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Formative Ex Formative Ex Document Transcript

  • LENGUA II-Teacher Cher1.I have to see my _____ boyfriend everyday at university, it’s so painful!a)semi b)under c)ex d)anti2.Let’s wait until ________ night to escape and go to that secret party.a)semi b)mid c)anti d)under3.Today on TV we are going to watch the __________final of the football world cup.a)semi b)under c)ex d)anti4.When I picked up the small statue it __________!a)came along b)came apart c)came forward5.As Max was cleaning up his room he _______Marys phone number.a)came across b)came up with c)came round6.Max was quite happy until Mary ___________.a)came along b)came apart c)came across7.Carol was so busy that I ____________ to help her in whatever I could.a)came across b)came forward c)came round8.Fortunately, Patricias father was with her when she _________.a)came apart b)came along c)came around.9.My fathers company always____________didactic toys for children.a)comes up with b)comes across c)comes forward10. Dogs often feel ______ during fireworks.a)frightened b)frightening11. The metro can be________ the first time you use it.a)confused b)confusing12. Alexander was ____________ to hear about earthquakes.a)shocked b)shocking13. I think that rainy days in winter are __________.a)depressed b)depressing14. Shes ___________ of doing the same things every day.a)boring b)bored15. It was the most _______ film I’ve ever watched.a)exciting b)excited16. The meals at Maracuyas restaurant are ______.a)satisfied b)satisfying17.Feeling sure about your own ability to do things and be successfula)dependable b)confident c)indecisive d) pessimistic e) self-reliant18. That can be relied on to do what you want or needa)dependable b)confident c)indecisive d) pessimistic e) self-reliant
  • 19. Expecting bad things to happen or something not to be successfula)dependable b)confident c)indecisive d) pessimistic e) self-reliant20. Not providing a clear and definite answer or resulta)dependable b)confident c)indecisive d) pessimistic e) self-reliant21. Able to do or decide things by yourself, rather than depending on other people for helpa)dependable b)confident c)indecisive d) pessimistic e) self-reliant22. Crime is a ______problem in this neighborhood.a)heavy b)hard c)serious d)soundly e)close23.Making wise choices throughout the day can help you sleep _______at night and awaken withrenewed energy.a)heavy b)hard c)serious d)soundly e)close24.I had no __________friends when I moved to Arica.a)heavy b)hard c)serious d)soundly e)close