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2009 Chs Tri Fold Inside
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2009 Chs Tri Fold Inside


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Published in: Business, Real Estate

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  • 1. Five Reasons You Should 4. Home Buyers Can Actually Curb appeal now starts on Visualize the Potential of a Home Stage® a Vacant House Nine out of every ten people walking in the internet. your house have no imagination of the The National Association of Realtors wonderful possibilities your home has to 1. People Don't Buy Vacant Properties, offer them. They just can’t picture it. Don’t 88% of home estimates that over They Buy Homes The number one reason a buyer purchases a home is because it "felt like let a simple thing like no furniture or buyers shop on-line for their home." It was warm and inviting, the buyer made limited furniture ruin your sale. If they next home. This is where first an emotional connection with the home. When can’t see it, they can’t buy it. Staging is impressions are made, and as we all know, have you ever heard of an empty room described within your budget and timeframe. you have only one chance to make a as warm and inviting? Sterile, cold and uninviting memorable first impression. are the three most popular words to describe an 5. Paying For Two Mortgages Can Get empty room. Expensive Let’s look at the facts: After Staging®, Chico Home Staging will a vacant home typically takes twice as provide attention grabbing photographs 2. Without Furniture There Is No long to sell and the longer a house "sits" of your home to use in online and print Frame of Reference How big is the room? on the market, the lower the sales price. marketing. These photos will help create Without furniture it’s incredibly difficult to tell the Why risk paying two mortgages longer, interest in your home for potential buyers and scale and size of a room. A sofa, table or even a only to have the sales price be lower than other Real Estate Agents. It is important to bed in a room can provide these specifics. it would have been if you had the home have appealing photos of your home on the professionally staged. MLS or your home may be dismissed with the 3. When A Room Is Kept Empty, the click of a mouse. Buyers Can't Define the Space When the buyer does not have answers to their Staging is a crucial ingredient in the questions… they walk away. They may ask recipe for a successful sale. themselves “What is this room for?” Don’t keep Buyers want a well priced home in a good them guessing, it only distracts them from location that looks like it is a home from a considering the home as a purchase. Chico Home design magazine. We know how to add value Staging capitalizes on the positive aspects of a to your home and give it that magazine photo home, to define the spaces and to make an look in a cost effective manner. emotional connection with buyers. Chico Home Staging will accentuate the finest features of the home, creating a sense of warmth, comfort, and a pleasing lifestyle. Buyers will be able to imagine how they will enjoy living in the home and the value it will add to their lives. For More Info: Stacey Gibson 521.9117