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Sleek Production Graphics | Matthew Murphy

  1. 1. 01. Abstract 17. Original: Picture 33. Original Measurements: Trigger02. Research: How Does A BallPoint Pen Work? 18. Original Drawing: Initial Sketches 34. Original Sketches: Large Clip03. Research: The History of the BallPoint Pen 19. Original Sketches: Vacuum Piece + Grip 35. Original Drawing: Large Clip04. Research: Market Development and Sales Growth 20. Original Drawing: Vacuum Piece + Grip 36. Original Measurements: Large Clip05. Name Justification 21. Original Measurements: Vacuum Piece + Grip 37. Original Sketches: Body06. Initial Ideas and Opinions Date: 27/1/2012 22. Original Sketches: Bracket 38. Original Drawing: Body07. Ideas and Opinions Date: 13/2/2012 23. Original Drawing: Bracket 39. Original Measurements: Body08. Ideas and Opinions Date: 25/3/2012 24. Original Measurements: Bracket 40. Original Sketches: Spring09. Ideas and Opinions Date: 7/4/2012 25. Original Sketches: Tube 41. Original Drawing: Spring10. Original Pen 26. Original Drawing: Tube 42. Original Measurements: Spring11. Logo Justification 27. Original Measurements: Tube 43. Original Assembly: Exploded View12. Logo Tutorial: Step One 28. Original Sketches: Button 44. Original Assembly: Renders13. Logo Tutorial: Step Two 29. Original Drawing: Button14. Logo Tutorial: Step Three 30. Original Measurements: Button15. Logo Tutorial: Step Four 31. Original Sketches: Trigger16. Logo Tutorial: Step Five 32. Original Drawing: Trigger
  2. 2. Contents: Part B (Modified Pen)1. Part B Part B (ADVERTISEMENTS)2. Prototype 21. Brochure One: Planning3. Improved Drawing: Vacuum Piece + Grip 22. Brochure One:4. Modified Drawing: Vacuum Piece + Grip 23. Brochure One: Front Justification5. Modified Measurements: Vacuum Piece + Grip 24. Brochure One: Back Justification6. Improved Drawing: Button 25. Brochure Two: Planning7. Modified Drawing: Button 26. Brochure Two:8. Modified Drawing: Cap 27. Brochure Two: Front Justification9. Modified Measurements: Button 28. Brochure Two: Back Justification10. Modified Measurements: Cap 29. Brochure Two: Justification11. Modified Drawing: Trigger 30. Brochure Three: Planning12. Modified Measurements: Trigger 31. Brochure Three:13: Improved Drawing: Barrel Style 1 32. Brochure Three: Front Justification14. Modified Drawing: Barrel Style 1 33. Website15. Modified Drawing: Barrel Style 2 34. Website Speed Art:16. Modified Measurements: Body 35. Website Speed Art: Justification (Interactive)17. Improvement Extra: Tie Clip 36. Conclusion18. Modified Drawing: Tie Clip 37. Bibliography19. Improved Drawing: Exploded View 38. Bibliography (cont.)20. Improved Drawing: Exploded View + Bill of Parts 39. Template 40. Reminder 41. Why Do I Deserve a VHA10? 42. Criteria Sheet 43. Criteria Sheet (cont.)
  3. 3. Pens are one the dire straight for simplicity at the current point in time. Not many pens are out on the market that has a classy touch to it unless your willing to spend $300+. ACME has hired me to complete an in-depth analysis on how the currentmarket in pen retail stands as well as how it can be improved. Through the guidelines given to me I have create the pen now known as “SLEEK” This presentation will show how a profit could be made and how this could be achieved. Pens are one of the highest economic sellers that only have an majorincrease in December in January, due to school students returning to school. Knowing this the pen is aimed at the parents buying for the students. Not only is this product aimed at parents its also aimed at the classical businessmen, trying to give them the class they need in their day to day life without having to spend a lot of money.
