Leadership: Passion, Pizzazz and Possibilities


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This keynote focuses on the importance of leadership in education as a place of possibilities. We live in complex times and need to be able to navigate successfully in two ways. The first is to be passionate about our leadership - caring, curious and courageous. The second is to be focused on the future, stretching beyond boundaries, collaborating and networking.

Cheryl will take you to the world of possibilities, stretching your thinking, extending your vocab and challenging your neurons. She will share some global leadership trends and her observations as a Christchurch resident and leader. She will make connections back to the realities of education in your environment and provide you with three practical next steps in your leadership.

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Leadership: Passion, Pizzazz and Possibilities

  1. 1. Dr Cheryl Doig Leadership: Passion, Pizzazz and Possibilities
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  4. 4. 4 > 600,000 pieces of medical evidence Two million pages of text from medical journals and clinical trials
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  7. 7. Posi%ve   Deviance   Somewhere  in  your   organisa%on,  groups   of  people  are  already   doing  things   differently  and  be=er.   To  create  las%ng   change,  find  areas  of   posi%ve  deviance  and   fan  their  flames.     h=p://www.posi%vedeviance.org/   Pascale  &  Sternin  (Harvard  Business  Review)    
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  18. 18. Powerful Questions What kind of school would teenagers fight to get in to not fight to stay out? The Studio School CHALLENGES AHEAD NO DETOUR
  19. 19. Powerful Questions What if…schools in our city were responsible for the success of all students, not just their own? CHALLENGES AHEAD NO DETOUR Shaking Up ChCh Education
  20. 20. What if… …the hills surrounding Wellington were bulldozed to make room for a flatter city and a large international airport? If you want it badly enough human capabilities will often make it possible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IazcqAr4JeU The Mountain Moving Project
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  23. 23. Strategy Stacking Amplification Consolidation Elimination www.thinkbeyond.co.nz
  24. 24. minutes  of  fame  –  what  are   you  doing?       to  talk  –  answer  ques%ons       for  others  to  record  ideas/ detail  to  celebrate     www.thinkbeyond.co.nz  
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