Fifth Quadrant Catalog of Programs


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Fifth Quadrant Programs - Negotiations, Sales, Leadership, Breakthroughs.

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Fifth Quadrant Catalog of Programs

  1. 1. ProgramsPrograms “The best way to predict future is to create it.”
  2. 2. Welcome Fifth Quadrant Business Development Pvt. Ltd. 603, Gobind parc, 17 Hall Road, Richards Town, Bangalore 560005. Email 91 9845533433 Chetan Walia Director WelcometoFifthQuadrant-arangeofspecialistresult-orientedtrainingprograms. Our aim is to deliver to you the best return on investment on the subjects that we delve in. All the programs presented here in this document are researched, designed and practiced over a number of years. Thus giving the participants a great foundation, experience and motivation to practice, improve andlearnnewskillsandbehaviours. These are programs ranging from short three-four hour workshops to longer interventions. Whatever program you choose, you can rely on Fifth Quadrant and it’s reputation in training and consulting domaintodeliverexcellentresults. We hope this makes it even easier for you to find the right learning opportunity to meet your specific goals. Allprogramsarecustomizedtomeetyourrequirements. PleasefeelfreetowritetomeatChetan@FifthQuadrant.netorcallmedirectlyon91-9845533433ifyou have any questions or you want any advice on training, learning and development, and on creating performancedrivenorganizationsandcultures.
  3. 3. IndexIndex Negotiations-------------------------------------------6 Sales---------------------------------------------------8 Breakthrough Achievement---------------------------12 Coaching----------------------------------------------14 Innovation--------------------------------------------18 Impossible Dreams------------------------------------20 Excel or Perish-----------------------------------------21 Leadership Development------------------------------24 Teaching Approach-----------------------------------29 Contact-----------------------------------------------31
  4. 4. HIT ON SPEED
  5. 5. HIT ON “ Amongst the various people that my organization has partnered with in the past, none have brought tangible business results like Fifth Quadrant has and that too so very quickly. We exceeded our Q3 numbers against all odds and our on track to meet our heavily and upwardly revised Q4 numbers frozen during this amazing exercise.” Anil Noronha, Chief Human Resources, Onward Novell SPEED
  6. 6. NegotiationNegotiation Overview "Innovative content, outstanding presentation and experienced senior-level peers created a high value course that I will definitely recommend to everyone.” Shaun Braun, Director of Development, Oracle Corporation The Fifth Quadrant Negotiations training course will provide you the skills you need to develop the network of high-productivity relationships critical to success in your job. You will learn negotiation strategies for getting results with difficult people, with cooperative people, with your partners and colleagues,andwithcustomersandsuppliers. You will learn key negotiation skills and then put them into practice through in-class negotiation exercises and real-world case studies. You will receive feedback on your negotiated outcomes in debrief sessions—enabling youtoimproveyour skills throughout the course.Lastly,youwillbeprovidedwith tools that will help you understand and work with your innate negotiation style and personality and to understandhowtonegotiateeffectivelywithotherswhoaredifferent. •Recognize the key elements that affecttheoutcomeofnegotiations. •Use the right information to increase your leveragedramatically. •Negotiate price or perks on just aboutanything. •Understand why "no" is just an openingposition. • Accurately predict responses to your negotiating maneuvers so you can counter themeffectively. • Alwaysgaintheupperhandineverynegotiatingsituationyouencounter. • Use the number one negotiating pressure point to gain concessions from your opponent. After experiencing The Fifth Quadrant NegotiationTraining,you'llbeableto: DurationOptions.. Audience.. 2-5Days Sales,Finance,Purchase (ManagersandExecutives)
