Ith) POWER CONTROL 500V AC and DC 500V AC and DC 30A 3/4/5 Pin 12A 12 Pin Self locking design ensuring complete safety Auto closing lid DS Decontactors DC Decontactors, Plugs & Socket are with integral switching device. This design has overcome inherent disadvantages of conventional plug & socket rendering them extremely safe, reliable and long lasting. Specifications & Features 9 Conforms to IEC 60309 Type DS1 DS3 DS6 DS9 Rated Current (Ie) : 16A 32A 63A 125A IP Category : IP 65 Integral switching device which eliminates cumbersome interlocked switch socket outlets Live contacts are not accessible Built in Interlocking A safety lid cover for socket Safety disc / socket shutter provides dead front Self aligning & wiping contacts Silver tipped butt type contacts
  12. 12. Power Receptacles NEW Specifications & Features Single / Multiple Outlet ratings: 16 A, 32 A, 63 A, 125 A Option of back up protection MCCB / SDFU Loop In Loop Out facility Powder coated boxes with excellent finish & durability FUSE SWITCH UNITS Switch Disconnector Fuse Switch Disconnector Fuse are designed for Industrial applications, Conforming to IEC-60947-3 / IS-13947-3. Specifications & Features Ratings : 100A, 125A, 160A (AC 23A) Versions : TP/TPN, Fuses : DIN/BS, Quad Break Contact System for Longer life Visible contact indication through contact carrier Door Interlock with defeat facility and padlocking Higher clearance and creepage distance ensuring complete safety Accessories : *Terminal Shrouds , *Auxiliary Contact Blocks Fuse Switch Units Fuse Switches type FSO and FSI are designed to meet the requirements of manually operated switches and Fuse Switches. These cover applications as safety switches, for distribution and motor control. Specifications & Features 10 Conforms to IEC-408 / IS 4064 Rating : 32 A, 63 A (3 pole) High Electrical & Mechanical endurance Accessories - Door Interlock with Defeat Mechanism, 1NO + 1NC aux. contacts.
  13. 13. Automation ELECTRONIC SENSORS A wide range covers high performance Photo, Inductive, Capacitive and Magnetic Sensors. Specifications & Features Inductive Proximity Sensors Size : 4 to 30 mm Sensing range : 0.8mm to 15mm Models with cable or connectors Wide range of outputs Special Models Short housing models Increased range models Size : 18 to 30mm Sensing range : upto 25mm High stability temperature range High immunity against interference MINI M18 cylindrical photoelectric sensors Diffuse reflective Retro reflective Thru Beam Emitter-Receiver Models with cable or connector arrangement Magnetic Sensors Capacitive Proximity Sensors Limit Switches Photo Sensors Hall effect Magnetic Sensors Reed Contact Magnetic Sensors Namur Sensors Photo Sensors in Rectangular Housing Optical Barrier Sensors for specialised applications NEW Specifications & Features 11 Conforms to IEC - 60947-5-1 Compact design requiring less mounting space Zinc Die-cast base & high end polymide cover Dust proof, water proof, and oil resistant Long mechanical & electrical life Wide range of operating heads
  14. 14. LIMIT SWITCHES Heavy Duty Range Heavy duty Limit Switches keep operating in highly contaminated atmosphere, extremely high shock and vibration conditions. Precision Limit Switch Specifications & Features Conforms to IEC-60947-5-1 Choice of 18 operating heads CE Marking Oil Tight, Water Tight and Dust Proof (IP67) Contacts : 1 NO + 1 NC / 2 NO + 2 NC Screw terminal / prewired Rugged and reliable design Precision range Limit Switch are best suited for applications where space is a priority. Compact in size with wide choice of heads for all sensing needs. INTERFACE DEVICES Foot Switches Foot Switches are designed to open and close AC or DC pilot circuits. The contact mechanism has Single Pole Double Throw - twin break, silver contacts 1 NO + 1NC enclosed in moulded phenolic block. Specifications & Features Conforms to IEC-60947-5-1 2 and 3 position Option of latching unit 1NO+1NC / 2NO+2NC / 4NO+4NC contact blocks Heavy duty and rugged design Push Buttons & Indicating Lights Oil Tight Push Buttons and Indicating Lights in 30.5mm & 22.5mm, offers the widest choice. They are heavy duty for industrial use ideally suited for machine tools, control panels and motor control centres. 30.5mm Range Actuators 12 Station Contact Block Specifications & Features : : : : : : : Standard flush button Long button Mushroom head Selector actuator Cylindrical lock Start/Stop push button 1NO+1NC, 2NO, 2NC Alum. diecast enclosure : : : : Oil tight indicating lights : : : One button Two buttons Three buttons Four buttons Without lens Direct type Transformer type
