Healthy Chicago- Impact on Maternal & Child Health


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These slides were presented at the Annual Meeting of the Illinois Maternal & Child Health Coalition on June 5, 2012.

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  • India; though a developing country is trying its best to have better health indicators, mostly pertaining to maternal and child health. Still we have to go a long way and achieve our goals and that is possible by interdisciplinary and public awareness about their rights and unmet needs. Cos women in India have to be empowered for taking decision for their welfare. the kind of work done in other states and part of the world is commendable and appreciated, hope it has also been to some extent been replicated in India and helped us in replicating for best results and outcome!!

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  • Does not include violence prevention, HIV, cancer, heart disease, public health infrastructure, not b/c they aren’t important and relevant but because we had to focus.
  • Needs 09 data
  • Needs new graph made. - 31.8/1000 birthrate for women under 20; however the high rate communities are as high as 54.7/1000 72% of all teen births occur in just 34 communities According to the 2009 Youth Risk Behavior Survey: 44.9% of 9 th graders report having sex (YRBS 09) 34.9% did not use a condom during last sexual intercourse (YRBS 09)
  • Healthy Chicago identified 56 policies, only a fraction of what is needed to truly create a Healthy Chicago. We have worked continuously to add new policy strategies as opportunities arise, and this is the area where we will grow the agenda most moving forward. Let me share with you some of our policy success that support healthy women, children and families.
  • All 19 birthing hospitals in Chicago have completed the assessment to become certified as a Baby Friendly Hospital, as defined by the World Health Organization. 10 of these have officially entered the pathway to become Baby Friendly: 5 are in phase 1 5 are in phase 2
  • Board of health issued standards for child care centers in 2009 regarding nutrition, physical activity and screen time. With support from the Sprague Memorial Institute, and in partnership with the Erikson Institute and Illinois Action for Children, nearly 90 trainings have been conducted across the City, reaching over 1400 providers. All licensed day care centers should be adopting the standards, which as of 12/20/11 was 743 centers
  • .   We have 56 schools certified and are working with many others to meet the HUSSC criteria.
  • We know that policy change is only part of the challenge. Once supportive policies are in place, we need to ensure that the services and programming is offered to further facilitate healthy behaviors.
  • 2011—52% of kids were screened and 2010 57% of kids were screened—clearly not the right direction but in 2012 rolling 12 mo we are up to 54% in February.
  • To date, 340 schools and 73,172 have received an exam during the 2011/2012 school year (much data is pending). WE are expanding to see High school students next school year.
  • Our educational and public awareness strategies are designed to provide residents with the information they need to make healthy choices and – through training - to provide providers with the tools they need to best help keep Chicagoans healthy.
  • This is the winning image from out Chicago Tobacco Prevention Project’s "Quit Week" graphic design contest. The ad depicts some of the negative health effects that secondhand smoke can have on children, and reads: "Exhaled by parents. Inhaled by children."
  • This is just a partial list of some of the activities that we are currently work on. We consider Healthy Chicago to be a “living document” and as I said earlier, we are always adding new strategies. I would encourage any of you here today to contact us with potential strategies or ideas. Asthma initiative—pilot with UIC ER; children w/ asthma attack; CDPH will be notified and we will do a home visit (lead Nurse CM) inspector will do a building inspection to determine and rid asthma triggers (under development)
  • Healthy Chicago- Impact on Maternal & Child Health

