Faith Based Therapy


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Final Project for Psychology in the Community

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  • Anthony has experience in conducting therapy with individuals, couples, families and groups. He has also conducted workshops on topics of Relationships, Spirituality and Boundaries. Anthony has also counseled clients for Premarital preparation, Parenting for partners and single parents. Anthony stated that he also has experience in conducting workshops on Stress management for leaders and managing intercultural dynamics for individuals and the workplace.
  • As a client you want to make sure that the staff is competent and knowledgeable of their job. Ethics always plays a major role in choosing a counselor or organization because you want to make sure that you have their trust and all your information is confidential, and that they will respect your wishes.
  • Members of the community also make donations because they want to be able to help people that need help and are unable to afford to pay the fees. Anthony stated that there are also schools, and other churches outside of the Center that conduct fundraisers to help raise money to fund the center so that it can stay open and available to the community.
  • All of these recommendations will help a human service professional give good service to their client. You may not use all of these skills with one client but one must realize is that you may end up using all of these skills during your career as a human service professional. One other factor that would be good to receive training in is working with people that have been in prison or mental institutions because you never know what type of client you may have that will walk in your office one day. It is important to be prepared and well rounded.
  • Faith Based Therapy

    1. 1. Samaritan Center of Puget SoundCherise C. BrownArgosy University
    2. 2. MISSION STATEMENT The mission of this organization is to express God’s love and compassion, and they seek torebuild hope, bring together relationships andcontribute in the change of people’s lives. This organization provides counseling, education,consultation, mediation and other services for individuals, families, parishioners and associations.
    3. 3. Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LH60222488) Client-specific consulting and Anthony Barr-Jeffrey coaching for:  Musicians and Bands coping with personnel or creativity struggles Athletes wanting to overcome “sticking points” and improve their performance Individuals in leadership or management who are impacted by Adult ADD symptoms   Multicultural identity development Parenting and adult family issues Spirituality and faith (Samaritan Center of Puget Sound, 2012).
    4. 4. SERVICES PROVIDED BY SAMARITAN CENTER OF PUGET SOUND Helping people cope with a wide Family therapy range of troubling situations such as Individual therapy  Handling the symptoms of anxiety and depression Marriage  Understanding and counseling resolving marital and family conflicts Divorce therapy  Coping with loss and grief  Transitions related to career Group therapy and life changes  Issues of aging and long- term illness (Samaritan Center of Puget Sound, 2012)
    5. 5. Advantages of Faith-based Counseling Competent Ethical Loving Accountable Compassionate Genuine Low fee help in difficult economic times (Barr-Jeffrey, 2012)
    6. 6. Members of the Staff Psychologists Marriage and Family therapists Social Workers Mental Health Counselors Pastoral Counselors Each of the staff members is licensed by the State of Washington (Samaritan Center of Puget Sound, 2012)
    7. 7. Population being served Christians  Low income clinics are offered to make Muslims available counseling for Agnostics people who are Children & limited with their finances but still Adults need care (Barr- Jeffrey, 2012)
    8. 8. Funding Sources Counseling/Program (payments from the clients) Contributions The Samaritan Fund- This fund is dependent the fundraising events that are hosted by this organization (Samaritan Center of Puget Sound, 2012).
    9. 9. Training Recommendations Counseling skills  Understanding Grief (Martin, 2007) Understanding child development  Working knowledge of substance abuse Understanding human services administration  Diversity (Racial Sensitivity) Management skills  Ability to recognize trends and patterns Multicultural Counseling  Oral communications skills Planning and organizational skills  Grant writing skills Creating concise reports and  Research skills (World Wide essays (World Wide Learn, Learn, 2012) 2012)
    10. 10. Personal Reflection I have learned that a faith-based counseling agency deals with the same issues standard counseling centers deal with. I also learned that everyone that had become counselors at a faith-based agency were not looking specifically to work at a faith based organization. The counselor I interviewed stated that, “Honestly, I wanted a job as a counselor at a well run, trusted organization with well, trained therapists and administrators who operate with integrity and the client and therapists wellbeing at the forefront.  I wasnt looking for any particular faith-based organization.” (Barr-Jeffrey, 2012)
    11. 11. Personal Reflection (con’t) I have learned that you will have situations such as a helping clients wrestle with sexual identity issues and as a counselor helping the client truly is your first priority. I have learned how much empathy and compassion play a role in the field of counseling. As a faith-based counselor you do not always talk about religion and how it affects a clients life. Faith-based counseling sounds like a road I may consider looking into because I have a deep love for God and people and as a Christian we are not to judge but show the love of Christ.
    12. 12. Impact of Samaritan on the Community The community knows they have a organization of people that genuinely love them, and will do what is possible to give them help and closure. Members of the community make donations to go towards counseling for people who can not afford counseling The community has someone they can consider as an accountability partner. I asked the the counselor I interviewed how he liked working outside his office and he stated, “People do not live in a counseling office so they need reinforcement in their lives from places that matter to them and I love when I get the privilege to "work" in those places.” (Barr-Jeffrey, 2012)
    13. 13. Impact of Samaritan on the National/Global Society The Samaritan Ministry is one of the largest providers of professional counseling in the United States.  There are 481 Samaritan Center  The Centers are supported by offices in 389 cities in the United 26 denominations and faith States and Japan (Samaritan traditions and have an active Center of Puget Sound, 2012).   relationship with about 4,000 Annually, more than $20 million congregations (Samaritan of subsidized counseling is Center of Puget Sound, 2012). provided for those who cannot afford the full cost of counseling.  Samaritan Centers promote holistic health: integrating mind, body, spirit, and community (Samaritan Center of Puget Sound, 2012).
    14. 14. Conclusion If I had the opportunity to work at this organization Iwould like to have the position of being a family counselor.I have a love for working with children, and I believe that itis important to have the parents involved, which is why I’dlike to work with families. I currently am a youth leader atmy church and I deal with many issues with young people,and after interviewing Anthony he enlighten me that Iwould be dealing with the same issues at a Faith-Basedorganization and I think that is great. I want to be able togive back to the community and at the same time let aperson know they are loved and their life is important.
    15. 15. ReferencesBarr-Jeffrey, A. (2012, March 22). Interview by C.C. Brown [Personal Interview]. Faith-based counselor.Martin, M.E. (2007). Introduction to human services through the eyes of practice settings. Boston: Pearson Education Inc.Samaritan Center of Puget Sound. (2012). Restoring hope, reconciling relationships, and transforming lives. Retrieved from Wide Learn . (2012). Human Services. Retrieved from