How full is your bucket

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  • 1. How Full Is Your Bucket? By: Tom Rath & Donald O. Clifton
  • 2.  
  • 3. Negativity, Positivity and Productivity
    • Killing Productivity
      • Bad boss could increase the risk of stroke and heart attack
      • Scaring of customers
      • Having extremely negative employees costs US economy between $250 - $ 300 billion every year in lost productivity alone
      • Bucket filling in Organizations
        • Recognition and Praise leads to increased productivity, better engagement with colleagues, loyalty towards the organization and higher level of satisfaction
        • 9 out of 10 people say they are more productive when they are around positive people
  • 4. Making it personal
    • Recognition Cap
      • Employees need and want recognition and praise, the fact is, they don’t get enough and the organizations suffer because of it
      • Formal recognition programs – “Employee of the month”
    • Recognition is most appreciated and effective when it is individualized, specific and deserved
    • One size does not fit all – approach (case of best customer care executive award)
  • 5. Subject Marks our of 100     English 80 Maths 90 Biology 93 Physics 65 Chemistry 59
  • 6. Positive emotions can:
    • Every moment and every conversation matters
    • We experience approx. 20,000 individual moments everyday
    • If we recollect a memory it will either be a positive or a negative moment
    • In some cases, a single encounter can change lives forever
    Emergence of Positive Psychology
    • Protect us from or even undo the effects of negative emotions
    • Can transform people
    • Broaden our thinking, encouraging us to discover new lines of thought or action
    • Build durable physical, intellectual, social and psychological resources that can function as “reserves” during trying times
    • Improve overall performance of a group (when leaders express more positive emotions)
  • 7. The Author’s story “ I may have been frustrated but I never railed against fate”
  • 8. Five strategies for increasing positive approach
    • Prevent Bucket dipping
    • Shine a light on what is Right
    • Make best friends
    • Give unexpectedly
    • Reverse the golden rule
  • 9. Take away …
    • Try to look at the positive side of a situation or a person
    • Positivity and optimism can boost up the morale of the whole organization and can shoot up the productivity graph drastically
    • A conversation should start with a positive note
    • We should try to keep the tonality of our conversations positive
    • We should try to work out solutions for our problems rather than sitting and feeling bad about what has happened
    • Good work/ behavior/ action should be praised and recognised
    • Each individual has his or her own way of motivation. Therefore, their rewards should be personalized and customized
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  • 12. Thanks Have a great day …