    1. Chicago Department of Public Health Healthy Chicago: Impact on Maternal and Child Health June 5, 2012 Bechara Choucair, MD Commissioner Chicago Department of Public Health @choucair on #IMCHCAM2012 Rahm Emanuel Bechara Choucair, MD Mayor Commissioner
    3. HEALTHY CHICAGOChicago Department of Public Health IT MATTERS Chicago Department of Public Health Rahm Emanuel Bechara Choucair, MD Mayor Commissioner
    4. A Comprehensive Public Health AgendaA blueprint for action to create:»Healthy City»Healthy Neighborhoods»Healthy Homes»Healthy People
    5. HEALTHY CHICAGOChicago Department of Public Health IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOR Chicago Department of Public Health IT’S ABOUT HOW WE BEHAVE AS A CITY Rahm Emanuel Bechara Choucair, MD Mayor Commissioner
    6. IT DEMANDS THAT WE MAKE CHANGES» Policies to ensure health promoting environments» Programs that promote the health of women, children and families» Education so that individuals have the information to make healthy choices and providers have the skills to deliver public health services
    7. Chicago Public Health AgendaChicago Department of Public Health Rahm Emanuel Bechara Choucair, MD Mayor Commissioner
    8. HEALTHY CHICAGOChicago Department of Public Health MOVING TOWARD A HEALTHY CHICAGO Chicago Department of Public Health Rahm Emanuel Bechara Choucair, MD Mayor Commissioner
    9. Chicago Department of Public Health Rahm Emanuel Bechara Choucair, MD Mayor Commissioner
    10. Status of Healthy Chicago (n = 193)by Specific Priority, 2011 (4th Quarter)
    11. Status of Women, Children and Families Strategies (n=70)
    12. Birth Rate Among 10-19 Year Olds(Per 1000)Chicago, 1999-2009Source: Vital Records, Illinois Department of Public Health
    13. Healthy Chicago Policies
    14. Policy Accomplishments Breast Feeding10 Chicago hospitalshave entered thepathway to become BabyFriendly
    15. Policy Accomplishments Child Care Standards• Standards for nutrition, physical activity and screen time• 90 trainings reached 1,400 day care center providers • All licensed day care centers are adopting standards, which as of 12/20/11 was 743 centers
    16. Policy Accomplishments Tobacco Prevention• 1638 units of private smoke-free housing• 4 CHA smoke-free developments • 750 undercover stings for illegal sales to minors
    17. Policy Accomplishments School Health• Established Office of Adolescent and School Health• Hired CPS Chief Health Officer• Expanded STI screening in CPS schools• Improved nutritional standards for school meals• 56 schools certified by Healthier US School Challenge
    18. Healthy Chicago Programs
    19. Program Accomplishments ImmunizationsIncrease immunization rates forchildren in WICNational award for immunizationimprovement - past two yearsDistribute 1.2 million vaccinesthrough VFC programConduct activities to promoteadolescent immunizations•HPV priority of Healthy ChicagoAgenda
    20. Program Accomplishments Adolescent Health• STI screenings – 8,592 educated; 5,778 screened (FY12 to date)• Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative – 4500 students received curriculum and supports (FY12)• Teen dating violence prevention – 5000 youth and parents**anticipated 2012-2016
    21. Program Accomplishments Maternal and Child Home Visits16,000 Nursing Home visits (2011)
    22. Program Accomplishments: Lead50,594 6mo-35mo olds screened for blood lead poisoning
    23. Program Accomplishments:Promoting Oral Health among Children 112, 332 CPS students received an oral health exam during 2010/2011 school year
    24. Education and Public Awareness
    25. Education: Raise Public Awareness• Breastfeeding• Food Access• Smoke-free environments• Vaccines
    26. Education Accomplishments Obesity
    27. Education Accomplishments Tobacco Prevention
    28. Education AccomplishmentsA growing number of youth express no interest in smoking, or are trying to quit.
    29. Education AccomplishmentsVaccine Preventable Illnesses
    30. Education Accomplishments Communicable Disease Control• ICAAP training partnership with Providers to increase immunization coverage• 47 TB prevention and treatment Education session delivered to healthcare providers and the public
    31. What’s Next?
    32. Coming Soon• Asthma Initiative• Bicycle helmets• Healthy CPS Action Plan• Play streets• Obesity report on CPS students• Lactation rooms in City buildings• Seek funding for school-based adolescent vaccine program• Expand school based health centers• New wellness policy for CPS
    33. HEALTHY CHICAGOChicago Department of Public Health Together we will Make Chicago a healthier city!
    34. HEALTHY CHICAGOChicago Department of Public Health Let’s Keep Moving!