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Chinaccelerator, in cooperation with People Squared and the University of Hult, once again hosted their program-annual 10X10 Shanghai on March 15th, 2014.

The Geeks on a Train tour takes the Chinaccelerator startups on a ride from Shanghai to Beijing, then back down to Hangzhou before returning to Shanghai.

As part of the tour, the 10x10 conference brings attendees 10 tech pioneers and top VC's from the startup ecosystem in China. This is an amazing opportunity for attendees to have a peek at the first startup accelerator program in China, meet interesting people and listen to amazing speakers.

As always, each of them takes attendees on a 10-minute tour of their own startup trials and tribulations, wins and losses, then give some great advice and maybe a secret or two about what they learned to help make them the superstars they are today.

These are their slides, we hope you enjoy them. Thank you for supporting Chinaccelerator and entrepreneurship worldwide.

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Chinaccelerator 10x10 Spring 2014 Shanghai

  1. 1. 10X10 Shanghai March 15th, 2014
  2. 2. Sina Weibo: @中国加速 Follow Along Live! Twitter: @chinaccelerator WeChat (Weixin):
  3. 3. Real Quick - What is Chinaccelerator?
  4. 4. Because we promote and nurture hi-tech entrepreneurship in China through a MENTORSHIP driven ecosystem, which returns benefits to all participants. We Are A World Class Launchpad Founders Executive Board Mentors And we’re the best. Why? MENTORSHIP is what MATTERS Investors
  5. 5. 80+ MENTORS The Lifeblood of What We Do
  6. 6. Proof in the Pudding After ‘graduating’ in Oct 2011 OrderWithMe won TechCrunch Disrupt in Nov 2011 and raised $3mm in funding Others that are still killing it:
  7. 7. Cyril Ebersweiler: Visionary punk who founded Chinaccelerator and H.axlr8r; mentor at Techstars & 500Startups; Investor / advisor at LEAP MOTION and 80+ startups Sean O’Sullivan: Creator of things and eternal entrepreneur x investor x geek Founder of Mapinfo, Avego, SOSventures Dragon at Dragon’s Den Co-coined the term ‘cloud computing’ Who is behind this madness? Todd Embley: Director at Chinaccelerator. Mentor like a hockey coach. Opinionated philosoraptor. Technology, marketing, coconuts, fantasy sports - my passions. Entrephilosophy is everything.
  8. 8. • Chinaccelerator helps kickstart early-stage entrepreneurs into success! • We offer extensive support for startups including seed funding, mentorship, networking; the most important fuel for startups to grow and succeed • The fund will target exclusively startups focusing on web, mobile, AR, SaaS and other emerging technologies • DO MORE FASTER - curate a peer-to-peer working environment and personally facilitate access and introductions to over 70 amazing mentors from around the world • Help founders understand proper “entrephilosophy” and get educated on the finer points of financing - raising money & the terminology therein • How to PITCH LIKE A PRO PROPULSION
  9. 9. • A 3-month call to apply. Applications are vetted on a rolling basis by committee. • 6% equity is returned for acceptance into the program (including all provisions therein) and $16k USD • We also cover the costs of out-of-town mentors, the ‘Geeks on a Train’ tour and Demo Day, and provide a “home” all expenses paid We are Looking for POP: • Amazing teams (People) • Globally innovative ideas (Opportunity) • Disruptive biz models (Path) THE INTAKE
  10. 10. by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs Why this works!!! mentorship + environment
  11. 11. Member of the Global Accelerator Network • 6 Countries • 63 Cities • 50 Accelerators • ONE standard for entrepreneurial excellence “Look no further than within a GAN accelerator. Beside the fact that they’ve been vetted according toGAN standards, our accelerators follow industry best practices and are supported by experienced mentors working alongside each of their founders.” - PERKS • $60k in Microsoft Azure Credits • $10k in PayPal Transaction Credits • $3k in HR Support from Premier Employer Services • $12k in Softlayer Hosting Services • $6k in Rackspace Hosting Credits • $1k in Amazon Web Services
  12. 12. OUR OLD DALIAN HOME The view
  13. 13. Now in Shanghai!
  14. 14. Demo Days! 2010 2011 2012 2013
  15. 15. 1 - Arman Zand (Silicon Valley Bank) 2 - Stephane Monsallier (System in Motion) 3 - Alok Somani (Ekeliu) 4 - Bob Zheng (People Squared) 5 - Brian Tam (Let’s Make Great) 6 - Stephen Wang ( 7 - Rudy Wimmer (CBi China Bridge) 8 - Gang Lu (Technode/ 9 - Oscar Ramos ( 10 - David Li (XinCheJian) Today’s Speakers
