2011 Ecke Summer Poinsettia Order Form Syngenta


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2011 Ecke Summer Poinsettia Order Form Syngenta

  1. 1. 2011 POINSETTIAS ORDER FORM – SYNGENTA FLOWERS POINSETTIAS Summer Shipping Season: Weeks 21–39, 2011Please fill in all information requested, but please MULTIPLES: Rooted SHIP TOdo not write in the shaded boxes. See thereverse side for prices and conditions of sale. Company name 1 tray = 100 cuttings + 4% overcount AddressCUTTING TYPE: Rooted City MINIMUM ORDER: RootedSHIP WEEK: One ship date per order form State Zip code Minimum order per cultivar: 100 cuttings(For additional ship weeks, please make photo copies of this form.) Minimum total order: 200 cuttings Your name 1 1 Telephone MONTH DAY YEAR Fax DATE ORDER RECEIVED (should be a Monday) MO. DAY YR. E-mail ECKE CSR PURCHASE ORDER NO. Ship to address (if different) INCOMING n MAIL n PHONE n FAX n IN PERSON n OTHER n E-MAIL ORDER TYPE n NEW n CHANGE n CANCEL ORDER NO. Airport of destination Special shipping instructions BROKER SALES REPO N E - S T O P S H O P P I N G : Ecke’s production and quality combined with Fischer genetics IPF* PER IPF* PER CULTIVAR NAME 100 CUTTINGS ORDER IN TRAYS CULTIVAR NAME TRAYS ORDER IN 100 CUTTINGS ORDER IN TRAYS Carousel Dark Red ™ $4.00 Novia Red™ $4.00 Cinnamon Star ™ $4.00 Olympus Red ™ $4.00 Cortez™ Burgundy $4.00 Orion™ Red $4.00 Cortez Electric Fire ™ $4.00 Red Elf ™ $4.00 Cortez™ Pink $4.00 Ruby Frost™ $4.00 Cortez Early Red ™ $4.00 Silverstar Marble™ $4.00 Cortez White ™ $4.00 Silverstar Red ™ $4.00 DaVinci™ $4.00 Sonora™ Marble $4.00 Early Orion Red ™ $4.00 Sonora Pink ™ $4.00 Marblestar™ $4.00 Sonora™ Red $4.00 Maren™ $4.00 Sonora™ White $4.00 Mars Marble ™ $4.00 Sonora Early White Glitter ™ NEW! $4.00 Mars™ Pink $4.00 Whitestar™ $4.00 Mars™ Red ‘09 $4.00 TOTAL TRAYS Mars™ White $4.00 Mira™ Red $4.00 TOTAL TRAYS ORDERED Mira White ™ $4.00 TOTAL TRAYS * = Intellectual Property Fee Paul Ecke Ranch • P.O. Box 230488, Encinitas, CA 92023-0488 USA Phone: (760) 753-1134 • Fax: (760) 944-4054 • www.ecke.com
  2. 2. 2011 POINSETTIAS PRICE LIST – SYNGENTA FLOWERS POINSETTIAS Summer Poinsettia Ordering InformationPRICES PER 100 CUTTINGS VOLUME E.O.D. PRICE TIERS PRICE Valid on or before Feb. 4, 2011 Rooted Rooted 0–10,000 $83.69 $79.50 10,001–50,000 $75.69 $71.90 50,001–100,000 $71.69 $68.10 100,001 & over $68.69 $65.25CONDITIONS OF SALEPricing: Pricing stated as charge per one tray Claims/Returns: All claims are processed Paul Ecke Ranch makes no other warranty,of invoiced cuttings, inclusive of Intellectual through our Encinitas, CA office. All claims express, or implied, concerning the cuttings,Property Fee (IPF), and is effective for must be submitted in writing within eight (8) and expressly disclaims any and all otherproducts shipped weeks 21–39, 2011. business days of receipt of the shipment. warranties, including any warranty of theIntellectual Property Fee (IPF) stated as To protect the integrity of our certified merchantability or fitness for customer’scharge per one tray of invoiced cuttings. production systems, no returns are accepted. particular purpose. Customer’s sole andPrices subject to change without notice. exclusive remedy for any breach of this Cancellations/Changes: All order cancellations order agreement, including but notDiscounts: Volume discounts are set or changes for Fischer products must be limited to any claim under the warranty inannually at the beginning of the shipping made no later than ten (10) business days this paragraph, shall be return of the priceseason. Annual volume discount tiers are prior to plant date. No cancellations or paid for the affected cuttings. Customerbased on a customer’s total purchase changes for Fischer products are allowed acknowledges and agrees that thevolumes from the previous season. Freight after plant date without preapproval by maximum liability of Paul Ecke Ranch forcosts are not subject to discounts. Customer Service and will be subject to a any other claim of defective or non- $20.00 per tray restocking fee. conforming cuttings, non-delivery or lateFreight: Please refer to the 2011 Ecke RanchSummer Poinsettia Program Guide for Warranty: All orders are subject to confirmation delivery, or otherwise, shall be limited torooted cutting freight details. by Paul Ecke Ranch and crop conditions. Paul the price paid for the affected cuttings. Ecke Ranch warrants, to the extent of the Customer acknowledges that customerInvoicing: Invoices will be mailed or faxed invoice price, that the plant material is sold as shall not be entitled to recover any otherwithin five (5 ) to seven (7) business days from described in the 2011 Poinsettia catalog, claimed consequential damages.the Monday of that ship week. within recognized tolerances. Contact Syngenta Flowers for update on offering: (303) 415-1466 Alma Mendez Poin PL-2011SM-Fis All trademarks are the propertyPaul Ecke Ranch • P.O. Box 230488, Encinitas, CA 92023-0488 USA of their respective companies.Phone: (760) 753-1134 • Fax: (760) 944-4054 • www.ecke.com © 2010 Paul Ecke Ranch