  4. 4. Ball point pens are used all over the world. They are widely used as an overall pen that can beused for day to day living or in the workplace. The ball itself is made from one of three materials;brass, steel or tungsten carbide, this rolls the ink from the cartridge to the paper you are writingon. It is held in place by two parts; the reservoir and the socket. The ball works by rolling as youwrite, although the socket and ball are incredibly tight, the force you apply to the pen as well asgravity pushing the ink down, causes the ink to roll onto the ball and then onto the paper.The ink does not dry as the ball is sealed and stops airflow from going into the reservoir. Anotherexample of a ball point being used in something other than a pen is roll-on deodorant. In image 2you can see how the ball is held in place by the socket, it also shows you how the ball accessesthe reservoir. Source 1 Source 2
  5. 5. 1888Ballpoint pens, we use them everyday and we assume that they have beenaround for a long time, however they have were initially introduced in 1888by John Loud. Although this is when the first WORKING ballpoint pen wasmade, many in the 20th century had tried before him however failed to keepthe ball in place. This may have been the first working ballpoint pen, but it Source 3only worked on rough surfaces, such as leather or clothing. 1916Van Vechten Riesburg improved upon the idea, 18 years later in 1916. Heput the ink in a thin tube, and then the ball point pen at the end of a tube,with a socket. He did not know it but he created the initial ideas of the ballpoint pen that we use today. However his pen did not flow properly and wasvery uneven. Source 4In 1941 (during world war II) the Biro brother and their friend Huan Jorge 1941Meyne, escaped Nazi Germany and went to Argentina. They then createdand sold the ball point pen name “Birome” (Biro and me fromMeyne)[Source 3]. This is what we now call the Biro Ball point pen. 1950Moving on to the 1950’s. The pen was widely renown as the “rocket” andfirst went on sale at a store named Gimbels. They sold for $9.75 eaNow in 2012 they sell for a minimum of 50-99 centsDrawings such as the one shown, have influenced pens and how 2011comfortable they are to use and how well the ink flows, etc. [Source 4]
  6. 6. Using one of Bic’s Shareholder’s prior newsletters, it is shown how dependent the world is onballpoint pens. They have released 22 million pens were sold in which they made 70% of a 56million was made (net). After viewing these numbers, I have come to realize that a new type ofpen is needed in the market to break Bic’s spree of money. All of Bic’s pens are very simplistic touse, however how many are classy enough for a businessmen? None. I believe the net sale ofthis pen alone would estimate 1 million dollars plus after the first 4 years and for a pen justbreaking the market I feel it is a good number to start at, especially next to companies such as Bic Source 5
  7. 7. describes the word sleek as being; “trim and graceful; finely contoured;streamlined: a sleek sports car.” This is the aim I am wanting to achieve with the pen I amrecreating. A lot of people want the feel of class in their daily lives, I feel having a pen that canatone for the feeling of not owning a sports care or other valuable items. The word Sleek bringsnot only a rich feeling but a sex appeal to the pen. With a “sleek” design the pen could achievemaximum selling potential. Using the colours; Black, Red, Blue and Grey. I decided to use grey asit is harder to see on paper and can be used a draft colour or a pen directly for initial drawings.This pen will have an eraser at the top and erasable ink so that it is perfect for any designer orartist.
  8. 8. Looking at an example of a normal, modern pen (Artline 4 BallPoint Pen), I thought ofan idea that develops on the idea, and becomes more “Graphic Drawer” friendly. Oneof the worst things that can happen when your drawing up a piece of work and youhave to use a pen is the ink overflowing, I want this design to have an exact socket toplace the ball pen into, to stop the ball from rolling to much and picking to much inkup in the meantime. This idea has been done in pens with only one point, this penwould respectively “break” the market for this style of pen, creating a diverse namefor the brand.
  9. 9. At this point in time I have started to complete all of my sketches and havestarted to do final renders of the original parts. It has come to my attentionthat by changing the colours to colours for designers I remove 90% of thetarget audience, therefore I have decided to change it back to the coloursoriginated for the CLIX 4. This reopens the target audience and gives a biggerselling proposition to the buyers. I want to add vinyl as a grip that starts at thevacuum and ends at the edge of the button, this would give a “sleek” look tothe pen in which has style and class, as well as the grip needed to work withit. My ideas are starting to form a shape in which could be sold anywherefrom office works to boutique stores.
