SEO seminars in perth, Joondalup, Western Australia


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SEO seminars in perth, Joondalup, Western Australia

  1. 1. SEO Seminars in Perth, Western Australia
  2. 2. Look at the contents of one of our SEO Seminars in Perth, Western Australia We provide in-depth information!
  3. 3. SEO, browsers and search engines • If you build it they will come err not really • What is SEO? • Onsite and offsite SEO • White hat vs. Black hat SEO • Browsers vs. Search engines • Different search engines • How search engines work • Organic and paid search results
  4. 4. Essential SEO concepts • URL names • Html header area • Index.htm - the home page • Html title • Webpage structure • Html description • PageRank • Html keyword meta tags • Link juice • Heading tags within a webpage • HTML page structure • Graphic files are stored separately
  5. 5. White hat SEO • Google webmaster guidelines • Content is king • Freshness • Loading speed • Quality back links
  6. 6. Black hat SEO techniques • What is ‘black hat SEO’? • Hiding keywords in text at the bottom of a page • Hiding keywords within picture alt tags at the bottom of a page • Excessive doorway pages • Duplicate content • Auto blogs and syndicated content • Google penalties
  7. 7. Negative factors affecting your website SEO • Some SEO activities can negatively affect your Google listing • Broken links • Bad web coding • Links to, or from, bad websites • Take care with reciprocal links • Spelling
  8. 8. Keywords • Thinking about keywords • Competitor keywords • Keyword research using Google AdWords • Using keywords within a website
  9. 9. Links • Reciprocal links • Link issues • Internal links vs. External links • Investigating inbound external links • Buying in links • Using directories & blogs • Australian business directory sites • Article submission web sites
  10. 10. Localised search issues • Localising a search to a suburb or city • Use local place names in the keywords • Google local page
  11. 11. New media and social media • YouTube • Google+1 • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn
  12. 12. Technology issues • Browser compatibility, screen size and screen resolution • Hardware compatibility, Macs, PCs, mobile phones and tablets • Flash and java issues • Static vs. Dynamic web sites
  13. 13. Miscellaneous issues • Open directory project • Site maps • Fav icon • Site design issues and navigation
  14. 14. Useful SEO tools • Google analytics • Checking for live broken links • Code validity checkers • Submitting your site to Google and other search engines • Google webmaster tools
  15. 15. Auditing your own site 1 for common website mistakes • Are you using the right keywords to optimise your site? • How well does your website show in Google, Yahoo and Bing? • Website loading speed • Broken links • Broken images • Picture only websites • No relevant keywords in a page • Number of back links • Google PageRank
  16. 16. Auditing your own site 2 for common website mistakes • Alt tags • Website title • Website description • Website keywords • Ease of navigation and menu issues • Spelling and grammatical issues • Flash and java issues • Website appearance in different browsers • Computer monitor size and screen resolution (left-right scrolling). • Favicon
  17. 17. Auditing your own site 3 for common website mistakes • Heading tags • Site map • Open directory project • How many pages of your website are indexed in Google? • W3C validation • Home page printability • File names • PDF file size issues • Copyright statements and privacy policies • Do all the major search engines know about your website?
  18. 18. Auditing your own site 4 for common website mistakes • Flash file sizes. • Google map • Google places page. • Underlined text • Page ‘under construction’. • Flash or graphical intro pages • Text used within links • Online payment system and security issues
  19. 19. Auditing your own site 5 for common website mistakes • Home page file size • Java issues • Contact page • Display your prices • International issues • Opening links in new windows • Text size • Use of styles • Use an external CSS file
  20. 20. Auditing your own site 6 for common website mistakes • Use an external CSS file • 404 error page handling • Blind alley pages • Pop-ups • Background music • Do not use hidden text to try and trick the search engines • Use standard fonts
  21. 21. Auditing your own site 7 for common website mistakes • Frames • Do not use auto run videos • Do not use animated gifs • Keep content up to date • Beware of seasonal messages • Low contrast between the text and background colours • Beware of background graphics
  22. 22. Trust factors – turning your website visitors into customers • On the web, you are your website • Broken links and broken graphics will hurt your credibility • Secure encryption • Norton, MacAfee and AVG safe sites • Trust accreditation schemes
  23. 23. Evaluating SEO companies • Buyer beware • What is the Google PageRank of the SEO company’s own website? • How well does the SEO company’s website show up in the Google search results? • Does the SEO company’s own website have broken links? • How many back links are there to the SEO company’s own website? • Is the SEO company’s website easy to navigate? • Clear pricing policy • Do they provide examples of their SEO success stories?
  24. 24. Common claims from SEO companies you should avoid • Take you time when selecting an SEO company. • Spam emails that offer cut price SEO services. • First page Google ranking guaranteed in 24 hrs. • Companies that guarantee top 10 Google ranking. • Companies that offer to submit your website to hundreds of search engines
  25. 25. Common claims from SEO companies you should avoid • Companies that offer to submit your website to thousands of directory listings. • Companies that claim to have cracked the Google search algorithms. • Companies that claim to know someone that works for Google. • Companies that refuse to discuss their methods of getting you a higher ranking, as it is a secret formula! • Companies that guarantee the lowest priced SEO service. • Companies that offer SEO software that you can run to totally optimize your website and get a guaranteed page one ranking.
  26. 26. NOTE: Course contents will change over time For more information please see our website