Clear to Enjoy Spring: The Allergy Guide for Moms and Kids


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Clear to Enjoy Spring: The Allergy Guide for Moms and Kids was developed by Children’s Claritin® to give parents information to better recognize and manage their children’s indoor and outdoor allergies, as well as have more productive conversations with their pediatrician and children about their symptoms.

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Clear to Enjoy Spring: The Allergy Guide for Moms and Kids

  1. 1. Clear to Enjoy Spring: The Allergy Guide for Moms and Kids
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  3. 3. Runny With allergies, nasal discharge What Nose is usually thin, clear and watery. is an Sneezing (often three or more Although colds can cause sneezing, Allergy? times in a row) it is much more common with allergies. Allergy Symptoms include irritated, Eye red, itchy or watery eyes. Allergic Dark, swollen bags under the eyes,An "allergy" is a sensitivity of your Shiners possibly caused by nasal congestion.immune system to something thatis ordinarily harmless. Frequent, upward rubbing of the noseCommon allergy symptoms include: Allergic that can last more than two weeks. This Salute rubbing can lead to an “allergic crease” or line at the bridge of the nose. Mouth Kids with allergies often breathe through their mouths because they have trouble Breathing breathing through their noses. 3
  4. 4. Allergens are everywhere, both indoors and out, triggeringWhat are bothersome symptoms, and for some sufferers it is year-round. After being cooped up all winter, children are outside embracing the warmer weather of spring. Along with the nice weather, Allergy some children will experience “seasonal allergies” in spring due to pollen from certain trees, grasses or weeds.Triggers? Many allergy symptoms are triggered by: Pollen Pet Dander Dust Mites Mold Spores Pollen levels from different Unfortunately, the family pet No one likes dust, but Mold spores grow all year (who we love so much) those dust bunnies are round in damp, dark areas sources may vary based on can cause those sneezy everywhere! Dust mites like bathrooms, basements where you live. Go to symptoms with their dander, live in the dust found in and around air conditioners. to check They’re also outside on or skin flakes, as well as bedding, carpets andthe pollen count in your area! their saliva and urine. upholstered furniture. leaf and plant debris. 4
  5. 5. How can I Declutter: Knick knacks, stuffed toys and clutter are major dust collectors. get rid of Allergy Keep décor smooth and simple: Remove carpet, as smooth floors (such as hard wood and tile) trap fewer allergens. Triggers? Wash allergens away: Have your child shower and change clothes after playing outside to wash off allergens on skin, hair and clothes. Encase bedding: Use allergen-proof zippered encasings for pillows, mattresses and box springs to protect your s estion bedding from dust mites. sugg of some home :He re are your iggers rid rgy trto help on alle Put clothes away: Keep all of your child’s clothes in comm drawers or closets; never leave them lying about the room. some Turn up the AC and clean filters: Pollen can travel hundreds of miles by wind, so keep windows and doors closed. Air conditioners help filter pollen and other allergens, but they can also be breeding grounds for mold, so be sure to keep filters clean and consider using a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter. 5
  6. 6. Don’t let allergies keep your child from the activities they enjoy! How do I manage Kids can get frustrated when allergy symptomsmy children’s prevent them from doing the same things their friends do. Even mild indoor and outdoor allergiesallergies? can influence children’s sleep, cause daytime fatigue and reduce school performance. When children gain relief from allergies, they can better focus on school, sports, friends, games, hobbies and other “kid stuff” all day long. 6
  7. 7. How do I ® Only Children’s Claritin products provide manage powerful, non-drowsy 24-hour relief from your child’s worst indoor and outdoormy children’s allergy symptoms.*allergies? * • Just one dose lasts 24 hours ® • Children’s Claritin is available in: Grape Chewables (ages 2 and older) Grape Flavored Syrup (ages 2 and older) • Also available for kids: Claritin® 12 and 24 Hour RediTabs® (ages 6 and older) 7 *Among leading OTC allergy brands
  8. 8. Allergy symptoms can look like a common cold. MOM To help decide if it’s an allergy or cold, watch for these symptoms:DETECTIVE: Symptom Allergy Cold Is it a cold Itchy ears, eyes, noseor allergies? Allergies: Violent and prolonged bouts Sneezing: Cold: Occasional Weakness/Fatigue ? Allergies: Watery and clear Allergies Runny Nose: Cold: Thick, white or yellow to green Cold Fever/Aches/Pain Symptoms often last weeks to months Symptoms often clear up in 7-10 days More common in spring or fall More common in winter (except in southwest U.S.) 8
