GoOn: Better broadband improving lives


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Natasha Innocent, GoOn

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GoOn: Better broadband improving lives

  1. 1. Better broadband -improving lives andlivelihoods
  2. 2. Government broadband programme To ensure the UK has the best broadband network in Europe by 2015 so that Citizens across the UK able to make the most of the web, for example byo saving moneyo keeping in touch with friends and family moreo better educational outcomes for children/ opportunities to work from home or build skills to improve employability Small businesses able to diversify and expand by fully exploiting digital opportunities
  3. 3. Go ON UK• New charity chaired by the UK Digital Champion Martha Lane Fox• Has taken over the baton from Race Online 2012 with two key objectives Everyone online – with world leading levels of digital capability Every organisation digital – with the capability to develop and deliver better services and increase participation
  4. 4. Why is this important?
  5. 5. Extending opportunities for all Can be liberating space forpeople who in offline life Educationface many disabling barriers Political Online work(Childers & Kaufman 2009) Volunteering Self – Advocacy Internet possibilities Creative Leisure Activities occupations Shopping Banking
  6. 6. Developing local Go ON campaigns• To support local people to recognise the benefits and build their motivation, confidence and skills to fully exploit the web• Most effective when focused on a local place and tailored to local need• Aim to provide sustainable support over the time• A network of local digital champions to support family, friends, neighbours, colleagues
  7. 7. Supporting communities to benefitCommunities• many-fold• overlapping• not all geographic
  8. 8. key elements Go ON campaigns • Recruit a broad range of local partners to promote the benefits of Partnerships the web through trusted intermediaries • Encourage partners to recruit digital champions to support the communities they reach • Broad umbrella term - local people willing to support Digital family, friends, neighbours, colleagues to recognise benefits of web and build their skills so they can benefit Champions • Range from export champions supporting SMEs to grow new markets to digital neighbours offering support in local communities • Essential to promote the benefits the web can bring by telling the Marketing + story of how the web has changed peoples lives • Specific campaigns can help to keep champions active e.g. give an hour . Could be built into any activity or programme - be creative. Media Encourage the local media to promote the benefits by providing great case studies that tell a compelling story
  9. 9. Go ON Liverpool 2011-12 • Over 80 local partners across the private, public and community sectors. supported campaign Strong political support from leader + Partnerships all local councillors • Each partner promoted a specific , targeted benefit message appropriate + meaningful to the local people and businesses they reached • 1,500 digital champions were recruited and supported by all 80 plus Digital local partners . Wifi map created across city to promote public places where champions could take action • BBC National Give an Hour campaign Oct 2011 aimed to recruit Champions 500,000 digital champions across UK .10,000 actually recruited but > 1,000 from Liverpool • ONS household survey tracked Go ON Liverpool campaign to assess Measuring impact. 29.1% (104,000) adults in city never gone online at quarter 2 2011 reduced to 17% (60,740) by quarter 2 2012. Biggest reduction anywhere in the UK. Impact • Partnership is continuing to grow and campaign has sustained over a year.
  10. 10. What made the difference? A stretching target (to reach 25,000 in year 1) motivated partners Focused on a local place. Local people helping other local people Strong support from all city councillors, the Leader, Liverpool Chief Executive + the Chamber Over 80 local partners supported the campaign and promoted through their channels Over 1,500 digital champions were recruited and inspired to get active across the City
  11. 11. How you could help• Could you inspire the children and young people you work with to get involved?• Schools and similar are mini communities - could you organise a mini Go ON campaign to support young people and their families gain more benefit from the web?• Only 20% of charities in the UK are online – could you encourage charities you have contact with to recognise the improvements and efficiencies the web can offer?
  12. 12. Contact detailsNatasha InnocentDemand stimulation