For william mark kelly
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For william mark kelly



A little story for William..

A little story for William..

Lots of love from Auntie Cheryl XxXx



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For william mark kelly For william mark kelly Presentation Transcript

  • For William Mark Kelly
    xxxx All of my love x xxx
  • Mummy and Daddy found each other...
  • ... And were very, very happy!
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  • Daddy asked for mummy's hand in marriage...
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  • And a very proud daddy gave his little girl away...
  • We could not have been happier...
  • Mummy was so overwhelmed on the big day...
  • But she knew as she knelt beside daddy, her dreams were becoming reality...
  • On that day, they were blessed with health, and the joys of a baby together...
  • And you were made with hugs and kisses! ... ;)
  • The long wait for you to enter our world began...
  • Mummy still looked beautiful as you grew...
  • And grew...
  • And grew some more!!! (we didn't think it was possible!)
  • We couldn't wait any longer!
  • And finally after waiting for daddy to come home...
  • ...You came into this world 
  • Mummy's heart filled with an unconditional love for you...
  • And held you close to her heart...
  • Daddy was the proudest man in the world...
  • And then finally our cuddle time came!
  • ....Nana Wendy
  • ....Mama Mo
  • ....Grandad Ray
  • ....Grandad Dave & Nana Wendy at home
  • ....Uncle Andrew
  • ....Aunty Jo
  • ....Uncle David & Aunty Gemma
  • ....Great Grandad Neil
  • ....Great Nana Betty
  • ...And me, Aunty Cheryl 
  • All of this cuddling and posing for the camera began to wear you out!...
  • So after a bottle or 2, you crashed out with mummy...
  • And whilst you were awake, daddy liked to show you all the things that he had learnt!...
  • But this was hard work, so the boys had a little snooze 
  • And dreamt of shoppiiiiing !! 
  • Or maybe not!
  • And as crazy as mummy and daddy can be!...........
  • Such a love would never have been thought possible.
  • All of the love in the world, Aunty Cheryl x xxx