  7. 7. NegotiationNegotiation Details Fundamental Negotiation Concepts FundamentalNegotiationConceptsinpractice IntegrativeNegotiations IntegrativeNegotiationsinpractice Multi-IssueNegotiations Multi-IssueNegotiationsinpractice: NegotiatingInTheRealWorld WhenNegotiationGetsUgly WhenNotToNegotiate ThePathToBeingaGeniusNegotiator • Fundamentalconceptstouseineverynegotiation • Howtoplanandprepareforanegotiation • Understandinghowexpectationsimpactanegotiation • Whyintegrative(valuebased)agreements • Howtobuildtrustanddeveloprelationships • Uncoveringtheotherparty’sinterests:howtoaskandnotaskquestions • Avoidingcommunicationirritators • Buildinglong-termrelationshipswiththeotherparty • Howtoidentifyanddiffusegambits(dirtytacticssuchasgoodcop/badcop) • Howtomanageamulti-issuenegotiation • Skillsofeffectivenegotiators • Howtocreatevalue • Postsettlementsettlements • Howandwhentopresentaproposalandcounter-proposal ï BlakeandMouton ConflictInstrument • Understandingandutilizingyournegotiationstyle • Workingwiththosewhohaveadifferentstyle • BlindSpotsandstrategiesofInfluence • Gambitsinnegotiation • Tacticsandcountertacticsofnegotiation • Power-Understandingandgainingit. • Dealingwithirrationality,anger,threats,distrust,andego DurationOptions.. Audience.. 2-5Days Sales,Finance,Purchase (ManagersandExecutives)
  8. 8. SalesSales Overview Using your techniques we increased our business 35% in eight months. More importantly we have 3 times the number of reactivated customers than we used to.” R Wilson, President, American Pipe company DurationOptions.. Audience.. 1-5Days Sales
  9. 9. SalesSales Programs Sales Attitude Got Attitude! How do you think you get sales attitude?Youstudyattitude,youthinkattitude and you express attitude everyday. Seize the opportunity, develop the attitude and wake up ‘saleshappy’. Customer Loyalty Customer Satisfaction is worthless. Customer Loyalty is priceless. Do you serve your customers in a memorable way? Are they loyal toyou?Willtheyrecommendyoutoothers?Are you developing loyal customers for tomorrow? Findouthowyoucanbuildcustomerloyalty. Selling Skills People don’t like to be sold, but that does not mean they don’t like to buy. Learn how to up yoursales. Transition your people from being a sales force tovaluableresources! Q&A Youhavequestions. Youwantanswers. We'vegotanswers. Welcometothequestionbankprogram. You deposit your question, any question - We giveyouanswersyoucanbankon.Answersyou cantaketothemarketandsellwith-today! Close The Deal How do use objections to your advantage? Simpletruthofsales-Noobjection-Nosale.In Close the Deal, you’ll discover proven sales techniques that will help you reach this ideal andfarmoreprofitablelevelofselling. Areyou ready to arm yourself with non manipulative closingtechniquesthatwork? Strategic Selling Incorporate the win-win matrix of Strategic Selling. Access and develop effective sales coaches. Determine the psycho-graphics of your ideal customer. Spot the real decision- makersanddeterminethosewhomaynothave final authority. Recognize an internal deal- killerbeforeitcantakeeffect.LotsMore! The Psychology Of Selling Selling is an Inner Game. Why the top 20 percent of salespeople earn 16 times the averageoftherest? Thepsychologyofbuying How to break a prospect’s preoccupation? Six waystoincreaseeffectiveness.Howtodealwith most common objections? The Law of Six and howitcanhelpyou.Andsomuchmore! Inside Outside The Outside Game of Sales includes Networking, Prospecting, Qualifying, ConsultingandClosing The Inside Game of Sales focuses on Defining Achievable Goals, Establishing Your Mission/Purpose, and Building Your Self- EsteemandSelf-Confidence. DurationOptions.. Audience.. 1-5Days Sales
  10. 10. NEW HEIGHTS
  11. 11. NEW HEIGHTS “I wish to thank you for the Wizard Programs. I was impressed by your deft handling issues, which were sensitive and had people in denial previously. You established a rapport with the participants in a short time and your high energy levels while conducting the sessions send positive vibes to the participants, which made them motivated as well as committed to the concepts. We have had phenomenal success. The sales force had revised their target by over 40%. I am happy to inform you that even though they haven't achieved all of 40%, they have achieved 27% over and above the original goal.” Anand Singh, Head Human Resources, World bank
  12. 12. Breakthrough AchievementBreakthrough Achievement Overview “ After a series of meetings, we felt that Chetan might be able to turn around a few very pertinent things for us as a company. Our first round of intensive training, a 4-day workshop, took place in March this year. The results have been visible. We discovered a lot of things about ourselves, and more importantly, unearthed our limits to stretch beyond the obvious. Needless to mention, our team is energised and working in their areas with renewed vigour. We are excited about this programme and look forward to some monumental results by the end of it.” Veerle Behets, Managing Director, LeasePlan India Ltd. DurationOptions.. Audience.. 3/4Days SeniorManagement