  10. 10. At this point in time, all parts for the original and modified have been made,with new ideas and concepts coming through the work with justifiablereasons for all. New ideas such as a magnetic tie clip push the modified penthrough current pen styles and start to develop a more modern idealistversion of a pen that will hope to achieve high standards in the marketplace.By making these modifications to the pen itself, this hopes to change the ideaof cheaper pens, by making them more “classy” or “sleek” feel to not onlypens in the future but to concept of pens and other stationary as well.
  11. 11. Coming close to the due date, ideas on the subject have been changed over time. Anexample of this would be the brochures and how they will be displayed andpresented. Three brochures will be made and one will be chosen as the final product.This will require more planning and more artwork, however it will assure a higherquality of advertising for the product. Other advertisements (such as posters andbillboards) have been idealized however, depending on time, may not be finished.To begin with, I though this assignment would have been a lot easier, however incontrast, it is a lot more complex to complete at a high standard.
  12. 12. The Artline CLIX (seen in the image to the left) was how I got my initialidea from. This pen is one of the more common four point pen in which Ibelieve I can improve on. The design is very simplistic, 4 colours, softgrip, easy to handle, however it does not have an appeal to the user. Thisdesign can be improved to make the user feel as if they are adding a“pinch of class” to their daily lives. To do this, I feel changing the plastic Source 6to a aluminum finish is important, as it creates “sleek” feel to the penitself. Changing the clip to a powder coated black would be important asit not only has the sleek logo on it, it can also have the brand nameapplied to the clip as well. This is where gold or aluminum could also beapplied to add a business man touch to the pen. Using the original ideasof the pen, “Sleek” will be a vast improvement from what I believe to beits predecessor, the Artline CLIX.
  13. 13. Before Layer Styles AddedWhen trying to capture the identity of the pen design, I had to create a symbol for the pen to berepresented by. This is when I created the “SLEEK” logo. Initially I wanted to have the S symbolized by asobject or by something that people could look at and remember. That is when I thought of creating an Sout of two shapes. I have used to tear drop shapes that create a symbolic S that can be easily identifiedas not only an S but also as an independent, classy brand. This is important as the pens target market ispeople with an average salary. Creating the classy effect was accomplished by adding a gradient to theinside of the logo. The blue ouster glow on the logo positions the audience to develop a sense ofattachment to the logo/brand. This logo gives the brand a “sleek” edge on opponents in the pen /stationary business.I believe that the logo/ identification of a brand or specific item is important to selling it as well as giving After Layer Styles Addedthe pen a reputation in the marketplace. The grey used along with lighting and shadowing give an in-depth feel to the company, not only providing class, but also given the brand jurisdiction in themarketplace. The outer effect given to the logo, represent the small family feeling of the company,whilst still working as a large distributor. This would provide warmth and a “family” touch to thecompany, that most companies lack to have. I believe this is a very important step in assuring thatcustomers are satisfied with what they receiveThe pages below show instructions into remaking the “SLEEK” logo
  14. 14. 1.Place the logo into Photoshop cs5-cs6.2.Add a light grey colour to the logo, and adda drop shadow to your liking.
  15. 15. 3. Create an Adjustment layer, above the logoand marquee an area, similar to the picture.Using a white brush, add “lighting” to thisside of the logo, ensuring that it is anadjustment layer, this can be seen if the brushpaints outside the logo
  16. 16. 4. Create a new adjustment layer and hit“CTRL+SHIFT+I” to inverse the marqueeselection. Using a grey or black paint brush,repeat step 3
  17. 17. 5. Repeat steps 3-4 on the outside edges tocomplete the same effect given.
