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  • 1. Dumbphones
    The HaveNots
    Image by oits82
  • 2. By Christmas of
    2011, 1 in 2
    Americans will own
    a smartphone
    Image by Edlimagno
  • 3. That means half of us may be feeling left out
    Image by α is for äpΩL †
  • 4. With so many people getting smartphones, why would you not get one?
    Image by Tizzalicious
  • 5. Data plans are expensive
  • 6. A 500MB data plan on Rogers may cost you an extra $25 a month
    Image by KittyCanuck
  • 7. To some, 3Ginternet access is essential
  • 8. Unfortunately, this is an energy intensive technology
  • 9. The iPhone 4 battery lasts for 6 hours using 3G
    Image by oskaline
  • 10. The power requirements of the technology being built into mobile devices is growing at twice the pace of battery-capacity increases
    Image by Claudio Schwarz
  • 11. We may soon find that our thirst for more power will leave us offline
    Image by cerfman17
  • 12. 72% of iPhone users have downloaded 10 or more apps
    Image by mosippy
  • 13. At an average of $5/app,
    this is an extra $50 that would notbe spent otherwise
    Image by MusicallySilent
  • 14. In a joint study, it was found that 15 of 30 popular phone applications send users’ geographic location to advertisement servers
    Image by Dave
  • 15. The same study found that 7 of these 30 applications sent your unique phone identifier, your phone number, and SIM card serial number to developers
    Image by Dirty Clint 357
  • 16. But how well can you
  • 17. Many students find themselves or their peers checking Facebook or playing games on their smartphones
    in class
    Image by lennox_mcdough
  • 18. Who knows how many people are checking Facebook at the wheel
    Image by kaysha
  • 19. It is clear that smartphones do not come without their not-so-smart issues
    Image by frenzypic
  • 20. The next time you feel left out for not having a smartphone, remember that sometimes that may be the smarter option
    Image chopr
  • 21. Works Cited
    All images are licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 agreement, and sourced from flickr