  13. 13. Breakthrough AchievementBreakthrough Achievement Details Looking Within Looking Beyond Looking Without Methodology Used DurationOptions.. Audience.. 3/4Days SeniorManagement
  14. 14. CoachingCoaching Overview " In my 30 years of working career, I have attended many local & international coaching programmes. Yours is different ! I must confess that your one-on-one meetings have helped me a lot.........changed the way I now look at the things, I can see the possibilities more clearly, I know how to handle issues of different nature, business outlook is suddenly looking to be more bright, & above all, I find myself more confident than before. Many thanks from the core of my heart for all this.” IPS Khandpur, Vice President Sales, PRS Permacel Fifth Quadrant Coaching provides organizations and individuals with powerful concepts and strategies to transform their businesses and their professional and personal lives through long-term, one-on-one coaching – the most effective method in which to affect lasting business improvement and skill development! The objective of the Coaching is leadership development and improved business results. It consists of a series of structured, one on one, interactions between the coach and the executive aimed at maximizing the executive's performance on the job. Executive coaching is aimed towards clearing roadblocks, unlocking potential, exploring possibilities, initiating action and filling gaps between where people are and where they desire to be. The Coach will serve as a facilitator, motivator, consultant and sounding board dealing with business goals, people interaction and self-management issues. Coaching helps leaders do things differently in the workplace towards achieving the set out goals. •Leadershipdevelopment. •ExploringPossibilities. •UncoveringtheDarkandtheBlindspots. •Discoverythroughenquiryintooneself. •Workingonthebusinessandself-development. •Unlockingpotential. •MaximizingPerformance. ProgramObjectives DurationOptions.. Audience.. LongTerm-oneonone SeniorManagement
  15. 15. CoachingCoaching Clarification Simplification Maximization Multiplication Action The first step of Coaching and Mentoring is to develop absolute clarity about who we are, what is our potential(specialtalentsandstrengths),andexactlywhatwereallywant. Eliminatingallthetasksthatdonotformpartofthecore-responsibilitiesandformulatingnewpractices thatenablesmaximumleverageoftime.BuildingFocusandConcentrationonthe“RightAreas” How to get far more done, of greater value. Learning a series of special techniques and strategies that enableaccomplishmentfargreaterthantheaverage. Identifying the action plans that take advantage of the "points of intensity" in your life and work. Increasingyourpowerandinfluencebyutilizingenergy,ideas,contactsandexperience. “The fact is that fully 80 percent of what we do each day is mostly low value. In The Fifth Quadrant CoachingProgram,youlearnhowtogetbetterandbetteratthefewactivitiesthatpayyouthemostand delegate,outsourceoreliminatetherest.” The most important part of any thought provoking exercise is the action one takes after that. This phase ensuresthatactionplansforeachparticipantandtheteamaregeneratedandatrackingmechanismfor implementationisputinplace. Details DurationOptions.. Audience.. LongTerm-oneonone SeniorManagement
  17. 17. CHANGE "Thanks to the program I attended at Fifth Quadrant, I went through a sort of a small revolution! In my daily activity, I began to consciously apply many experiences I acquired during the program. The quality of relationships with colleagues, partners, and friends improved massively; and I also managed to develop new ones with great satisfaction. I also had the chance to apply what I learned in the framework of a relevant change within my workplace, given we have been acquired by a larger firm: I managed to keep my job and enhance both visibility and responsibility in a very different environment. Both my managers and my relevant partners have changed, but I managed to establish relationships and collaborations with the new guys, spontaneously adopting the extended model of influence. To be sincere with you, the program allowed me to manage issues I already knew were tough; however, I was underestimating their relevance. This was the greatest lesson for me as I was a natural ‘by the stick leader’ with no relationships to boast off. It was my way or the highway. The realization was tough and it was deep. The revolution is here to stay. Thank you to all my co participants ans big than you the faculty.” — Director, Financial Services Industry WITHIN
