Monthly safety report may 2012


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Monthly safety report may 2012

  1. 1. C270 (HK BIODIESEL PLANT) Safety Report
  2. 2. SAFETY STATISTICSMonth: Apr 2012 May 2012Total Accumulated man-hour: 167,151 201,951Man-hour without lost time injury: 167,151 201,951Days worked since project commenced: 173 204Days since last Time lost accident : N/A N/ACumulative Accident Frequency Rate: 0% 0% You are an important stakeholder !
  3. 3. SAFETY INSPECTION / MEETING Physical site safety walks Weekly Safety Meetings
  4. 4. AREA NEED IMPROVEMENT PROMPT RECTIFICATION Improvement – equipment stored at safe distant from floor edgeHOUSEKEEPINGStorage of equipment close to flooredge
  5. 5. AREA NEED IMPROVEMENT PROMPT RECTIFICATION Improvement – sharp end of reinforce bar protected by reused plastic bottleHOUSEKEEPINGSharp end of reinforce bar prone tobodily injury
  6. 6. AREA NEED IMPROVEMENT PROMPT RECTIFICATION Improvement – safety warning and name and contact no. of responsible electrician clearly displayedELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARDNo safety warning sign andinformation of responsible electrician
  7. 7. POSITIVE POINTERSAll workers using safety harness attached tosafe anchorage points at work Team work / Signal man deployed for safe lifting work
  8. 8. POSITIVE POINTERSProvision of safe access and safety sign Provision of safe working platform for working at height
  9. 9. SAFETY TRAINING INDUCTION TRAINING Site Specific Safety Accumulate Current Month Induction (Oct 2011 – May 2012) No. of class 19 142 No. of Attendee 84 712
  10. 10. TOOL BOX TALKSAFETY TRAININGTRAINING Accumulated Total : 1,724 nos. Topic No. of attendee Occupational Safety Prevention of Slip & Trip 66 nos. Occupational Safety Site Housekeeping 38 nos. Occupational Safety Accident Reporting 63 nos. Occupational Safety Emergency Procedures 71 nos. Occupational Safety Safe Use of Ladder 64 nos. Current Month Total 305 nos.
  11. 11. GUEST VISIT Introduction seminar held by Project Visitors accompanied by Project Director and Project Manager Management Team
  12. 12. GOVERNMENT / AUTHORITIES VISIT NO reported injury accident recorded in May 2012; all subcontractors reported neither site accident nor dangerous occurrence happened in their subcontracted responsible area at the Weekly Safety Meetings with CHEC / AECOM / Jacob.BD inspection on 17/5/2012 BD conduct testing
  13. 13. SAFETY & HEALTH & ENVIRONMENTAL ASSURANCE Safety & Health Audit – at interval of every 6 months by Independent Registered Safety Auditor Environmental Monitoring – monthly by Independent Environmental Checker Environmental Audit – at interval of every 6 months by CHEC Environmental Officer Safety Audit conducted by Environmental Audit conducted by Independent Safety Auditor on Independent Environmental Checker 15/5/2012 on 22/5/2012
  14. 14. THE ENDThanks for watching!!