  9. 9. Spring is here! Don’t let your child’s allergies get in the way of having fun. Only Children’s Claritin® provides powerful 24-hour relief for your children’s worst indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms, without making them jittery or drowsy.* And it’s the #1 pediatrician recommended non-drowsy allergy brand. Clear to Enjoy Spring: Embracing the Season with Your Children... Indoors and Out Some of the best spring activities for kids are also the simplest. Tried and tested, here are a few of our favorites! 9*Among leading OTC allergy brands
  10. 10. X TrHausnutre marks the spot for a e 5 NW E Treasure hunts keep children of S all ages entertained for hours! 10
  11. 11. Now for the fun part! Pick a theme: Buy the “Treasure” and make Housekeeping Sports (all items are football-related) sure it relates to the theme. or Color (all items are pink). Rules Keep the hunt indoors for children younger than 5 years old. Kids like group work, so let them choose if they’d like to work in teams Buy extras, just in case Consider using items that can one of the clues Gather clues, hide them, be found around the house as goes missing! and write hints to help the well as tasks they can complete children find the next clue. (e.g., going up and down the stairs two times). 11
  12. 12. Create a Personalized Garden with Your Child’s NameCreating your kids’ name with flowersis a fun way to teach them more aboutgardening. They’ll also feel a sense ofaccomplishment as their names ‘grow’! 12
  13. 13. Pick the flower seeds or plants Remove weeds from Using your trowel or a sturdy stick,Now for the fun part! together; Make sure you have all the soil and dampen draw your child’s name or initials in the tools you need – a trowel or it if it’s hard. the soil about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. stick, and a watering can 1 2 3 Housekeeping Rules Water the seeds lightly Set aside a time for your Plant the flower or herb until the soil feels damp, kids to check the progress seeds in the name area only. Age will determine how and continue to water daily. of the sprouts. much the child can participate in the actual gardening; older children can help dig the lines 4 5 6 where the seeds will be planted, while younger ones can help water. Keep the season in mind when choosing which seeds to plant. Optional: Take photos of the garden as the names grow; include your children in the photos and make an album charting the process. 13
  14. 14. Backyard Games Turn off the TV and get your kids outside with these fun backyard games 14
  15. 15. Get Creative with CHALK Bring out your kids’ artistic side by having them draw pictures on the driveway or sidewalk.Draw a hopscotch pattern Ask them to draw something they seewith eight squares, or try in the environment–a tree, a bird, or a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. even you. The possibilities are endless. 15
  16. 16. How many bugs can your kids spot? o Bug Have them count and, along the way, help them G This is a great way to teach some fun factsidentify each type of bug. about insects. Watching Try dropping a bread crumb near an ant hill – very entertaining, and educational, too! 16
  17. 17. BACKYARD BOWLING1 Find things around the house that will fall over 2 Have the kids roll a medium- sized ball on the ground to 3 easily, such as empty cereal knock the objects over, and boxes, empty soda cans or assign a point for each Align them in a row object they knock down. empty plastic bottles. like bowling pins on a hard, level surface. 17
  18. 18. eld Day Reward the winners in eachFi category with your own Olympic-like ceremony, with “medals” you make with 1st Place construction paper, colored pencils and string. aces?Remembe r wheelbarrow r oor in seve ral different outdKids can compete obstacle course s, races,activities – short foot ar.long jum ping or tug of w 18
  19. 19. Clear to Enjoy Spring: The Allergy Guide for Moms and Kids is sponsoredby the makers of Children’s Claritin® allergy products. ®Children’s Claritin provides powerful non-drowsy relief of your child’sworst indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms for a full 24 hours. It’s the#1 pediatrician recommended non-drowsy brand. For more informationabout children’s allergies and treatment, visit guide is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnoseor treat any disease or condition. If you’re confused by your child’s symptomsor if they last more than 10 days, consult your healthcare provider forguidance.Use as directed. | © 2011 MSD Consumer Care, Inc. All rights reserved.The Children’s Claritin® graphics depicted herein constitute trademarksof Schering Corporation. 19