The beatles


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The beatles

  1. 1. A STORY OF A MYTHFormation and early yearsThe Beatles’ nameThe Hamburg experienceFirst record contractThe Beatles go to AmericaMoviesThe Beatles start to changeThe break upConclusions
  2. 2. Formation and earlyyears• John lead Lennon guitarist  The • Start to play Quarrymen, Rock „n Roll in March and Stu 1957 and 15 Sutcliffe join years Paul the band Mc Cartney and give the join John as idea for their guitarist and name George Harrison as
  3. 3. “The Beatles” name (August 1960)• It comes from• And
  4. 4. The Hamburg experience• In 1960 they had their first tour in Germany• Harrison was 17 so he was allowed to leave only by lying to German authorities about his age• They hire Pete Best as a new member of the group but the tour finish too soon: – after a month and a half Mc Cartney and Best were arrested – Lennon wanted to return to Liverpool – Sutcliff came back only after a month because of a girl
  5. 5. • After this experience they were resident in Hamburg for further periods and became quite famous in Germany.• Stu quit the band to go back to studies and so Paul took up the bass guitar• They started to have success also in Britain with the single “My Bonnie”
  6. 6. The Record Contract• New manager : Brian Epstein• He get the band a one- year record contract in 1962 and the had their first record session in Abbey Road studios in June• Based on the contract they must have a studio dummer for all recordings so this was a good excuse to fire P. Best and replace him with Ringo Star.
  7. 7. After the contract• “Love me do” and “P.s. I love you” were for months in the top 20 hits• By early 1963 their fame began to soar• With “Please please me” performed live in a TV show the “BEATLES” logo start to be a symbol and get start at the
  8. 8. The Beatles go to America • In February 9, 1964 the Beatles appearance on the The Ed Sullivan Show that ensured Beatlemania in America
  9. 9. Movies 1964, A Hard Day‟s Night1965, Help! 1967, Magical Mistery Tour 1968, Yellow Submarine 1970, Let it Be
  10. 10. The Beatles start to change• By 1966, the Beatles were growing weary of their popularity and decided to end their touring and solely record albums.• Beatles began to shift to psychedelic influences and that ones shaped their Sgt. Pepper album.
  11. 11. The break up• On August 20, 1969, the Beatles recorded together for the very last time and in 1970 the group officially dissolved.
  12. 12. Conclusions• The Beatles are the best-selling band in history, and over four decades after their break-up, their recordings are still in demand.• Thanks for your attention!• Francesca Ridolfi• Alexandra Mateescu