Family matters digital outcomes


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Matt Buttery, CEO Family Matters Institute

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Family matters digital outcomes

  1. 1. 2/7/13 Digital Outcomes Matt Buttery Chief Executive Officer Family Matters Institute (FMI) Mission: To enhance family life and relationships, and the value society places on the family. ! Strategic Themes: ! 1.! Fatherhood: Delivery and development of services that practically support and encourage fathers involvement in their children’s lives, and champion fatherhood.! 2.! Family Wellbeing: Practically enhance adult couple relationships, parenting, and the emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing of children and families; including supporting cultural change! 3.! Children & Families Wor kforce: Supporting the training and development of a skilled and competent workforce.! 4.! Research: Into issues relating to family and the delivery of services.! Based at Moggerhanger House, Bedfordshire.!Copyright 2013 Family Matters Institute. 1
  2. 2. 2/7/13 Why Dads? •! Ear ly father involvement with a child is associated with continuing involvement! •! Protects children in separated families against later mental health problems"! •! Strongly related to children’s later educational attainment ! •! Father s matter to their par tner s! Aims of •! Reduce parental separation and family conflict! By enhancing fathers awareness, you increase their confidence and improve !their ability to deal with adverse situations! •! Suppor t father s in their relationship with their child! Having a strong relationship with your child is an incredibly rewarding experience and benefits child development to an un-paralleled scale! •! Reduce father isolation from ser vices! While web ser vices can provide instant access to information and ser vices, !there is undoubtedly a need for ser vices to be provided within the local community. ! •! Build suppor tive communities for all father s ! In order for fathers to grow in their role, shared experiences and peer support is absolutely vital.!Copyright 2013 Family Matters Institute. 2
  3. 3. 2/7/13 Services •! Information! •! News! •! Blogs ! •! Daily Tips! •! Social Media (over 6,400 fans/followers)! •! Advice & Guidance! •! Articles & Guides! •! Videos ! •! Forum! •! Intensive Suppor t! •! Legal advice ! •! Debt advice! •! Child Maintenance Advice! •! Online Coaching! Why online? •! Internet usage is widespread and increasing - over 60% (Europe) to 80% of homes - Internet Wor ld Stats, June 2010! •! For families with children this stat rises to 92%! •! Pre 2008 DfE funding suppor ted 100,000 parents through telephone helplines! •! In 2012 the 11 online and telephone ser vices funded by the DfE suppor ted over 8 million parents.....! •! Guess how many of these were on the phone?!Copyright 2013 Family Matters Institute. 3
  4. 4. 2/7/13 Virtual Delivery •! Ease of access: Opening times? Location? Awareness?! •! Stigma! •! Google verb! •! Browsing! •! Internet enabled phones! Advice – Guidance - Intensive Support •! Internet For ums:! –! Emotional Suppor t, including ‘venting’ ! –! Instr umental Suppor t; e.g. advice/guidance! –! Community building/protection! –! Anonymity! •! Ask A Question! •! Video-based Modelling! •! 1:1 Coaching!Copyright 2013 Family Matters Institute. 4
  5. 5. 2/7/13 Digital Outcomes •! Normalising! •! Reducing Isolation! •! Encouraged to take a different approach ! •! Standardised Measures! •! Avoidable Contact ! •! Avoiding escalation! •! Cost of suppor t below that of the state sector! Triple P Online RCT •! Compared to the control group, parents who completed Triple P Online repor ted:! –! Lower levels of child behaviour problems.! –! Less frequent use of ineffective discipline techniques.! –! Greater confidence managing children’s problem behaviour s.! –! Less parental stress.! –! Less conflict over parenting (in two-parent households)!! •! Shor t term gains were generally maintained, and in some cases enhanced, at a six-month follow-up.! –! 91 percent of parents rated the quality of the ser vice as “good” or better.! –! Feedback on content, design, activities, videos and wor kbooks was positive – delivering mean scores of 4 out of 5.!Copyright 2013 Family Matters Institute. 5
  6. 6. 2/7/13 Maximising participation •! Follow-the-user s! •! Embedding! •! Offline connections ! •! Piloting! •! Immer sion in social media! Stay Positive! @dad_info! @familymatter suk!! www.familymatter!Copyright 2013 Family Matters Institute. 6