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IXDA Chicago - Interaction08 Recap
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IXDA Chicago - Interaction08 Recap


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Slides from the Chicago chapter of the IXDA recap of the first international conference.

Slides from the Chicago chapter of the IXDA recap of the first international conference.

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  • 1. Interaction08 Savannah Local Recap Frank Gruger -Orbitz Worldwide Nick Iozzo - Tandem Seven Janna Devylder - Arc Worldwide Carolyn Chandler - Manifest Digtial
  • 2. First things first...
  • 3. First things first...
    • Congratulations Janna!
    2008 IXDA Board member
  • 4. 3 Big Ideas
    • Serendipity, Chance, Confusion
    • Embrace Tools from Other Disciplines
    • You don't need to be a better designer
  • 5. First a bit of fun
  • 6. Serendipity, Chance, Confusion
    • Create friendly barriers
    • Usable is boredom; the system as a provocateur
    • Systems that “bite back”
    • Creating coincidences
    • Device art- when does are become a gadget and what can we learn from it?
  • 7. Matt Jones and Dopplr
    • Designing for Spacetime
    • Creating your own coincidences
    • Longs for the golden age of air hospitality/sociality
  • 8. When did travel go from this, to…
  • 9.  
  • 10. Dopplr
    • Controlling “chance” meetings
    • Opt in network
    • Web services, not web sites
  • 11. Context Maps
  • 12. Embrace Tools from Other Disciplines
    • Dan Brown and Concept Models
    • Learning from film – Pixar process, storyboarding to create delight
    • Sketching vs. Prototyping - Buxton
  • 13. Concept Models
  • 14. Concept Models
    • Simple- just circles and lines
    • Engaging to everyone- business owners, engineers, marketers
  • 15. Storyboarding Interaction
    • Work less like GM, more like Pixar
    • In person discussion, not email
    • Criticism is OK
  • 16. Sketching vs. Protyping
    • Not low fidelity and high fidelity
    • Right fidelity and wrong fidelity
    • Use the correct fidelity for the maturity of the design idea
  • 17. “You don't need to be a better designer”
    • Jonathan Ive
    • Started at Apple in 1992
    • Should have been fired
    • Steve Jobs designed the
    • eco-system that made the
    • iPod successful
    -Bill Buxton
  • 18. Alan Cooper
    • Business is obsessed with “first to market” “see what sticks”
    • Best to market wins every time
    • iRiver was innovative, iPod came a year later
    • Management is equipped to handle industrial process
    • Creating software is more like a pre-industrial craft
    • Interaction designers are the best equipped people to bridge the gap between managers and software developers.
  • 19. Yes, we had the usual fun
  • 20. Useful Links
    • Molly Wright Steenson on Strategic Boredom
    • Cooper Summary on Logic+Emotion
    • Flicker tag: interaction08
    • Designing for Spacetime