  18. 18. InnovationInnovation Overview "In no small part, what many corporations have become is what Fifth Quadrant has encouraged them to be". DNA - Bangalore Edition. Learnwhy“followingtherules”ofexcellenceisnolongerenough. Many “onceexcellent”companiesare facingbankruptcytoday.Successfulcompaniesandindividualsmustlearntobreaktherulesandharness thetwodrivingforcesofthenewglobaleconomy:SpeedandInnovation. Inthepracticalguidetoimpracticaltimes,theprogramwillshowyouhowto: •Findnew,creativesolutionstoeverydayproblems •Approachyourcareerandpersonallifewithaboldattitude •Sharpenyourcompetitiveedge •Transform your company into a dynamic, evolving enterprise •Amazeyourselfandteammemberswithinspiredideas •Harness the overwhelming power of “strategic forgetfulness” •Searchforthediversityadvantage •Obtain the key skill you need to become the fastest innovatoraround •turnanyprojectintoanopportunityforinnovation Thecoursetowardunrivaledsuccessisnolongerastraightline.Itisaroutefullofdetours,sharpcurves, andsteephills. DurationOptions.. Audience.. 2/4Days orsix-eightMonths- -Innovationjourney Variouslevels
  19. 19. InnovationInnovation Details Managing and Creating Disruptive Change The dilemmas of Innovation Signals of Change Strategic Choices How Non Market Factors Impact Innovation Seeing What's Next: The three step process Creating Capability to Grow Disruptively The role of Senior Management in the Process Of Innovation Forces and principles to illustrate how organizations can succeed when faced with disruptive change. Creating an organizational context in which this effort can prosper. In quest for innovation, oftentimes, it is found that highly capable executives lead their teams to failure. In retrospect research indicates that innovation discovery, in reality is a very simple process. The session takes participants through an experience of dilemmas that many innovators constantly wrestle with. The indicators of a breakthrough appearing. The pitfalls to avoid. Spotting the opportunity . This session shows how to predict industry change. This involves understanding when to reasonably expect innovation to lead to the emergence of new companies or business models that could be harbungers of industry change. Is innovation inevitable? What are the important decisions facing strategic innovation? How should organizations be designed to exploit innovation? What factors influence these decisions? How can an outsider observe them? What response strategies to adopt to fend-off innovation from competition? How can we evaluate the likely success of these strategies? Examining the true drivers of innovation that will have or not have any effect at all. The basic fact: More Intervention leads to less innovation. Less Intervention leads to More Innovation. How to integrate it: - Signals of Change, Competitive Battles and Strategic Choices. DurationOptions.. Audience.. 2/4Days orsix-eightMonths- -Innovationjourney Variouslevels
  20. 20. Impossible DreamsImpossible Dreams Overview “ I have a lot of respect for this course that teaches a lot of people on how to achieve their dreams that seem to be impossible." - Entjik Jeffrie - IBM Session 1: The Art of Dream Conversion Session 2: You've Been Programmed for Mediocrity Session 3: Overcoming Fear of Failure Session 4: Rising Above Criticism Session 5: Expanding Your Know-How and Resources Session 6: Discovering Your Personality Type Session 7: Gaining a Clear and Precise Vision Session 8: The Dream Conversion Session 9: Developing Babe Ruth Power Session 10: Developing Steven Spielberg Partnering Session 11: Developing Helen Keller Positiveness Session 12: Developing Persistence Session 13: Earthquake Persuasion Foundation Session 14: The Earthquake Persuasion Technique Session 15: How to Develop Laser Accurate Priority Planning Session 16: How to Develop Oprah Winfrey Passion DurationOptions.. Audience.. 1/2Days Variouslevels