  18. 18. 6. Copy and past the layer style from the firsttear drop, rotate it horizontally and verticallyand attach to the second tear dropYou now have the “SLEEK” logo
  19. 19. The original concept of this pen is quite smart as it gives good comfort to the user, however it is not elegant. It approaches a large target market and delivers I simpleSide View (Drawn) idea very effectively. This idea can be improved by changing the material from rubber and plastic to aluminum and unpolished aluminum (grip). This will make the pen sleeker, classier and overall a lot Rendered lighter. Isometric View
  20. 20. The bracket is a very simple device that keeps the 4 ink cartridges in place. This is aSide View necessary for a 4 point pen. This part will not be modified as it does not need to be, Artline has made this efficient enough for me to use in my own pen.Rendered Angle View
  21. 21. The original ink cartridge doesnot need to be changed, it hasgood ink flow and the ballrotates smoothly. The ink willbe the same in my altered pen,however the ink itself will bechanged to a erasable ink,making the pen more designerand engineer friendly.
  22. 22. Buttons are what you are constantly touching on a pen, especiallywhen it is a 4 point pen when you are always changing colours. Thebutton is very simplified and is easy to touch, however it has no otherpurpose and it can be improved. By changing the button to aneraser/button and changing the ink to erasable ink, it create a penconsistent with the changing marketplace and challenges othercompanies trying to continue their reign. By doing this Sleekchallenges and creates a good portfolio in the future for the company.By judging the changes in the marketplace, it is easy to see thatpeople want a classy, money wise, trustworthy and useful pen and byadding an eraser and erasable ink to the pen it does all this and givea “sleek” version to the very simple original.
  23. 23. Traditional colours are used on this pen to create asimplified look that creates a symbol or logo for notonly art line but for the rest of pen market place.
  24. 24. The clip used is an effective design and holds toclothing easily and effectively. However it has noappeal to it. It is a simplistic design that has no flow.The improvements I want to make would create anelegant flow to the pen which emphasizes theimportance on the pen in the current agriculture. Iwould also like for the clip to be a detachable tieclip. This creates a slightly smaller target markethowever it is the higher earning side of the market,therefore the loss in audience is cancelled out withthe salary difference.
  25. 25. The original Barrel consists of curvesand a circular shape to give the penfeel, form and an overall shape. Thiscan be improved by giving the penmore flowing contours. In doing thisits recreates the image into a moresleek and classy design, giving it theedge against competition.
  26. 26. Springs, unlike the rest of the pen are created solely for the mechanics of thepen. This means that although it is a very simple concept, it does not need tobe changed or modified, meaning this part will not be changed in themodified pen.
  27. 27. The Artline “CLIX” is a very simple pen, it uses this to contrast with customers that it is an easy to use pen that canbe used in a business or even at home. Unlike the “CLIX”, the “SLEEK” 4 Point pen will be specified to a nichemarket of business men and woman who want to add “style” to their life. The first modification to help imply this,is the material change, originally the pen was a white plastic, with little to no class. The modification changes thematerial to a polished aluminum, as metal shows wealth, it automatically shows the market that this pen is classy,sexy and made for business men and women alike.The second change I have made to the pen is creating a tribal pattern to the grip and adding the sleek extendedlogo to the body of the pen. Unlike the first modification, it does not add class, however it does imply power andshow masculinity within the pen. Although this does create a smaller market, it show dedication to a customer,which will useful for periods of the companies sales (explained in later slides)The third change I have made to the pen is the erasable ink , although this cannot be seen in the renders, it is avey useful add to the pen. Erasable ink is not new to the market place, however it does show a relation fromcompany to client. To go along with this modification, an eraser has been added to the button, this complies withprior pens made and is not innovative, however it is a must if the ink is to be erasable. The idea of having anerasable pen perks most peoples ears, however modifications 3 and 4 will help drawers and designers alike tocomplete drawings without having to use a pencil. This may not be new to the market, but a comfortable, reliableand attractive pen is hard to find, especially at an affordable price.