  16. 16. Building Deeper Connections Arman Zand Head of Technology Finance, SSVB
  17. 17. Why build connections? Investors Employees Customers Partners Suppliers Promoters Bloggers Advisors Vendors
  18. 18. How are we connecting?
  19. 19. How are we connecting? • These tools are to IDENTIFY • These tools are NOT to CONNECT
  20. 20. Here’s a tip for you… Don’t ask me for sh*t… …Until you have proven your (potential) value to me!
  21. 21. So how do you show value? Give, Give, Give, Give, Give And don’t expect anything in return!
  22. 22. Tony
  23. 23. Sam
  24. 24. Soul
  25. 25. Common Questions • Who has time for all this? • What if I never get anything back? • How do I “give” to 1mm customers? • Does this work in China?
  26. 26. This is not GUANXI! Those taking part in the acceptance of "guanxi" are required to return "guanxi" given measured on the amount of previous "guanxi" accepted.
  27. 27. Take aways • Add value to build deeper connections • Give, Give, Give, and expect nothing • Build social currency, Don’t keep score • Differentiate yourself on a personal level • So you don’t have to on price and terms • Find out what they need / want
  28. 28. Innovation stories Stephane Monsallier Founder @ System in Motion
  29. 29. Light Bulb • 22 inventors before Swan & Edisson • UK, FR, US, several patents filed • Swan’s started to work in 1850 • Edisson started to improve in 1878 • Both filed patents in 1880 Late birds sometimes get all the worms
  30. 30. Saccharin • Falhberg was working on coal tar • One day he split products on his hands • (and probably did not wash them) • And everything tasted sweet • He had discovered Saccharin Don’t always listen to your mom
  31. 31. Post It • Dr Silver, 3M employee was working on super strong glue • He created super low tack glue • Dr Silver talked about it for 8 years • One day, somebody suggested sticky notes With the wrong solution, change the problem
  32. 32. HeLa Cells • Henrietta Lack died of cancer in 1951 • Her cells were the first to grow in vitro and were distributed freely by Dr Grey • They are considered immortal • They helped cure polio, study many viruses, test many vaccines • Current number estimated to be greater then standard human cell count Always be generous
  33. 33. Microwave Oven • WWII: Percy Spencer was working on radar • The chocolate bar in his pocket was melting • He conducted more tests • Improved, waited for the war to end, etc. Pay attention to details, and be curious (Always have food in your pockets)
  34. 34. Alok Somani Ekeliu
  35. 35. What Start Ups Can Learn from Corporations Alok Somani
  36. 36. innovativ e agile passionat e creativ e disruptive smal l risk adversededicated structure d risk taking political impersona l quarterly results secur e big
  37. 37. 9 out of 10
  38. 38. Take Care of Your Investors
  39. 39. 9 out of 10
  40. 40. 4 out of 5
  41. 41. Baby Food Adult Food
  42. 42. Bob Zheng People Squared
  43. 43. Brian Tam Let’s Make Great
  44. 44. CREATIVE LEADERS have THE MOST DIFFICULT task in the world: making something out of nothing.
  45. 45. STRUGGLE We put our BLOOD, SWEAT, & TEARS into our work, and we struggle: financially, in our relationships, and introducing our new ideas into the world.
  46. 46. SELF-LOVE affects EVERYTHING that we do: our confidence when we pitch “will they really want it?” our pricing strategy “how much are we worth?” our development “should we continue?”
  47. 47. SELF-LOVE Means treating yourself as you do your loved ones
  48. 48. FORGIVE (yourself) Letting go of your past regrets and mistakes... so you can start to MOVE FORWARD.
  49. 49. ACCEPT (yourself) Acknowledging the situation is what is it (not blaming others or finding excuses)... to focus on TAKING ACTION to make improvements.
  50. 50. APPRECIATING (yourself) Improving your situation, because you DESERVE it.
  51. 51. Muhammad Ali “I am the GREATEST, I said that even before I knew I was.”
  52. 52. brian tam innovation consultant, creative coach email: wechat/linkedin: tamonline
  53. 53. Stephen Wang
  54. 54. Three Screw-Ups I Made in China Stephen Wang
  55. 55. Screw-Up #1 thought I was the TEACHER when I should have been the STUDENT
  56. 56. Screw-Up #2 planned for MACRO trends when I should have been solving LOCAL pain points
  57. 57. Screw-Up #3 pivoted pivoted pivoted until I no longer cared
  58. 58. The Wisdom of Jet Li
  59. 59. ID: swang75
  60. 60. Rudy Wimmer CBi China Bridge
  61. 61. Rudy’s presentation was a talkthrough of a video
