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Issue 3

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ChickenBallSoup issue 3

  1. 1. ChickenBallSoupMay 152010Chickenballsoup: A source for all your film related needs. Want to know something about the film of yesterday or the film of today? Well you’ve come to the right place.Expect the Average. Get Far More<br />To The Reader, From the Editor<br />Hello reader, and welcome to the third edition of ChickenBallSoup. This week, due to scheduling issues, we have not gotten writer comments up. Not to worry, because I can definitely say we will have them in about two weeks. Otherwise, this issue should be as entertaining as the rest, and hopefully you will enjoy it. Once again, the articles in this issue are predominantly movie reviews, something we seem to have a lot of. Oh well. Carry on. – Artem Naida, Editor<br />-85725307340<br />Paul Cho<br />Writer<br />14/05/10<br />Clash of the Titans<br />On April 2nd, a remake movie of a 80s classic “Clash of the Titans” was released, attracting thousands of people, from those who have seen it as children, to some action-obsessed movie lovers, to hardcore nerds attracted to the awesome CGI works of the special effects legend, Ray Harryhausen. <br />19050214376036290252143760This movie takes in fantasy world of ancient Greek time, where struggle for power and pride pits the mortals (humans) against their own creators, the immortals (gods). Born half a god and half a man, the demigod Perseus loses his family’s lives to the god of the underground, Hades, during his early manhood. Fearless and determined to seek revenge on Hades, Perseus volunteers to take a lead in a band of brave warriors set to defeat Hades and his fearsome monster named the Kraken, before Hades can seize power and overtake Zeus (the god of the Heavens, creator of the humans). Despite of his certain fate of death during the journey, he will have to defy his own set oracle and create his own destiny to take on the mystical journey into the underworld.<br />Since I didn’t watch the 1981’s version of the movie, since I think it would ruin my eyesight looking at those horrible computer graphics, I couldn’t compare this year’s remake to the original on my own, but looking at various movies review sites made me come to a conclusion, that this year’s remake unfortunately was considered not as good as the original film. Of course, this hell of an action film had more realistic computer graphics and sick battles between ancient mythological monsters and the nearly invincible demigod Perseus, but in terms of overall plot, the remake version of the movie just didn’t add up. Overall flow of the story was pretty good, but unfortunately, the most important part of the movie, the ENDING just felt a lot like another Crystal Skull. I guess this movie was just another pretty face with no substance behind it.<br />28575257175<br />Emmett Levin<br />Writer<br />14/05/10<br />Dorian Gray<br />“Dorian Gray” (2009) was wrongfully nominated for best film in 2009. Thankfully it was unsuccessful and did not get the award. My first problem with the movie is that it was extremely disturbing. In the beginning Dorian Gray is a young attractive man who is extremely innocent. He inherits a mansion as well as a fortune that formerly belonged to a diseased relative. He meets a friend who helps him out in fitting in with the rest of the wealthy. Dorian gets his portrait painted and it looks magnificent. He then accidentally sells his soul to the devil and from that point on he doesn’t age, can’t be scarred and his previous blemishes have disappeared. Instead the painting gets scars, ages, bruises and all other physical blemishes so Dorian is forced to hide it under lock and key. He then falls in love with a girl and cheats on her; she finds out and commits suicide. Dorian is devastated and through his infinite knowledge and advice from his friend he decides the best thing to do now is to go hurt his body some more. Throughout the movie Dorian has sexual intercourse many times, kills many people and does drugs regularly. Sixty years later, (no scenes are shown when he leaves) he comes back completely unchanged (in appearance) his friends are all awestricken and beg him for how he did it. Dorian keeps his secret to himself but soon falls in love with his best friend’s daughter. Knowing what Dorian is capable of the father forbids his daughter from seeing him and banishes Dorian from his home. Against the wishes of his friend, Dorian sees his new love again and does what he does in almost every situation, has sex. Soon enough Dorian’s “friend” gets a hold of the key and burns the picture causing Dorian to turn into what he truly looks like and he dies. In the end the picture changes back to normal. <br />The bottom line: due to an enormous amount of graphic content I actually had difficulty watching the movie. I would not suggest this movie to any human being and certainly not those who have weak stomachs.<br />2857514605Genie Gokhman<br />Writer<br />14/05/10<br />A Couple’s Retreat<br />‘A Couple’s Retreat’ is a really funny movie! I really liked it; it’s one of the best romantic comedies I have seen in a long while! It is rated pg-13, and has only a small bit of sexual-suggestive content. I saw it with my parents and they really enjoyed it. I recommend it to absolutely everyone, if they’re 13 and older (because of the sexual-suggestive content). Guys will enjoy this movie just as much as a girl, for it is a successful comedy. The movie is pretty much about four troubled couples that go on a couple’s retreat, where they receive couple’s therapy. Unfortunately for them, it is nothing like what they had expected, and some things go completely wrong. But hey, it’s a movie, so of course everyone lives happily ever after at the end… right?<br />-104775227330<br />Artem Naida<br />Head Editor/Writer<br />14/05/10<br />Gladiator<br />The movie “Gladiator” follows the story of Maximus, a Roman general. The opening scene of the movie is a pretty epic battle, which Maximus wins for Rome. The current Roman emperor oversees it, and after the battle, expresses his wish that once he dies, Maximus takes power and returns it to the Senate and people, making Rome a republic once more. His heir is not very happy to hear this news, and kills the Emperor, blaming it on his age to take power. He then asks Maximus to join his rule. When Maximus refuses, he sends him to be executed, and orders Maximus’ family killed. Maximus escapes the execution, but his family does not, and when he finds them he collapses and is taken to be a slave as a Gladiator by slave traders. Now all he has to live for is revenge. <br />