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Opower slides by hannah
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Opower slides by hannah


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. A Case of Energy Efficiency Co-creation Presented by Hannah (intern) Feb 25th, 2011
  • 2. OPOWER Quick Facts • Founded: in 2007, Arlington, VA • Energy efficiency and Smart grid software company • 60 employees in 2009, 180 in late 2010 • Customers: utility company + household customers • Currently working with 50 utilities—including 8 of 10 the largest in 21 states across US • Delivered energy reports to 5 million households • Engaged more than 10 million via customer web portal • Since first program in 2008, cumulatively saved Americans more than $22 million, along with enough energy to power nearly 50,000
  • 3. OPOWER Key People Daniel Yates • B.A. in Computer Science, Harvard University • Was CEO of Edusoft, an educational software company; Sold the company in 2004 • Founded OPOWER in 2007 Dr. Robert Cialdini • Social psychologist • Behaviour Science • Normative Messaging
  • 4. OPOWER OPOWER ApproachPlatform • AEMS Framework Analyze, Engage, Measure, Sustain • Cutting edge behavioural science: • Normative Messaging • Patent-pending data analytics: • The Insights Engine
  • 5. The Insight Engine
  • 6. OPOWER Products & Services • Advanced Customer Engagement—OPOWER’s 3.0 Platform • Home Energy Reports • Energy Efficiency Portal • Smart Grid • CSR Tools
  • 7. OPOWER
  • 8. OPOWER Micro Work with Engage with Utilities OPOWER Customers• Make Efficiency goals • Analyze • Read the analysis• Provide resources/data • Engage • Understand suggestions • Measure • Take energy-saving actions • Sustain Energy Saved
  • 9. System Level 1: Utility Customer—utility CompanyCustomers Offer: customer information, knowledge and skills they possess,willingness to learn and action, potential behavior to change etc. Will Benefit: money savings, reputation-image, reduced env impactUtility Companies Offer: OPOWER 3.0 Platform, detailed energy use analysis,home energy report/portal, energy saving recommendations Level 1 Will Benefit: Financial benefits, government Level 1
  • 10. System Level 2: Utility Company—OPOWERUtilities Offer: Utility Bills, customer profile, smart grid data Will Benefit: Avoided peak power moment, energy savings, costeffectiveness, public image, achieved efficiency goals, and regulation complianceOPOWER Offer: OPOWER 3.0 Platform, detailed energy use analysis, home energyreport/portal, energy saving recommendations Will Benefit: Financial benefits, government support, energy savings, public Level 1image Level 1 Level 2
  • 11. System Level 3: Government--Household, utilities and OPOWERGovernment Offers: tax reduction, regulatory/financial support etc. Will benefit: Energy savings, economic increase, green jobs, internationalreputation, etc. Level 1 1 Level Level 2 Level 3
  • 12. OPOWERPlatform
  • 13. Critical Thinking • Rebound Effect • Higher energy consumers reduce • Lower energy consumers remain • May not work for different classes of people, except technology early-adopters, penny-pinchers and green activists etc. • Paper wasting? • Compared with other Home Energy Magt: • Prepaid Electricity • Time-Of-Use Pricing • Home Energy Automation