  28. 28. To begin with, I wanted a smooth flowing body, things such as grips and toomany parts can interrupt the flow of the pen, making it seem heavy andmisguided. I have tried to remove this factor by making only 2 main parts,removing the grip and using an aluminum surface. However the flow isslightly interrupted by the logo design for the pen. This pattern will only be0.01 mm thick, meaning it will be very un-noticeable and thus hardly changesthe flow of the pen.
  29. 29. The modified drawing of the vacuum piece attempts to place style into the grip while placingtextures within the pattern so that the pen will not slip out of the hands of the user. Using tribalpatterns to add style to the piece places a more male target market to the pen, in turn the makesthe target market more specialized. This can hurt growth however it shows that SLEEK is aimed atsatisfying its customers. The material (like the rest of the pen) is aluminum, this persuadescustomers that it is a sleek, classy pen that with holds values such as being rich and independent.
  30. 30. The modified button has been changed toinclude an eraser and cover. This will helpidentify with users that the ink is erasable. Thispromotes the pen subconsciously whenpeople look at buying the pen in store. I havealso changed the material from plastic to amatte aluminum, to really contrast from thebody, as it is polished, aluminum. The coverwas placed to not only cover the eraser, but togive something to push, as the button releasesan colour if it is in use.
  31. 31. Although a cap may not be anecessity, It does protect the eraserbelow it while giving the pen anample look into a defined market.
  32. 32. I decided not to change the shape of the trigger, this was due to the fact that the contours give abalanced amount of grip to push on. I felt that the material would not fit the SLEEK however so it waschanged to brushed aluminium to give the trigger a textured feel to give it that extra bit of grip. Thecolour of the pen is highlighted with a single pin stripe close to the top of the trigger, this gives aclassy look to something bland and slightly boring on the old trigger.
  33. 33. As the shape has not changed from the original, please refer to the original measurements CLICK HERE TO BE MOVED TO THE SLIDE
  34. 34. Although the pen is suppose to be “classy” , the random pattern is not. However thisdoes not change the overall effect of the pen. Design is turning chaos to formed ideasand eventually designs, the pattern may be somewhat abstract, but in turn it does givethe pen an overall classy and clean look. It’s looks simple, but the complexity of theshape is hidden within the contours of the pen itself. This style was not pickedhowever as it does not represent the company, in which is a must, especially for thefirst pen, the logo should be imminent.
  35. 35. This was the second design I made for the modified piece, I felt this one was thebest choice, as it is not only the better design however it also has the sleek logosubtly placed within the design. It changed from the prototype to the render, as itdid not assemble correctly with the dimensions. I also changed the colour of theindent to a black grain, as I creates a classier look. I also planned to change theshape of the barrel itself, to end as a point, however that was cancelled after theidea of the eraser being added.
  36. 36. Most pen companies lack personal development with their target audience, as mine happens to be the “classybusinessmen” market, the tie clip is a must have for an everyday user. The tie clip attaches to the originalsocket of the pen, however the top can be removed and placed onto a second piece, containing two magnets,that will sufficiently keep your shirt and tie together without looking tacky.This is a revolutionary idea that may or may not change the specifications, that manufacturers could achieve bymaking pens more personal to targeted audiences.
  37. 37. Leather/Vinyl style with stitching to add to class.This persuades readers that the pen is of fine quality and creates a genuineopinion of the company and the pen itself.Using the logo in the middle of the brochure creates a symbolization of thebrand and uses memory to place the image of the logo, and therefore thepen in the mind of the reader.Using shapes such as circles and square, it becomes a simplified way ofshowing a complex viewing of a new standard of pen. Source 9Using colour’s such as light blue (feature colour), multiple greys, and silver,this brochure will attempt to break into the market by acting as a classabove pen, in which would be cheap, unlike most classy pens which areoverpriced.Using the quote “Adding Style To Your Everyday Stationary List”-This provides the reader with a estimated price, being cheap as it states“Everyday” meaning it wont change their budget too much.-Also implies that it will be on their stationary list.
