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Pro log fed


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  • 1. Production log:Double page spread and film poster
  • 2. Setting up the double page spread.Here I have placed my background image for thedouble page spread. In order to have a layout for adouble page spread, I selected ‘2-3’ to create twopages. The image that has been used for mybackground is the same image used for my film review, I used the content in thisthis is because I wanted to keep the representation of text box to create thethe product consistent. I have also divided what will be layout of my doubleon each side of the double page spread. On the left page spread.hand side I decided to place minimal text which wouldbe the headline, and the reviewers comment. On theright hand side I have placed grid lines to help me withthe placement of text.
  • 3. Placement of textHere I placed the mock text on the double pagesee how it would look if I placed the real text ofmy article. Also, by placing the text I was able toplay around with alignment. I have also created through columns ; In these three columns is where the text will placed with the background behind the text. Again, I used the main image to maintain a consistency in the presentation of the product. However, I did place an image of a scene in the short film on the double page spread. This would give the audience an idea as to what to expect in the film, also it linked with the background image as the genre of the film was horror.
  • 4. Fitting the main image and theplacement of the mock up text Here the text has been placed in the three columns, again I used the mock text to see how the placement of the article would look. In order to fit the image accordingly on the double page spread, I selected ‘Fitting’ and the ‘Fit Frame Proportionally’. I decided to select these two options because it would make the placement of the image look professional and neat rather than stretched’.
  • 5. Cropping the ratings I used the software Adobe Photoshop to crop the white outline of the stars, in order to suit the background of the double pageI selected ‘Fit Content to frame’ spread. I selected the wand tool onto make the ratings look smaller Photoshop which helped me crop thelike the conventional ones used image. Once cropped I opened up thein many film reviews. image in InDesign and made the image smaller by selecting ‘ Fit Content to Frame’.
  • 6. Creating the title for the double page spread This what my mock up text that I wanted to use for the title of the review which was initially ‘The lying game’. However, this was then changed because it wasn’t catchy enough as the whole point of review titles is to draw the reader in. As a result of this the title was then changed to ‘Liar Liar Oscar Tryer’. This title worked best because it suited the information in the article about the film. Although the information of the title was changed, once aspect of the title that was kept the same was the font style ‘Bernard MT Condensed’. I chose this font style because it had an eerie element to it as the genre of the short film is horror. Furthermore, the article was to be a review of one of Empire magazines, which meant that the font style had to be formal.
  • 7. The double page spreadNote to examiner:I accidently selected this double page spread as it wassupposed to be the double page spread that had thebox inserted at the right of the page .The box includesdetails about the film, and what can be found on thedouble page spread. Layout of double page spread: •Three columns •Headline has been aligned •Placement of institution’s logo ‘Empire’ •Image has been inserted (climax of the film) to draw the reader into the product •Image that has been placed is linked to the background as it is where the climax of the film happens (forest scene) •Star rating (again, this is another strategic element of the double page spread to draw readers in) •Stand first ‘ Peter Robinson..’ introduces the topic of discussion in the article •Drop cap has been used with the letter ‘W’ to highlight where article begins. •Inserting the drop cap (most effective point made by the reviewer but also summarises their view point of the film).
  • 8. The film poster For the background of my poster I used the same image because I wanted to maintain a consistency in the presentation of the product. The background also links with the genre of the short film which is horror. I did not want to add an image from the short film on the poster. Editing the main image: • Initial image – forest • Reflection of main image • Image is blurred • Bernard Shaw used as text • Same text used on poster • Importing stars and cropping stars • Age rating (poster) why did you choose 12A?(minimal violence, no swearing but exceeds expectation of PG) • ADDING SMOKE TO CREATE EERIE ATMOSPHERE. • TAGLINE – ‘How well can you play?’