  15. 15. FLEXI 22 EW Push Buttons & Indicating Lights 22.5 mm N Push Button & Indicating Lights 22.5mm are oil tight, water tight, corrosion - resistant, space saving designs with modular / snap fit construction that makes the assembly fast and easy. Specifications & Features Conforms to IEC 60947-5-1 IP 65 Degree of Protection. Operating Temp -20 to 60 C. Chrome plate metal bezel. Modular Screwless construction. Modular Assembly - save time. Electronic Timers Push buttons Led indicators Flush & extended Standard with surge & low voltage Illuminated & non Illuminated glow protection Mushroom type Selector operators Light source units Illuminated, non illuminated & Direct type key operated Resistance type Transformer type A wide range of Electronic Timers & Devices that are ideally suited for sequence control and various other applications. Specifications & Features Multi function, Multi-range, Multi voltage Calibrated scale for easy time setting Compact dimension LED indication for power and relay status DIN rail mounting or base mounting Time Delay Relays Electropneumatic Time Delay Relays have been designed keeping industrial performance in view and are ideally suited for machine tools, sequence controls and various other applications, suitable for quick, adjustable and dependable time delays required between related applications. They reset as fast as 0.02 seconds and are perfect for high speed operations. Specifications & Features Timing range 13 : 0.05 to 30 seconds 0.05 to 60 seconds 0.05 to 180 seconds Reset time : 0.02 seconds for AC, 0.10 sec for DC Special Time Delay Relays available for Railway applications
  16. 16. Orion AC Drives 0.4 Kw - 3.0 Kw, 1 Phase 200 - 230 Vac NEW Specifications & Features Compact Size Start / Stop key pad Auto tuning for optimum performance PID function Vega AC Drives 0.37 Kw - 4.0 Kw, 3 Phase 380 - 460 Vac Programmable digital inputs Full compatibility with "Remote Drive" software Compliance with CE & UL marking NEW Specifications & Features Compact Size Remote smart keypad Microporated braking unit RS 485 protocol MODBUS RTU 14 PID function Full compatibility with teleservice software Compliance with software Compliance with CE & UL marking
  17. 17. Sinus K AC Drives 4.7 Kw - 355 Kw, 3 Phase 380 - 415 Vac NEW Specifications & Features IGBT Inverter Smart key pad Intelligent Cooling system Integrated breaking module One product three function Lower motor noise PID regulator Integrated thermal protection of motor Programmable digital analog inputs & outputs DCREG Digital DC Drives NEW DCREG & DCRE G4 DC Drives are designed for the power supply to the armature & field circuits of direct current motors. Specifications & Features 2 and 4 Quadrant. 10 A - 3500 A (2.4 - 2205 Kw) Predictive control. Integrated multimeter. Adjustable Accel. and Dec. Time from 0-300 15 Optional Remote Drive Software Full digital Field boost Higher safety by automatic switching b/w feedback
  18. 18. SOFT STARTERS EW ASACO & ASAC1 Series Soft Starters N Range 7.5 Kw - 110 Kw Power supply voltage range 200 - 575 Vac Specifications & Features Compact size. Adjustments - Start voltage, start ramptime, soft stop Internal By-Pass Contactor. ramptime, current limit, current ramp 400 % max allowed overload of the nominal current. Remote drive software compatible IP20 Enclosure ASA Series Soft Starters NEW Range 12 A - 316 A Power Supply Voltage 200 - 690 Vac Specifications & Features 4 types of motor starting & 3 type of motor stopping Allowed overload from 300 to 450% of the nominal current IP 42 & IP 54 Protection degree Thermal Motor Protections 16 Remote control panel Remote drive software. Operation with & without by-pass contactor 3 wire & 6 wire connection