  38. 38. The class of the brand needs to bevalidated with this brochure. This has beenachieved with the leather base. It gives arich feel that really brings out what thebrand stands for. When this brochure isprinted, it would be given a vinyl/leathertexture to really aspire to the name sleek,and to bring the quality of the brand to theforeground of the viewer.I have used mid tone blues as a vibrantcolour on the brochure to give a classylook, it gives a professional look. I haveused a linear gradient to make thelogo/texts pop on the vinyl. Theseconnections will improve that validation ofthe company and thus improve sales of thepenColour Code: Lighter BlueDarker Blue
  39. 39. Like the front of the brochure, the back usesthe same vinyl/leather texture, this is to helpconnect the to pieces evenly. I have added a“spotlight” looking effect to the middle toencourage the eyes to the centre of attention,the pen, as well as the words “Write, Erase,Create, Simple” These words help viewersidentify with the pens ideas. Write and Eraseare to do with the accessibility users have as itis an erasable pen. Create helps identify thatartwork can be made with this pen as it isclassified as a “designer” pen. And finally ,Simple is added to show that the pen is simpleto use, its not a pen that takes a while to getuse to.The hatching on the left and right sides of thebrochure show where material would beremoved. This makes the brochure innovativeas it changes the idea of a “normal” brochure.It creates a shape based on the logo at thefrom the front of the brochure.I have used a metal gradient on the word“SLEEK” to relate it to the pen. This createcommon similarities that the reader will pickup subconsciously
  40. 40. Use vibrant colours on white background to create contrastUse a trail of ink splatter to make the eyes follow a pathway of informationPlace enough information on the brochure without distracting the reader fromthe pen itself. Source 7Change the logo to suit the rest of the page, i.e. adding splatters to the logo, etc.Weight watchers current advertisement demonstrates the same concepts todefine weight, however the same techniques can be used to sell items (such aspens)Colours : Red, Black Blue Green & White(These colours can vary, to lighter or darker tones. Gradients may also be used toemphasize contrast) Source 8
  41. 41. Unlike the first brochure, thisbrochure foregrounds the class ofthe SLEEK 4 point pen. Using thebusiness suit on the front of thebrochure, gives the brochureimmediate class and elegance.This is important due to the lackof reputation in the market place,this brochure alone could helpimprove this factor, which in turnwill improve sales.
  42. 42. Simplicity brings forth eleganceand the idea of sex appeal, thesimpler something is, the moreattractive it is to the eye. Hencewhy I have used little to no detailon the back, it gives the brochuresex appeal why still advertisingthe pen and the brandappropriately. The logo iscentered on the brochure to showhow makes the pen and to givethe pen relevance in the marketplace.
  43. 43. Brochure two did not turn out how it was originally planned, I believe I planned thebrochure to far ahead, and therefore my ideas on the brand and the pen changedduring the planning process. However the final product gave the brand and pen a lotmore of a business look, this gives embodiment to the company and will help developa look for the company. This would hope to give the pen a good placement within themarket place.In comparison, if the original planning had gone ahead, it wouldve given the pen amuch different vibe, and would have placed the pen in a much different and broadmarket. This could have then made it seem as if SLEEK does not know its targetaudience, thus failing the intended audience.
  44. 44. Unlike the first two brochures, in which both show the sleek and classy side of the pen, Iwant the third brochure to show the rough edge and sex appeal the pen brings to thetable. This brochure will have a grungy background with the pen being the highlight ofthe piece. The background will be dark to make it less noticeable. Words such as “SexAppeal” and “Create / Erase” will be used like the first brochure in the background tohighlight these words and help the mind attain them for further reference. A spiraleffect will be used to help the words be read in a circular motion, attaching your eyes toeach word in a collective circle, building the ideas in your head will still having the penin sight and being able to relate it back to the pen itself.
