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ChickenBallSoup Issue 1

  1. 1. ChickenBallSoupApril 282010Chickenballsoup: A source for all your film related needs. Want to know something about the film of yesterday or the film of today? Well you’ve come to the right place.Expect the Average. Get Far More<br />To The Reader, From the Editor<br />Welcome reader to the first ever issue of ChickenBallSoup. This magazine was intended to be your reliable source for current and past film. In an ever changing world, you need an ever-changing magazine. Good. That’s why we’re here. If ever you seem lost or just need some opinions on good film, we’ve worked hard to give you a place to go to. Sit back and enjoy.<br />Intro to the Staff<br />Artem Naida, Head Editor and WriterHello, I’m Artem Naida, head editor of ChickenBallSoup. I usually try to write about a not very well known source of good film material. I usually find things to write about from a very good podcast called “Best of YouTube”. This podcast, quite obviously, brings the best of YouTube to you. It has brought me a lot of material and I believe it to be an excellent podcast. Now if only I still had room on my iPod to stay subscribed. Oh well. <br />Genie Gokhman, Editor and WriterHey Hey! I’m Genie and this is our website (the name was my idea) : P. This is pretty much a site where you can check out reviews for old movies from a teens point of view. There are tons of new movies that are out, but we forget about all the awesome old classics! Anyways, hope you find this useful, and I really recommend you watch the movies we review, if they sound interesting of course.<br />Heloo, I am an amateur reviewer writing for ChickenBallSoup, online magazine. I enjoy playing guitar and long walks in the rain… on a beach… while playing guitar… with a large hat on… and goggles… ok fine maybe not that last one… but definitely the part about the hat. Please enjoy my articles :D.<br />Emmett Levin, Writer<br />Paul Cho, WriterAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Hi, I’m Asian. <br />Unfortunately, this is all the staff I got the pleasure of working with on this magazine, but I don’t think I could have picked a better team for my life. The rest of the magazine is in their hands. Enjoy. – Artem Naida, Head Editor<br />Emmett Levin<br />Writer<br />28/04/10<br />Titanic and Donnie Darko<br />“Titanic” (1997) could be one of the most well known movies of our generation. Although many of today’s teenagers haven’t seen it many if not most of them know the plot. I find most classical movies difficult to watch due to the poor picture quality (graphics) but I was unable to find a point in “Titanic” that I would have complained about the graphics. This is definitely impressive considering that much of the movie was done with a green screen. My only real problem was the length, at a whopping 3.5 hours. For those who are unaware of the plot of “Titanic” here it is: “Titanic is a movie about an enormous ship said to be unsinkable. On this ship are many wealthy and middle class people (approximately 2500 people in total). Unfortunately, since the ship was said to be unsinkable there is little need for life rafts so they only put enough to carry about half the passengers. The movie is the story of 2 lovers whose love can never be. Rose, one of the 2 lovers is faced with a serious decision: follow her heart or do what everyone else feels is best. With a few twists the movie stays interesting and adds a lot of suspense. I won’t say any more than that in interest of not ruining the movie.The bottom line: Titanic was a joy to watch even though it was 3.5 hours<br />“Donnie Darko” is one of the most confusing movies out there. Donnie is a teenage boy with some pretty messed up dreams. Due to some serious mental issues Donnie sleepwalks when Donnie sleepwalks he sees Frank. Frank is a man dressed in a bunny suit with a scary mask. Confused yet? Well it only gets more confusing. One day Donnie wakes up on a golf course after having another night of sleep walking, when he comes home he finds that an air plane engine has fallen on his room. No airline takes responsibility for the engine and no planes are found engineless. Throughout the movie Donnie learns about time travel and gets a girlfriend. In the interest of not ruining the ending I won’t go over what happens but I will suggest that you see it with a friend of similar intelligence because you will most likely have a debate about what happens since the movie is open to a lot of interpretation.<br />The bottom line: “Donnie Darko” was a very thought provoking, interesting and confusing movie that was a lot of fun to watch and I would suggest it to any teen.<br />Artem Naida<br />Head Editor/Writer<br />28/04/10<br />The Known Universe<br />The known universe is a short film by the American Museum of Natural History. They have published this film to the public via their YouTube channel which can be found at: . From humble beginnings in the Himalaya Mountains, “The Known Universe” takes the viewer on an epic journey through what we can see of the universe. This is the ultimate visual aid in seeing just how unbelievably small we really are. Using breathtaking graphics and intricate, seemingly fragile diagrams of the complex fluctuations of various objects, this film doesn’t just show the viewer how big the universe is, it takes the viewer on a personal journey through these distances. Somehow, the combination of the classical orchestra soundtrack along with the strikingly new-age computer graphics create a personal connection with the viewer, and allow him to view the film as if it were happening to them personally. Because of this effect, the viewer gains a much deeper personal understanding of the universe, and the viewer gains a lot of perspective on life. Whether this is a good or bad thing, I cannot tell. But I challenge you to. See the video yourself at<br />Genie Gokhman<br />Writer and Editor<br />29/04/10<br />Overboard<br />`“Overboard” is a great movie from 1987, staring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Goldie Hawn plays Joanna- she’s this SUPER rich woman who thinks nothing is ever good enough for her. When she falls overboard she suffers from memory loss, and one of the guys who works for her, Dean Proffitt, tells her she’s his wife. It’s really funny because he has 4 disobedient boys, and they’re really poor. He convinces her that she always milks the cow and fetches the water, and sews clothes and blah blah blah (I don’t remember exactly what he made her do ‘cause I saw it a while ago). She learns to do things like cooking for the first time in her life, and learns to love people instead of money. It’s a really cute movie and it’s really funny. You’ll be laughing through most of the movie, and if you’re very sensitive, you might even shed a tear. I really recommend this movie, it’s like a classical. I recommend this movie for people of ALL ages, and for anyone who likes a good classical laugh (it’s rated PG!). <br />Paul Cho<br />Writer<br />28/10/04<br />Iron Man 2<br />Ok, action lovers and gizmo freaks, here’s some awesome news for you. Iron Man 2, a much anticipated sequel of one of the best blockbuster movies of all time, Iron Man is finally ready to sweep the theatres on May 7th. Here’s some summary of the film from various web sources (Spoiler Warning!!):<br /> The movie starts off at the very last scenes of its predecessor, where the billionaire playboy Tony Starks, starred by Robert Downey Jr, admits to his true identity and reveals himself as Iron Man. This declaration upsets a Russian man named Ivan Evanko, who believes that Tony has stolen the design from his father, and plans for revenge. While a mysterious foe emerges from Vanko, the Iron Man is faced with another enemy: the great archrival Justin Hammer, backed with the assistance of the government, who is upset over the fact that Stark wouldn’t turn over his great suit technology for nation’s defence. Soon the two foes unite in effort to destroy the Iron Man once and for all. <br />Despite all the serious and antagonistic reviews about Iron Man 2 and suggestions about how it will fail to fill up the big hole that its predecessor left, I think this summer blockbuster will be one hell of an adventure. As a lot of people suggest, it may feel pretty light on the overall plot itself, but if you are a large-scale action lover like me, you will certainly be satisfied with Iron Man 2. It might be a little short on filling up the high hopes from Jon Favreau’s first film, but it would definitely be worth going to the theatres and just getting amused by blockbuster graphics and also the entertaining deliverance of the billionaire Tony Stark character by Robert Downey Jr.<br />