  21. 21. Excel or PerishExcel or Perish Overview "I was introduced to this program nearly five years ago in 2001 by a close friend. Although I am 34 years young, I am a very analytical and grateful human being, who is proud to express his gratitude for his life and freedom to succeed. This has taught me that, "Successful organizations aren't without problems, they are those who learn to solve those problems." Sean P. Hayes, Founder, Syndicate Design Group The biggest challenge for all organizations is identifying, securing, and maintaining competitive advantage. Join us at this unique one-day event. This day examines the key drivers in the fight for competitive advantage, presenting the very best experience and models from the US and from Europe. We debate key issues such as business leadership, technology, HR strategies, globalization, marketing, branding, and future trendsfromaUK,European,US, Indianandglobalperspective. DurationOptions.. Audience.. 1/2Days Variouslevels
  23. 23. EXPLORE INSIGHTS "A thought-provoking program for those serious about change and how to affect it." "I wholeheartedly recommend this program for anyone charged with the responsibility to navigate the company through a period of change -- the more contemporary the change the richer the experience.” "The program offered us an opportunity to create profound change in ourselves, our organizations, and in our environments. I expect the seeds plantedhere will produce fruit in the years to come.” — Global Project Manager, HSBC — Vice President, Novartis Pharma — Associate HR Director, Xerox
  24. 24. Leadership DevelopmentLeadership Development Overview “We often judge decisions based on the outcome. Now, I spend more time in planning the decision rather than worrying about the outcome, which you can't control. Sometimes it is just bad luck. If a football lands on its point, it could go either left or right.Maybe I am crazy, in deciphering this learning, may be Fifth Quadrant’s crazy but doubling our revenue in my team in one year leads me to believe we made the right choice!” Vice President, BILT Harness The Power Of Leadership In the era of rapid change and increasing global competition, effective leadership can transform a good company into a great one. While on the job experience plays an important role, executives need to step outside the organization top acquire new ideas and strategies in order toleadmoreeffectively.Backedbyanimpeccablerecordand success, leadership program at Fifth Quadrant address the growing need for multifaceted, comprehensive development in two key areas. On focuses on developing your personal Leadership style, while other explores what today’s top c ompanies are doing to cultivate leadership at all levels. Designed to meet your individual needs, the leadership program integrates groundbreaking research, the latest leadership findings, experiential exercises and self assessment tools. Each learning experience not only presents new approaches to solving complex DurationOptions.. Audience.. DependsonModule canbeonetotwelvedays Potentialorexistingleadersandmanagers
  25. 25. Leadership Best PracticesLeadership Best Practices Details Objectives Curriculum + + + + + + Through case studies, interactions and experiential exercises, the phase will provide you with hands on experience in the groundbreaking research on leadership - allowing you to acquire new knowledge and innovativepracticesthatyoucanoutintoactionimmediately. In a series of modules, the faculty present new research that helps participants leverage leadership as competitiveadvantage.Keytopicswillinclude: Integratingstrategyandothermanagementtoolsforimprovedperformance. Leadingorganizationaltransformationsthroughperformancemanagement. Managinglargescalechangeinorganizations. Exploringhowleadersconfrontandmanagemoralchallenges. Buildingemployeeownershipintoyourbusinessstrategy Constructing an integrated framework for developing top management leadership and managing succession. DurationOptions.. Audience.. DependsonModule canbeonetotwelvedays Potentialorexistingleadersandmanagers
  26. 26. Leadership JourneyLeadership Journey Details Objectives Curriculum + + + + + + Incorporating self assessment exercises, small group discussions, in depth case studies, stimulating workshops and interactions with CEO’s, this phase provides an invigorating forum for exploring the role thatemergingleaderscanplayintheirowndevelopmentandthatoftheirteams. Theexperiencesengageyouinaseriesofdynamic,interactivesessionsincluding: LeadershipInAction Differencebetweenmanagementandleadership,andhowandwhentoassumeeachrole. Assessingthestrengthsandweaknessesofdifferentleadershipstyles. LeadingTeams Understandingchallengesandresponsibilitieswhenbuildingleadershipteams. Fosteringateamatmospherethatencouragesdiversityandcreativity. Leadership Expression Communicatingwithvision&purpose. Expandingyourrepertoireofexpressionandpersuasivetechniques. LeadershipDevelopment Understandingthedefiningcharacteristicsofsuccessfulleaders. Exploringissuesoforganizationalcapability,innovationandstrategicmanagement. Extraordinary Leadership !Learninghowtoleadwithvision,effectchange,andharnessleadershippotential. !Marshalingstrategiestoleadthroughperiodsofconflictandadversity. ManagingNetwork Gaininginsightsintoorganizationpolitics. Establishinginternalandexternalnetworkstoachievepersonalandprofessionalgoals. DurationOptions.. Audience.. DependsonModule canbeonetotwelvedays Potentialorexistingleadersandmanagers
  27. 27. Leadership & Constant EvolutionLeadership & Constant Evolution Details Objectives Curriculum + + + + + + + The program examines the proven management techniques you need to unleash a culture of leadership throughout the organization. You will emerge from this phase with customer driven strategies and best practices to help you better manage teams, handle adversity, and apply ethical principles to define your personalleadershipstyle. Incorporating experiential exercises and case studies, the phase explores the role that the practice of leadershipplaysinyourowndevelopmentandthatofyourteams.Topicsinclude: TheCustomer-StrategicPerspective Winningoveryourcustomers,employeesandshareholders. Buildingownershipintostrategy. ManagingTeamsEffectively Buildinghighlyproductiveteams. Gettingmostvaluefromdifferencesinteams. Leadership Resilience Testingassumptionsaboutwaysinwhichyouacceptandrespondtodifficultcircumstances. Movingconflictstogenerativestrategy. LeadershipImpact Usingmotivationworkouts. Understandinghowpersonaldecisionmakingaffectorganizationalcapability,executionandinnovation. CommunicatingEffectively Craftanddeliverpowerfulmessages. Exploringprosandconsofdifferentstyles. LeadingChange Challengesofmaintaininghighestlevelsofperformance. Creating‘change-embrace’cultures. LeadershipInYourLife Reflectingondecisionmakingwaysindifficultsituations. Handlingmoralandethicaldilemmas. DurationOptions.. Audience.. DependsonModule canbeonetotwelvedays Potentialorexistingleadersandmanagers
  28. 28. ZERO ESCAPE
  29. 29. ZERO ESCAPE Our Teaching Approach not by adjunct professors or consultants. How Will My Organization Benefit? Pioneered by Fifth Quadrant, the unconventional form of experience learning clubbed with group involvement is now recognized as one of the most effective tools for teaching general and leadership, and for delivering practical, action oriented knowledge. Fifth Quadrant also maximizes learning through carefully integrated mix of lectures, small group discussions, presentations and simulations. Your learning experience is further enhanced by other interactive media. Our programs are taught by people with real-world experience, As result you will have the opportunity to interact with recognized thought leaders who not only conducted research but also practiced it successfully. Unlike any other, our approach will provide the tools and knowledge for you to make more effective decisions and positively impact your company’s performance. The programs at Fifth Quadrant is a significant investment for both you and your organization. Going far beyond the basic transmission of skills and theories, each session provides applicable lessons that can be successfully implemented in your organization almost immediately. You will acquire a fresh perspective on global leadership from groundbreaking curriculum and experienced faculty.
  31. 31. CREATE These are just a few glimpses into our design and methodology. For more details, further programs, custom interventions, advisory services and consulting please feel free to contact us. Whenever you engage Fifth Quadrant - there is a guarantee - that no other organization dares to offer - And Remember, FUTURE If for any reason you think or feel (during or after our engagement)that our partnership hasn’t added value (not just value) to you as compared with any other similar alliance you may have been through - then everything we may have done for you is Free - irrespective of the amount of our time and effort invested. MAXIMUM & IMMENSE Fifth Quadrant Business Development Pvt. Ltd. 603, Gobind parc, 17 Hall Road, Richards Town, Bangalore 560005., or, 91 9845533433 For details or to schedule a meeting, please contact Chetan at For some invaluable insights, articles and presentations, please visit To Schedule A Meeting or Consultation,please call Deepti - 91 9810225218 or Snehal - 91 9900019767 Connect