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Implications For The Next Generation Office
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Implications For The Next Generation Office


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Highlights of session delivered for the InfoTrends Solutions Summit - Boston September 30 2009

Highlights of session delivered for the InfoTrends Solutions Summit - Boston September 30 2009

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Generation Gap? Implications for the Next Generation Workplace Cheryl McKinnon – Chief Marketing Officer, Nuxeo September 30, 2009 [email_address]
  • 2. Agenda
    • Next Generation Workplace – Disruptive Forces
    • The Changing Face of Corporate Content
    • How to Proactively Prepare & Embrace Change
    • Q&A
  • 3. Economic Uncertainty
    • Cuts, freezes to discretionary spend
  • 4. Erosion of Corporate Memory
    • Staff reductions, retirements, M & A
  • 5. Business Becomes Global
    • No longer restricted to larger companies
  • 6. Greening of the Enterprise
    • Reduce cost, waste, carbon footprint
  • 7. Gen Y Enters Management
    • Born Digital, Different Habits
  • 8. Era of Peak E-Mail
    • Productivity Inhibitor, No longer Enabler
  • 9. Mobile Era Begins
    • Consume & create corporate content
  • 10. Open Source, Cloud, SaaS
    • Next disruption in the IT industry
  • 11. Web2.0 Becomes Mainstream
    • Official recognition of new content types
  • 12. Changing Face of Corporate Content Blogs (“web logs”) No longer personal journals Simple self / team publishing Easy commenting and feedback External focus: cultivate awareness and educate Internal focus: communicate with peers and share insights Trackback, tagging, subscription and site metering tools – who is consuming my content?
  • 13. Changing Face of Corporate Content Wikis Simple text editing allowing multi-author content creation and organization Easy to edit, add new pages, view evolution of content Inherent auditing, versioning, editor tracking Well suited to work-in-progress information gathering, FAQ’s, best practices, research notes
  • 14. Changing Face of Corporate Content Audio & Video Podcasts: Audio Recordings Alternative self-paced content distribution Download or play on-line Video Increasingly inexpensive Internal or public distribution Visual communication crosses language barriers
  • 15. Changing Face of Corporate Content Social Bookmarks & Subscriptions RSS Really Simple Syndication allowing subscription-based ‘push’ of new content such as blog updates or news highlights DIGG, Stumble Upon… Content ratings, rankings, hot topics
  • 16. Changing Face of Corporate Content Micro-Blogging Short updates / status lines to open or closed community or follower list Twitter, Yammer, Friend Feed, Social Networks status line Signal to the world or specific list of people Informs, requests, advises, shares in a “Feed” view of content
  • 17. Changing Face of Corporate Content Social Networks / Communities Linked In Business Connections Recommendations, Referrals Groups, Questions, Research Facebook Personal and Emerging Business Causes, Associations Professional Associations Discussion and Idea Exchange Keep up with new trends Closed or open memberships
  • 18. Are you Ready?
    • Prepare Today for Tomorrow's Challenges
      • Understand demographic pressures in your / your customer's organization
      • Be aware of information governance and content compliance challenges
      • Investigate how new technology help struggling organizations cut costs, innovate, respond to competitive pressures
      • Never ignore the cultural implications of change – be ready to adapt work processes
  • 19. Who is Nuxeo?
    • Founded in 2000
    • Pioneer Open Source ECM software vendor
    • Globally focused: customers, partners, community
  • 20. Thank you!