  45. 45. Class can be distinguished easily through thecontrasts and complexities shown within apicture/text or object. This one sidedadvertisement hopes to achieve this. The penitself is placed in the center of the piece,however it is slanted to create a parallel effectwith the lining in the background of the picture.However where this brochure really relays theidea of “SLEEK” is the contrast between the penand the background, the background itself isgrungy and dirty, its look gives a very used andaged feel to the background, however the penis foregrounded by giving it brighter coloring incomparison. This is then aligned and justifiedwith the words “Class, Engenuity, Sex Appealand Create/Erase” this places ideals within thereaders head subconsciously, in which helpthem refer to the pen as the words provided
  46. 46. Although pens seem like such a simple idea, to recreate them and modify them is a bigger task than it seems. Pensare made to the best of the companies ability and prove to customers of what they are capable of, if they cannotprovide a good product, it reflects badly. In saying this, Artline created a somewhat “perfect” pen. Its simple,comfortable to use, in flows cleanly. However the one thing they lacked with the pen was a niche target market,doing this mean the sales may be slightly lower, but “customers come first” and this is what SLEEK strives for.Having a smaller target market changes how you design anything, and when it comes to pens it gives you morefreedom to not only choose the target market, but to fit all of their needs within your own ideas.Design is old work, renewed and rearranged to change the face of the design itself, whilst keeping the sameconcepts, this has been achieved on the SLEEK 4 point pen. The ideas from the original creators of the ball pointpen made the idea and then have given infinite possibilities for companies and people alike. Ball point pens mayseem like such a small thing, but a pen could spark the imagination, make jobs easier and even make you feelhappier. By using colours that are modern and “in”, the SLEEK hopes to bring forth all of these goals and then bringforth happy customers.From concept to reality, the SLEEK has had ideas from other pens currently available. Bringing these ideas together,creates the pen itself and puts innovation back into he slightly lacking market place.
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  49. 49. Everything that is in this PowerPoint (other than references) arecreated, developed, designed and written by Matthew Murphy.None of my work is stolen nor plagiarized.Signed: ________________ - Matthew Murphy
  50. 50. I have completed the task above and beyond what the criteriahas asked. I have shown in depth knowledge in the specifiedfield and have communicated my understanding impressively.My terms used are correct and have made the pen to aprofessional standard. The modifications I have made have beendone efficiently to improve on the pen. I have justified thechanges I have made to my pen correctly, and believe that thepen could make a profit in the current market standings.
  51. 51. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA SHEET MARKStudent Name : Teacher : Mr. PatersonASSESSMENT ITEM : Production Graphics AssignmentCRITERIA STANDARD - The student work has the following characteristics: KnowledgeCriteria Task +A- +B- +C- +D- +E- Dimensioning techniques range of accurate facts, Substantial range of accurate adequate range of accurate narrow range of facts, basic facts and (As1100), Engineering symbols terminology, standards and facts, Terminology, Standards facts, terminology, standards terminology, standards terminology conventions applied to all task and conventions and conventions and conventions Basic use of Orthographic conventions, areas Relevant principles, Principles, procedures and Procedures and fundamental techniques Identification of components in relevant principles, procedures procedures and techniques techniques used purposefully techniques used in in rehearsed situations sketches, detail and assembly and techniques selected and selected and used proficiently in in a range of familiar or familiar or rehearsed drawings, sectioning used effectively in a a substantial range of familiar or rehearsed situation situations conventions, selection of views, comprehensive range of familiar rehearsed situations layout and marketing or rehearsed situations. Reasoning 3
  52. 52. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA SHEETASSESSMENT ITEM : Production Graphics AssignmentCRITERIA STANDARD - The student work has the following characteristics:Criteri Task +A- +B- +C- +D- +E- a Presentation Sketches of all associated Detailed, effective Detailed, functional Legible Legible sketches and Unclear sketches and parts of the pen sketches/ drawings with sketches/drawings with sketches/drawings with drawings drawings precise and clear precise and clear adequate clarity of Sketches of proposed communication communication communication refinement of pen. 3 6 Arrangement of Working Effective and resourceful Effective selection, selection, and use of a Use of Unclear sketches and Drawings, pictorial selection, planning and use planning and use of a range of appropriate predetermined drawings of a range of appropriate range of appropriate elements of presentation elements of representations and power elements of presentation elements of presentation presentation point slide show. The use of graphic communication in the production and marketing of commercial industry products