Chennai property expo june 1 9 2013


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Chennai property expo june 1 9 2013

  1. 1. About ExpoTHE CONCEPT: Chennai Realty is proud to present the first of its kind unique “Online PropertyExpo” exclusively for Chennai properties which will reach out to millions of targeted potentialNRI customers from select overseas markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom,Middle –East, USA and Australia.THE MEDIUM: Chennai Property Expo will provide the customers a choice of choosing theirdream properties at the convenience of their homes in a unique and interactive manner asnever before.THE GO-2-CUSTOMER STRATEGY: Our promotional strategy is unique and works on a clearformula, wherever the customer maybe, we leave no stones unturned in reaching out to themusing a 3600 integrated media approach involving press, radio, television, outdoor, internet,mobile and social media platforms.TIMING: The timing of the event is such that it is organised just before the NRI’s take off fortheir vacation in June / July 2012. An ideal scenario to engage with them for business.THE MARKET: Singapore and Malaysia are top destinations for NRI markets, consisting ofmore than a million Indians living there PRIMARILY SOUTH INDIANS. Our concept willstrategically appeal to this market by bringing in an emotional connect through our creativecommunication campaign.THE COSTING: As compared to traditional property expos, online property expos are aneffective new tool to reach out to the educated, internet savvy potential home buyers across theglobe.
  2. 2. Organized by Chennai Realty, Chennai’s Exclusive PropertyMagazine and Online PortalConnect with 348,000 South Indian Diaspora from Singapore andMalaysiaChennai Property Expo will attract over 45,000+ visitors from Indiaand abroad.Advantages of Online Property Expo1. Global Reach2. Cost Effective3. International Branding4. Direct Leads5. Continuous Engagement6. Target Specific7. Interaction with Top ManagementAbout Expo
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  6. 6. Why online expo works?S.No Item Traditional Property Expo / Show Online Property Expo / Show1 Cost Expensive Cost Effective2 Reach Limited reach Viral reach3 Walk-ins Low walk-ins High walk-ins4 Duration Short Period Long Period5 Engagement One time engagement Continuous Engagement6 Depends On Individual initiative – Less effective System Driven – Highly effective7 Follow-ups Low on follow-ups High on follow-ups8 Conversion Good only for branded players Good for all participants9 Connect withTop MgmtInteraction with Top MgmtimpossibleInteraction with Top Mgmtpossible10 Target Audience Cannot be target specific Can be target specific11 Decision Making Takes a long time Within a short span of time12 Lead Database Not very accurate Highly accurate13 Use ofTestimonialsNot possible Possible14 Brand Value Limited by geography Global branding
  7. 7. Marketing and Media PlanThe Event is backed by a dedicated marketing campaign inSingapore and Malaysia that includes:Print media: Tabla, Tamil Murasu, Strait Times, Tamil Nesan, Makkal OsaiTV: Vasantham, Sony, Zee, Times NowRadio: Radio Oli, Radio Masti 96.3 FM, Minnal RadioInternet advertising – Google, Yahoo, RediffmailSocial Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing, Google+, PinterestSMS Campaign – 50,000 numbersEmail Campaign – 100,000 numbersFlyers/Posters/Banners – 50,000 numbersEstimated to reach out to more than 45,000 potential customersonline over the 10 days period.
  8. 8. Prasanna:HP: +91 98403 00188Email: prasanna@chennairealty.bizChennai Realty, Chennai’s No.1 Real Estate Magazine & Property PortalDimension Four Infomedia India Pvt Ltd.No.30,31,32, Subramaniam Street, Abiramapuram, Chennai – 600018www.chennairealty.bizContact:Follow us on