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China Wholesale 101: What Is The Right Price To Pay?
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China Wholesale 101: What Is The Right Price To Pay?


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. China Wholesale 101: What Is The Right Price To Pay?
    Buying wholesale products from China and reselling them is a great idea to make money in your own online business, but how do you know what a real wholesale price is?
  • 2. Buy wholesale product sources from China is a wonderful way to leuk income with an online business, work from home, but how do you determine if a quoted price is right price to pay?One thing you should realize right at the front is a fundamental principle of buying for resale: You earn your money when you buy --- not when you sell.What does this mean?
  • 3.  Okay, let's an example: Suppose you buy a flat screen TV for $ 250 from a wholesale product sources in China. You sell the TV for $ 260 So you made a profit, right?Error.Why not? Because highly unlikely that operating costs will be low NOK til that allow you to make a profit by selling a product for only $ 10 more than you paid for it.   
  • 4. Think about it. You almost certainly have some cost to run the company, even if it is a home business. For example, here are some typical business expenses:* Computers* Computing* A bookkeeper or bookkeeping software* Office
  • 5. * Fees for selling products on Amazon or eBay* The cost of maintaining your own website if you have your own online store* Advertising and marketing your business* And much moreNow, let's say that your expenses, a home business, are quite low and you only need 40 flat screen TVs from one month to $ 10 more than what you paid for each of your business expenses to sell. Would you be in good shape then?  
  • 6. No--- Heres the kicker, even if you made enough profit to cover your home business expenseswhat Are you planning to live? How to pay your bills and living expenses if all you have done is to have NOK income to break even at the cost of operation?Of course, this wont work.So to have a successful home business in the resale of wholesale products you source from China, you must buy low and sell high. Or at least high-NOK to actually earn a living.  
  • 7. Now, let the sequence of de above scenarios and say you bought a flat screen TV for $ 200 and sold it for $ 350 Assuming that your expenses were reasonable in the middle of running your business and you do not want to live beyond your means, this should ensure that you make a good NOK profit to a success in your home business to be. You've covered your company's costs, and is still $ 5600 for good, if you sell ten television a week.     
  • 8. Thats more like it, is not it?So to ensure you come out ahead, you need to find products at a low purchase price with a high price for a nice profit. To find out what you can expect to get for a product, check Amazon and eBay to see the average selling price for the same or similar item.Next, find the lowest rate you can possibly get the product from a wholesaler in China, source products and do the math to see if it will just get a good enough profit.    
  • 9. Thinking of buying wholesale from China, is the same as buying wholesale somewhere that the price goes down as the number of products in your order goes up. In other words, you can rest assured that you get a cheaper price if you buy 100 flat screen TV than if you buy only 2 or 3.This makes sense and is basically a given.So, for the smaller retailer or someone who just started in business, important that you as a Chinese wholesaler Chinavasion that buying in sufficient quantity so as to offer good prices on small volume orders.   
  • 10. Since buying more means cheaper. Thankfully, the global China wholesale leader Chinavasion buys in bulk itself and allows smaller sellers like you to buy in lesser quantities and still provide a great wholesale price. Come to Chinavasion.Com or paste this link into your browser: http://www.Chinavasion.Com/  
  • 11.  Contact Us: Company Name: Chinavasion Wholesale LimitedContact Person: Rose LiE-mail: support@chinavasion.comPhone: +86-755-26451869Site: