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Company Information
Sertus is a full service supply chain management company that focuses on end-to-end sourcing and related services for companies that currently buy or are looking to source Chinese product. We are a global firm serving clients in the Americas and Europe through a network of offices in China, the United States and Latin America.
Key Benefits
It is our unique approach and custom-made solutions that have helped many of the world’s largest organizations build profitable brands by sourcing the best products, minimizing costs and by improving time to market.
Sertus has helped many companies uncover and eliminate the hidden costs of doing business with Chinese manufacturers, enabling:
98% on-time shipping
99% success rate against quality objectives
Reduced total costs of procurement by 5%-20% across universe of clients
Sertus is recognized industry wide as being one of the most responsive companies of its kind. Working together, we can help you minimize time to market without sacrificing the assurances that our Total Quality System will provide, all while helping to reduce your overall costs of procurement.

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Sertus: Your China Partner 2015

  1. 1. 2015 Your China Partner United States: 1-877-6-SERTUS China: 86-21-6473-5325
  2. 2. Sertus offers its clients access to a global network, providing supply chain solutions in: Sourcing Product Development Private Label Development Purchasing Quality Control Logistics About Us
  3. 3. TorontoTorontoToronto BrazilBrazilBrazil Lima MiamiMiamiMiami ShanghaiShanghaiShanghai ShenzhenShenzhenShenzhen LimaLima CaracasCaracasCaracas About Us (cont.) ƒƒ 3 Managing Partners ƒƒ Offices in China, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Canada and the USA ƒƒ In Operation Since 2004
  4. 4. Business Lines ƒƒ Sertus manages two distinct business lines, what we call our Principal Business and our Agency Business ƒƒ Both businesses support our customer base with their China supply chain needs in a slightly different manner. Principal Business Agency Business
  5. 5. Discover1. Understand current state, needs, and opportunity Define2. Establish a strategic focus for development Design3. Translating strategy into a cohesive solution Deliver4. Implementation & measurement 2 Businesses: One Approach Our methodology is a disciplined, tested approach that is flexible by design and highly collaborative to ensure our clients’ expertise is not lost in the solution.
  6. 6. Principal Business As a Principal client, Sertus is your one- stop shop for the creation & delivery of your own private label across a category, specific line, or individual item. Raw Materials Manufacturing Delivery Assembly/ Packaging Sourcing Purchasing Quality Control ƒƒ Supplier Selection ƒƒ Supplier Qualification ƒƒ Database Management ƒƒ Requisition Management ƒƒ Contract & Price Negotiation ƒƒ Purchase Orders & Tracking ƒƒ Production Management ƒƒ Quality Assurance ƒƒ Supplier Quality Audits ƒƒ Inspections
  7. 7. Agency Business In our Agency Business, Sertus is not the seller of product but rather a provider of a service (or bundle of services), including: ƒƒ Contract Manufacturing ƒƒ Factory Evaluations and Supplier Audits ƒƒ Quality Control ƒƒ Procurement ƒƒ Production Management ƒƒ Inventory Management ƒƒ Supplier Selection First Phase: Accountability 1 2 3 Essential for basic vendor compliance SecondPhase: Visibility Optimize vendor compliance and enable continuous improvement Third Phase: Predictability Optimize compliance resources and overall benefits to client • Programs typically only detect violations, degree of incidence • Quality control is generally reactive, with the validation of results determined by client provided criteria • Limited scope, depth, accuracy and effectiveness • Rapid vendor improvement • Improved flow • Good scope, depth and accuracy TYPICAL COMMUNITY ADOPTION RELATIVE BENEFITS • Best in class • Rapid vendor improvement • Improved flow • Good scope, depth and accuracy • Remediation Plans • Predictable supply chain performance • Informed merchandising planning • Informed logistics planning • Optimized executing of the merchandising plan • Continuous performance improvement • Very limited value RELATIVE EFFORT HIGH MODERATE LOW Less Value More Value + _ Sourcing Purchasing Quality Control ƒƒ Supplier Selection ƒƒ Supplier Qualification ƒƒ Database Management ƒƒ Requisition Management ƒƒ Contract & Price Negotiation ƒƒ Purchase Orders & Tracking ƒƒ Production Management ƒƒ Quality Assurance ƒƒ Supplier Quality Audits ƒƒ Inspections
  8. 8. Agency Business (cont.) Assessment of Needs and Current Spend Total Cost Analysis and Potential Savings Sourcing Strategies and Scenario Analyses Supplier Qualification and Selection Requisiton Strategy / Procurement Planning Financial Planning and Financing Contract Negotiation, Production & Control Tracking and Continuous Assessment Sertus Agency Services enhances procurement by eliminating costs & risks from the supply chain through four simple steps: Discover1. Define2. Design3. Deliver4.
  9. 9. Our Specialties: Sourcing v ƒƒ Experienced Merchandisers ƒƒ Network of Reliable & Approved Suppliers ƒƒ Material Analysis and Product Knowledge ƒƒ Strategic Partner Location
  10. 10. Our Specialties: Product Development ƒƒ In-House Engineers and Designers ƒƒ Accurate Cost / Material Breakdowns ƒƒ Costing and Management of Tooling/Opening of Molds ƒƒ Ensuring Confidentiality and Discretion with Client Ideas
  11. 11. ƒƒ Private Label Development ƒƒ Assistance in the Creation of a Visual Identity & Graphics Standards ƒƒ Identification of Strategic Product Line Additions/Revisions ƒƒ Consolidation of Printing Across Multiple Products for Consistency Our Specialties: Private Label
  12. 12. Our Specialties: Purchasing ƒƒ One-stop Purchase-to-Pay Solution ƒƒ Aggregation of Client Spend ƒƒ Simplified Procurement Processes ƒƒ Financial Planning and Financing ƒƒ Improved Inventory Management
  13. 13. Our Specialties: Quality Control / Assurance ƒƒ Evaluation & Social Accountability ƒƒ Auditing of Suppliers ƒƒ Development of Quality Control and Quality Assurance Protocols ƒƒ Inline and Final Quality Control Inspections ƒƒ Aggressive Problem Resolution Action Plans
  14. 14. Our Specialties: Logistics ƒƒ In-House Logistics Specialists ƒƒ Warehousing and Management of Shipping Requirements ƒƒ Packing and Product Assembly Services ƒƒ Big-Box Retail Experience
  15. 15. Setting „„ A privately held, medium-size sporting goods company wanted to develop new, proprietary archery accessories Challenge „„ Identify an effective engineering and manufacturing solution to turn patented concepts/ drawings into a finished product. „„ Protect intellectual property and hold costs within a strict budget while meeting rigorous quality standards. Solution „„ Sertus reviewed initial CAD drawings with potential suppliers, evaluated manufacturing capabilities and commissioned hand samples from selected factories „„ Component costs negotiated, molds developed and prototypes perfected with a centralized packaging and assembly solution to protect patents. From Concept to Shelf: Contract Manufacturing Solution Client Snapshot | Region: Americas Industry: Sporting Goods ARCHERY The Results Sertus beats client target price and exceeds quality standards Client able to focus on roll- out while Sertus perfects supply chain, getting product to shelf 6 months ahead of schedule.
  16. 16. Setting „„ A start-up, sporting goods company wants to grow its core business in golf equipment by reducing cost and developing innovative products „„ Company wants to expand into hockey sticks Challenge „„ Identify mid-size factories that produce quality equipment at competitive prices and will work with a small but growing company „„ Achieve product innovation in order to help differentiate the brand and support margins Solution „„ Sertus identified and evaluated suppliers, tested products and developed partnerships with key manufacturers „„ Branding was centrally coordinated across suppliers and a rigorous quality control process enacted „„ A licensing strategy was developed and supplier agreements signed to protect trademarks The Results Company has significantly improved profitability and grown its portfolio of products by 500%, is selling NHL licensed product as well as its own brands at wholesale, retail and on-line channels. Development of a Sporting Goods Brand Client Snapshot | Region: Americas Industry: Sporting Goods HOCKEY
  17. 17. Setting „„ Recently, higher input costs (including corn and glass) have put increasing pressure on alcoholic beverage companies to manage highly efficient cost structures „„ The larger players are able to leverage scale in spreading fixed costs over a larger volume/revenue base. This dynamic makes it difficult and expensive for smaller players to compete effectively. „„ Small cap alcoholic beverages tend to have tighter margins than their large cap counterparts so reductions to dry goods COGS is critical to maintaining competitiveness. Challenge „„ Sertus was approached by a private equity fund with a controlling interest in a small cap spirits company looking to reduce COGS on its bottles and to eliminate the costs related to quality issues in its dry goods supply chain „„ Management was spending too much time on the procurement and QC resolution activities related to dry goods procurment, hours that could be spent on its core business – developing, selling and marketing spirits „„ The company uses intricate bottles that are inherently expensive to make due to fire on decals and low volume quantities Solution „„ Sertus evaluated the current bottle schematics and ongoing quality issues to recommended certain design improvements „„ Sertus completed a full review and audit of several suppliers in China for each of the key components (bottle, capsule, cork, necker and security strip, color box and labels) „„ Contracts, NDAs, Supplier Agreements and a Roll-Out Plan put in place, bringing production on line within 60 days from engagement Development of an Efficient, Cost Effective Dry Goods Supply Chain Client Snapshot | Region: Americas Industry: Beverages BEVERAGES The Results A streamlined supply chain, reliable production schedule, transparent open-book pricing while reducing dry goods COGS by over 50% and returning valuable time to management for core activities.
  18. 18. Some Sertus Clients