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What the dog saw
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What the dog saw

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  • 1. What the Dog Saw
  • 2. Stories
    The Pitchman – Ron Popeil and the conquest of the American Kitchen
  • 3. Nathan Morris, Arnold Morris, SJ Popeil
    Ron Popeil
    First family of the American kitchen
    Product development and marketing were indistinguishable
    Pioneer in taking the secrets of the pitchmen to the TV screen
    RoncoShowtime Rotisserie
  • 4. The way they did it
    Maniacal attention to product detail
    Optimal speed, evenness to the browning
    No market researcher, no advertising agency
    They made the product the star
    Dial O Matic, Veg o Matic, Chop o Matic
  • 5. The Ketchup Conundrum
    Grey had a magic conversion rate
    Sophistication and complex
    Paid more than double
    Jim Wigon
    Build a better ketchup
  • 6. Ketchup
    Early 19th century – Benzoates Vs Vinegar
    Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Umami
    Amplitude – word sensory experts use to describe flavors that are well blended and balanced
    World’s Best Ketchup Vs Heinz
  • 7. True Colors
    Shirley Polykoff
    Miss Clairol – 1st hair Colour bath
    She wrote legendary copy for the brand
    Does she or doesn’t she
    The closer he gets, the better you look
    If I’ve only one life, let me live it as a blonde
    7 % to 40 % (50’s to the 70’s)
    Women’s lib, the workplace…..
  • 8.
  • 9.
    • Campaigns were a sensation
    • 10. Gave it respectability
  • L’oreal Preference
    Was just 10 cents more
    ‘Because I’m worth it’
    In the 1980’s, surpassed Clairol as the best selling hair color
    Became the slogan for the whole company
    All L’oreal models were blonde, but of a particular type
  • 11. Blonde Periodic Table –
    Bombshell, Sunny, Brassy, Dangerous, Society, Cool
    Between Sunny and Brassy
    Managed to capture the feminist sensibilities of the day in a phrase
    By the mid 90’s, the communication of both had changed
  • 12. What the dog saw
    Cesar Millan – Host of Dog Whisperer on NGC
    Arrives in canine chaos and leave back peace
    Students of human movement
    Pay a huge attention to our faces, jaws, hands
    Laban Movement
    Phrasing = Posture + Gesture
    Rhythmic , Timing
  • 13. The art of failure
    Jana Novotna
    Choked Vs Panicked
    Explicit learning Vs Implicit Learning
    After EL, IL takes over
    Under conditions of stress, the Explicit system takes over
    Playing with slow, cautious deliberation
    Choking is loss of instinct
    Choking is about thinking too much
  • 14. The art of failure
    In Panic, you stop thinking
    It causes perceptual narrowing
    It is reversion to instinct
    The graveyard spiral
    JFK Jr Panicked
  • 15. Blow Up
    1986 Challenger; 1956 Three Mile
    0 Rings and Morton Thiokol
    Normal Accident
    Risk Homeostasis
  • 16. Thanks