  62. 62. Gang Lu TechNode
  63. 63. Chineseness of Internet Market in China Dr. Gang LU | Founder of
  64. 64. Figures by end of 2013 • Internet Users: 618 millions • Internet Penetration Rate: 45.8% • Mobile Internet Users: 500 millions • 93.1% of enterprises have adopted computers and 83.2% use the Internet. 23.5% businesses sell products online, 26.8% make purchases online and 20.9% do online marketing.
  65. 65. Chineseness #1 Innovation •OR Micro-Innovation
  66. 66. Changba – Mobile KTV Apps
  67. 67. Papa Papa – the photo can speak
  68. 68. eDaiJia – the App can ‘Save’ your life
  69. 69. Chineseness #2 : Social Media WeChat •OR Weibo (Chinese Twitter) •AND Something like Facebook? NONE!
  70. 70. Chineseness #3: Chinese Philosophy Product •OR Platform
  71. 71. WeChat
  72. 72. Group Chat QR-Code
  73. 73. Official Account
  74. 74. Banking
  75. 75. Chineseness #4: All about Game Gaming •AND Gamification
  76. 76. Data Source: UMeng Top 5 Game Categories in Terms of Growth Rate for Daily Engagement Times
  77. 77. Game: Find Something
  78. 78. Chineseness #3: Madness Reform the market •OR Destroy the market
  79. 79. RMB500m Burned within a month. But, It’s NOT about Taxi market, it’s about Mobile Payment
  80. 80. Chineseness #5: Hardware Chinese Shanzhai •OR Chinese Brands
  81. 81. Phones
  82. 82. Setbox
  83. 83. Even Taobao Has One!
  84. 84. Codoon
  85. 85. 360 Mobile WiFI
  86. 86. GEAK Watch GEAK RING
  87. 87. Smart Watch for Women
  88. 88. Bracelet for Kids
  89. 89. Smart Router
  90. 90. Chineseness #6: Trend Cloud Service •AND Online Education •AND Online Financing
  91. 91. Government Relationship Product Localisation You Have to Do It! Internet Culture Awareness
  92. 92. twitter: @ganglu wechat: ganglu weibo: @卢刚
  93. 93. Oscar Ramos DaD.Asia
  94. 94. My Story in China 6 years 20+ Projects 50% Alive WHY?
  95. 95. Too many reasons but applying the “5 WHYS methodology” TEAM PROBLEMS
  96. 96. ~Mark Suster Source:
  97. 97. 三个臭皮匠赛过诸葛亮  sān gè chòu píjiàng, sàiguò zhūgě liàng Three stooges will beat Zhugeliang
  98. 98. Builds Product Sells Product Team roles in startups
  99. 99. Builds Product Sells Product Management Communication Team roles in startups
  100. 100. 一个(中国)人是一条龙,三个(中国)人是一条虫  Yīgè (zhōngguó) rén shì yītiáo lóng, sān gè (zhōngguó) rén shì yītiáo chóng One (Chinese) person is like a dragon, three (Chinese) people are like a worm
  101. 101. Source: The Wisdom of Teams by Katzenbach and Douglas Smith called Work Group 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 Pseudo Team 1 + 1 + 1 = 2 Potential Team 1 + 1 + 1 = 3 Real Team 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 High Performance Team 1 + 1 + 1 = 10+ The Team Performance curve
  102. 102. One of the most important risks for your startup is internal! Good news: It can be managed
  103. 103. If you want to learn more about it. Ask me ;-) Weixin: oscar_ramos
  104. 104. David Li XinCheJian
  105. 105. Makers, Shanzhai and Open Innovation David Li, XinCheJian and Hacked Matter
  106. 106. Hacked Matter An Open Innovation Research Hub Based in Shanghai
  107. 107. Driving the Movement
  108. 108. • The open source software has gone from a movement to an industry in two decades • What is "open source?" • The right to look inside • The right to change • The right to redistribute Open Source
  109. 109. • Arduino, the little micro controller that could • The attitude change drives the movement • Common platform for exchange of ideas • Base of 3D Printer, DIY Drone, and other new communities OS hardware
  110. 110. Crowdfunding Explore Longtail of Goods
  111. 111. The Long Tail of Physical Goods
  112. 112. Shanzhai Open Source with Chinese Characteristics
  113. 113. Huaqiangbei
  114. 114. The Long Tail of Physical Goods
  115. 115. Open Innovation for the Future
  116. 116. "The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed." - William Gibson "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay Maker: a movement toward open innovation
  117. 117. Startup Opportunities: hackerspace, accelerator and crowdfunding
  118. 118. Globally Connected Small Enterprises
  119. 119. ERP/MRP at Internet Scale • Manufacturing has been the most difficult part for the hardware startups • Going to 0 to 1 to 1000 to 1,000,000 in recorded time! • Going from shopping on Taobao to procurement Alibaba • Need for new kind of ERP/MRP at Internet Scale connecting different resources
  120. 120. Thank You!! @Chinaccelerator everywhere!
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