Generations and Communication in the Child Care Environment


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Today's parents have different communication needs and habits than previous generations. Savvy child care providers can adapt how they communicate with parents and grandparents to get the most favorable results. The same technology tools that make it easier for child care providers (from day care centers to family child care) to communicate with parents also help to stay organized and comply with QRIS programs requirements.

Enjoy this fun, fill-in-the blank attendee handout created for our presentation at the National Association for Family Child Care Conference. Child Care Daily App's Chief Operating Officer Bill Collins teamed with master speaker Marty Appelbaum of Appelbaum Training Institute to present, "Always On: Tips & Strategies for Making Today’s Connected Lifestyle Work for You."

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Generations and Communication in the Child Care Environment

  1. 1. Always On! Making Today’s Connected Lifestyle Work for You Marty Appelbaum and Bill Collins Appelbaum Training Institute and Child Care Daily App and Always On! Making Today’s Connected Lifestyle Work for You Traditionalists – Born between 1925 and 1945 Baby Boomers – Born between 1946 and 1964 Generation X – Born between 1965 and 1980 Millennials or Generation Y – Born after 1980These are all generalizations, and there may be similarities rather than differences in generations.A. Traditionalists ___Informal clothing ___Likes “causes”B. Baby Boomers ___Values privacy ___Likes business casual clothingC. Generation X ___Values teamwork ___Likes speed and flexibilityD. Millennials ___Likes rules and structure ___Values independence and fast communication ___Led the drive for balancing work and home Communicating with Different Generations Traditionalists (Great Grand Parents and Grand Parents) • ______________________________. • Do not waste their time. • Communicate face-to-face or _______________________________. Baby Boomers (Grand Parents and Parents) • Speak ________________________________. • Avoid controlling language. • Present ___________________________. Generation X (Grand Parents and Parents) • Savvy and _________________________________. • Uses _____________________________________. • Use an informal style. • Wants to be __________________________________ with information. Appelbaum Training Institute and Child Care Daily App and 1
  2. 2. Millennials (Majority of your Parents) • Use______________, _________________________, and _______________. • Uses ____________________________________________. • Uses technology to ____________________________________. • Use humor, fun, and stimulation. • Wants __________________________________. Today’s Millennial Parents• Broad Characteristics o _______________________________________________________. o _______________________________________________________. o _______________________________________________________.• Millennial Generation – Narrower Focus o 1st time parents o Characteristics  Digital ________________________.  ________of Millennials were raised or are raising children in homes of divorce or as single parents so they are more open to non-traditional behavior related to marriage and parenting, such as:  _______________________________.  _______________________________.  Focus on values, purpose, quality of life.  ________ say that being a good parent is the most important thing in life.  Likely to put kids ahead of careers, but since often both parents have jobs, they want options _____________________________________________. Appelbaum Training Institute and Child Care Daily App and 2
  3. 3.  More likely to live _______________________ from the place where they grew up, and need to rely on ______________________________. o Seeking child care arrangements that:  Use technology to __________________________ with the caregiver.  Use technology to __________________________ with their child.  Create a __________________________________ with the community.Additional Facts: _____________ highly associate their lives with simplicity. _____________ say that texting is just as meaningful as actual conversation.• Connected Lifestyle Opportunities for Caregivers o Communicate more with families with ____________________.  Know your families’ preference! (Know what your families want!)  ___________. o Millennial way: Connection and information in ___________________.• Harness Technology to Deliver Training and Development o ATI Self-Study at• Use Technology to Market your Child Care Services o Social media / “word of ______________________.” o Listing and referral services. (Millennials rely on recommendations from _____________, ________________ and ________________________.)• Remember This! Millennials Seek Child Care that Uses Technology to: o Improve _______________________. o Improve _______________________. o Create a sense of ____________________________. Appelbaum Training Institute and Child Care Daily App and 3
  4. 4. • ____________ more with less effort. o Old way: _____________________________. o There’s an App for that – ______________________________________________________. o New way: _______________.• Use Technology to Improve Efficiency within the Business (operational) o Administration o Administration with system notification o Classroom o Record activity o Lesson plan  Comments from providers:  Keeps me organized  Green!  Easy to keep track of status of all children  Faster than handwriting and clipboards  Higher enrollment Visit and watch a quick video to learn more. Appelbaum Training Institute and Child Care Daily App and 4