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  • Thanks for Chris’s introduction, I can see some familiar faces and un familiar onesHopefuly we will have opportunity soon to meet each other.After speaking with myself and Simon we have come to same conclusion that our expertise in sales promotion and merchandising will add value to your current products and services.He wants us to work closely together to make it happen As he believes it can be a profitable and successful partnership.
  • TechnologyFuture innovationsLife styleClothing heritage and merchandise essentials
  • Bespoke clothing
  • Dunk mug
  • Is beyond this presentation and hope to meet with each AD to discuss.
  • Itg Presentation

    1. 1. CHEQUERS Promotional AgencyPreferred Partner For ITG
    2. 2. Who are Chequers• Chequers are a promotional agency with a global sourcing arm• Our key objectives – Stimulate sales for our customers. – Help them make the right decisions. – Focus on maximising Customer Experience. – Run successful promotions from concept to fulfilment.
    3. 3. What’s happening at the moment• Market forces and budget constraint are affecting marketing teams everywhere• Sales need stimulating• Resources are limited• ROI has been magnified / scrutinised• Individual’s need for support (at no cost) are on the increase
    4. 4. Where We fit in
    5. 5. Show case1 - Concept to FulfillmentNational Car Parts companyBrief: Come up with a promotion which will satisfy 20,000 garage customers’ (regardless of level of spend) to stimulate more sales.Concept: Developed summer of sport themed self liquidating promotionFulfil: Orders to be processed, managed and distributed to 18 hubs marked with ordering branch and customer.
    6. 6. Racing Set
    7. 7. Hockey Table
    8. 8. Mini Fridge
    9. 9. Portable BBQ Set
    10. 10. Out Come• It has been extremely successful – No stock left – No upfront investment required – No guess work on any ones part as to what will sell best.• We are about to start the second wave of promotions with the focus being the EURO 2012 Football tournament.
    11. 11. Show case2 – Our Creative ApproachBrief FromAccessory and Product ManagerFiat Group Automobiles UKVisit our web site andcomeback with your own interpretation as tohow to improve and restructure as our currentmerchandise are cluttered and dated.
    12. 12. Great Outdoors
    13. 13. Great Outdoors
    14. 14. Brand Assets
    15. 15. Out Come• We are invited into discuss how to move the project forward in terms of – Product selection. – Feasibility of launching in Q4. – Project management. – Storage and fulfilment.
    16. 16. Ad-hoc Briefs & Projects• Where we are tasked to use our creative thinking rather than GO FETCH.
    17. 17. What we want• Provide support for ADs and account teams• Understand your accounts.• Identify opportunities.• Introduction into marketing team.• How can we help your accounts to narrow the gap where they are and where they want to be• If we could make any improvement in a particular area where would that be.
    18. 18. Next Step• Please email me at or call me on my mobile 07966 318 335• Will set up a meeting to discuss;  What issues are bugging you.  How do you see it working.  Identify weaknesses, strengths, opportunities & threats.  How do you want to work.  Problems you can envisage and solutions.  Possible merchandising, sales promotion revenue for your accounts.
    19. 19. What will happen after our meeting• If we discover there are opportunities to pursue then – We need to be invited in to meet the account marketing team to discover their issues, challenges and if they need our help.• If we discover there is no opportunities then – We will service as usual Go Fetch and keep an eye on any opportunity that crops up.