  19. 19. Heavy Industrial Controls ENCLOSURES & BOXES Bhartia Boxes - IP 55 & 66 Bhartia Boxes and Terminal Boxes are available in various sizes suitable for wide range of applications. These are characterised by aesthetic finish and versatile usage. The boxes are manufactured on Turret Punch CNC machine, are powder coated followed by PU gasketing resulting in unmatched durability. Specifications & Features BHARTIA BOXES Range From : 200 x 200 x 150 (W x H x D) in mm Through : 1000 x 1000 x 300 (W x H x D) in mm Single & Double Door version 51 different variants comprising IP 55 / IP 66 versions Range From : 150 x 150 x 80 (W x H x D) in mm Through : 800 x 400 x 120 (W x H x D) in mm 43 different variants comprising IP 55 / IP 66 versions Features Fabricated from 1.2 / 1.6 mm CRCA sheet steel Powder coated surface (RAL 7032) followed by PU gasketing With mounting plate & gland plate 17 TERMINAL BOXES Features Fabricated from 1.2 mm CRCA sheet steel Powder coated surface (RAL 7032) followed by PU gasketing Provision of brackets to facilitate DIN rail mounting
  20. 20. Modular Solutions Completely modular & fully bolted concept of enclosure systems providing unmatched flexibility. These are manufactured on CNC machine, powder coated to shade RAL 7032, PU gasketed, fitted with 3 point lock and various user friendly accessories. Specifications & Features Enclosures Range from : 600 x 1800 x 400 (W x H x D) in mm Through : 1200 x 2200 x 800 (W x H x D) in mm 19" Rails Rails from 35U to 44U (1800mm to 2200mm Height) IP 55 degree of protection 3 mm mounting plate as a standard, RAL 2000 - Orange Colour Ideal for : Special purpose machines, Control panels, SPECIAL PURPOSE PANELS & STARTERS Starter Panels Specifications & Features DOL Automatic Star-Delta Auto Transformer Automatic Stator-Rotor Automatic Rotor Controller : : : : : Upto 400 HP at 415 V AC Upto 650 HP at 415 V AC Upto 550 HP at 415 V AC Upto 650 HP at 415 V AC Upto 1400 V Rotor for H.T. Motors DC Panels Crane Panels Control Panels : DC motor starters, MCC & special control panels : AC & DC Crane panels and operator control : Special speed control for AC Hoist THYRISTOR CONTROL PANELS & BATTERY CHARGERS Specifications & Features DC drives-upto 3000A converter rating Full wave fully controlled, 6 SCRs Positive balanced gatting. Adjustable current limit 10% to 200% 18 Battery charges of various AH ratings. a) upto 200 AH for Float-cum Boost for 24V/48V b) upto 300 AH for Float and Boost for 24V/48V/110A/220VDC.
  21. 21. SOLENOIDS & AC BRAKES AC Solenoids AC Solenoids (Pull Type) encourages application to a wide range of requirements e.g. a definite pull motion under automatic or distant control in connection with electrically driven machinery. Typical functions include the operation of electromechanical brakes and valves, various short-stroke motions on machine tools. Specifications & Features Size B Size D continuous or continuous or intermittent intermittent (mm) 25 31.4 kg 1.25 6.75 Solenoid type Duty Maximum stroke length Pull at rated voltage (Gross)* AC Brakes AC Solenoid operated brakes type 'S' are designed for long life, easy installation and minimum maintenance. They are electrically released and spring applied providing 'Fail-Safe' operation. Specifications & Features Sizes : 4", 5.5" & 7" Hardened steel lever and spring gland Inexpensive lining replacement Cast iron wheel 19 Spring pins Suitable for : Small Cranes, Conveyers, Machine Tools
  22. 22. DC Electromagnetic Brakes Electromagnetic shoe brakes have been designed for heavy industrial and mill duty applications. Use of these brakes is extended to hold the load after stopping the hoist, elevator and similar machines. Specifications & Features Available in sizes 8", 10", 13", 16", 19", 23" and 30" wheel dia. also in 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600 & 700mm wheel dia Class of Insulation of coil : Class - F Insulation voltage : 660 V Over the wheel design is the key to reliable performance. Self lubricating bushings Punched Grid Resistors Punched Grid Resistors feature an all welded current path which affords high current capacity and is specially suitable for heavy duty steel mill services. The construction method has been based on decades of experience and designed to make it suitable for wide range of industrial needs. Specifications & Features Resistance Range from 0.1 ohms to 16 ohms per bank Un-breakable chromium steel alloy grids Grid junctions are TIG welded-continuous current path Unaffected by vibrations. High capacity (upto 225A per box) without paralleling. Steel and mica spacers. Terminals designed for 2 conductors. 20 Compact and light in weight for equivalent current capacity of other type of grids. Sufficient number of tappings to simplify the adjustment of resistance. Resistors in enclosure with protection category IP 33 or IP11. Exclusive draw-out type enclosure.